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Design Concept: Anne BrownDesign: J. Robert King and Co.Company: Tim Beach, Karen S. Boomgarden, Anne Brown, David

“Zeb” Cook, Jeff Grubb, Julia Martin, Colin McComb, ThomasReid, Steven Schend

Editing: Karen S. BoomgardenCover Art: Design PartnersInterior Art: Ned Dameron, Marco AidalaTypography: Angelika LokotzGraphic Design: Stephanie Tabat, Angelika Lokotz, J. Robert KingProduction: Stephanie TabatSpecial Thanks: Richard W. Brown

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Designer’s Notes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4A Word from Our Founder. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5Rangers’ Field. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7Thieves’ Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13Bards’ Emporium . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21Priests’ Alcove. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31Wizards’ Laboratory. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39Laborers’ List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51Inn and Tavern. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65Scribes’ Desk. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .67Storage Items . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71General Hardware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .73Tailors’ Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75Clothes and Shoes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .77Boom’s Garden. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .90Jewelry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .94Household Accoutrements. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .97Personal Supplies. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .100Illuminations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .103Diversions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .109Aurora’s Larder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .116Breads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .119Cheese Shop. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .124Wines and Ales... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .128Exotics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .131Wilderness Gear. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .134Priest in a Poke. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .141DaRoni’s Workshop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .146


Designer's Notes

Aurora’s Catalogue found its beginnings in a pragmatic setting: the gaming table.During a campaign in turn-of-the-century America, Anne Brown happened upon areprint of a 1902 mail-order catalogue. She brought the catalogue to the next sessionto let the PCs do some shopping. Over the following weeks, the catalogue proved ashandy and oft-referenced as the materials provided for the game; it showed just whatwas available in 1902, with illustrations, descriptions, and prices for items from plowsto electric belts (don’t ask). Clearly, if such a reference could help recreate the familiarworld of turn-of-the-century America, a similar catalogue could help recreate the for-eign world of medieval fantasy.

That’s how Aurora’s Catalogue was conceived. Its maturation, however, was a bitmore involved. Anne and I spent many hours poring over materials from the extensive(and frightening) TSR library and the University of Wisconsin Library—among thehighest ranked research facilities in the nation. (Jon Pickens’ apartment has a slightlyhigher ranking: he provided over 20 useful resources, allowed unlimited checkouttime, and supplied 24 hour reference.) From over 10,000 pages of material wegleaned loads of authentic medieval items to offer. To these we added many fantasticinventions from the timeless genius of Leonardo Da Vinci—everything from barelyfunctional flying machines to scythe-bladed war wagons. Other contraptions are ofour own creation, things calculated to help AD&D® game PCs. Finally, we accessedthe mutual brain of Greenwood and Grubb for odd items and peoples of Faerun thatshould somehow figure into the catalogue.

The whole process is summed as follows: every item that appears here is either au-thentically medieval or suitably fantastic. The best items are both. We purposelyavoided magical items (“how much are you asking for the Wand of Orcus?”) becausecareless acquisition of magic can completely unbalance a game. And in concern forgame balance and flavor, DMs should allow themselves absolute latitude in determin-ing the availability of products. A DM whose players face an attack of giant slugs maysay that salt is unavailable, or sell it by gross tonnage! DMs who distribute money onecopper at a time might begin a green-stamp purchasing program; others who runMonty Haul campaigns may double costs.

Aurora’s Guide was meant not only to be flexible in prices, but also in uses. WhenPCs enter a cheese shop, let them page through the cheese section of Aurora’s andread some of the entries to learn what sort of fare appears in the shop. When an angrymob chases a monster to a castle, outfit them with the laborer’s tools as weapons.When you need any adventure idea, call the PCs to the catalogue station and haveAurora hire them to find her lost shipment (of Maztican cotton, Shou Lung silk, etc.).

Shop early; shop often. Our hope is that Aurora’s Catalogue will become the mosttattered (and loved) book in your gaming collection.


A Word from Our Founder

Welcome to Aurora’s Emporium!You are about to embark on the finest shopping experience in all of Faerun. I am

pleased to bring you the widest selection of impeccable merchandise available any-where on the continent.

No doubt you’ve already thumbed through the pages of this catalogue and ad-mired my wide variety of goods and their lavish descriptions and illustrations. Mysmall staff of scribes and artists has spent countless hours preparing this tome for du-plication. A second staff of apprentice mages spends its days magically copying anddistributing these volumes to my catalogue outlets. I regret that my catalogues cannotleave the outlets, as public distribution has proven too expensive, but be assured thateach outlet is furnished with enough copies so there is never a wait to browse.

How Aurora’s Emporium WorksFor those of you who are new to my catalogue bazaar, let me explain how my system

operates. My agents and I purchase goods from traveling peddlers, wholesalers, indi-vidual craftspersons, and a long list of reputable merchants. I never knowingly buyfrom the black market; my divination spells ensure this! Merchandise is shipped infrom the four corners of Faerun to my central warehouse, the location of which is awell-guarded secret. (Incidentally, I move my entire warehouse about once a year toensure the security of its location.)

My catalogue outlets are sprinkled across the continent, in all major cities. Current-ly, I have six outlets in Waterdeep alone! New outlets are opening monthly—if you’renot near a convenient location now, chances are good that another will open soon!

When your order is taken at one of my outlets, it is placed in a batch with otherorders from the outlet. Every morning and every evening, orders are teleported to thecentral warehouse, where the merchandise is picked and batched. My staff assemblesan outlet’s orders; then, using magical platforms of teleportation, the orders areshipped to their respective stores. Especially large orders or items are frequently re-duced in size magically, then enlarged at the destination.

Orders typically arrive at the outlets in two to three days. Outlet staff can advise youon current shipping trends. Shipping times may be slightly longer near majorholidays—plan ahead!

Orders are processed in the order they are received. The exception to this rule isdisaster relief—if a locale is ravaged by fire or flood, for example, their orders forfood, blankets, clothing, etc. are always filled first. Again, outlet staff can advise youif such conditions exist.

Ordering InstructionsOrder forms are available at all catalogue outlets. My trained staff will assist you and

advise you. For all orders, a 25% deposit is required when the order is placed. (Certainitems require payment in full when ordering—refer to individual item descriptions.)Your deposit is cheerfully refunded if an item is out of stock.

If you don’t see it, ask! Frequently, I have merchandise in stock that hasn’t foundits way into an updated catalogue.


When your merchandise arrives, you may examine it at the outlet before complet-ing your purchase. If it does not meet with your satisfaction, you may reject the ship-ment and your deposit will be refunded. Once the merchandise leaves the premises,however, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges.

Unless prior arrangements are made, orders are stored at an outlet for 14 days. Afterthat time, merchandise is returned to the warehouse and the deposit is forfeited.

Rush Delivery —If you require same-day delivery on your merchandise, we can usuallyaccommodate your needs. A nonrefundable surcharge of 15% is added to your order.

SubstitutionsWe occasionally substitute merchandise pictured in the catalogue. If the exact item

is unavailable, a similar item may be shipped. You always have the option to examineand refuse such items.

Color SelectionsWhen purchasing clothing or fabrics, outlet staff will have a list of colors available

in addition to those listed in the catalog entries. If these colors do not suit your needs,consider using our dyeing service. For an additional 10% fee, have your garment orfabric dyed to order from our extensive collection of common and exotic dyes. Aswatch booklet is available at all outlets to assist you in your selection. Please allow 3-4extra days for these special orders.

Work For HireWhen visiting catalogue outlets, please check the notice board for job postings. I

am frequently in need of novice mages for mundane spellcasting, hired muscle toserve as caravan escorts, or sometimes groups of intrepid adventurers to hunt downlost shipments or locate an obscure item. I pay handsomely, commensurate with thedanger and difficulty of a task.

I’m extremely proud of the selection and quality of merchandise I can offer you. Ihope you’ll be surprised and delighted by my catalogue bazaar!


AXE,HATCHET:Among the simplestand most versatiletools of thewoodsman is theaxe. Whether usedto cut firewood orto cleavehobgoblins, a keenaxe can be alifesaver. Our full-size woodsman’s axe(3 gp) comes with a

Ranger's Field

I do not offer weapons or armor: few fighters would buy a long-sword not crafted and weighted for his orher stance, or buy armor as though it were stretchable stockings. Even so, my catalogue does contain

equipment for warriors. The following equipment works well not only in the hands of a ranger, but alsoin those of any warrior who spends much time in the wilderness. The hunting and fishing gear are

incomparable, and the tree seats and beds suit anyone on the prowl for orcs. All of our ranger gear isconstructed of durable and light-weight material and fits easily onto our equipment frame.

leather case, as does our hatchet (2 gp).Axe: Wt 6 lb; Sz M; Tp S; Spd Fctr 7; Dmg1d6+1/1d6+1; two-handedHatchet: Wt 3 lb; St S; Tp S; Spd Fctr 4; Dmg1d4+1/1d4+1; one-handed

BODY SLEIGH: Whether you needan easy way to haul a slain deer back tocamp or a fast method for taking awounded friend from the fray, you willwant to be carrying our body sleigh.The durable canvas sleigh wraps inmoments about a downed creature, andthe leather harness straps easily to yourshoulders. When in your rucksack, thebody sleigh weighs a mere 8 pounds,and when hauling a body, it allows you

to move rapidly. (8 gp)works for up to L creatures; user can haul in lbs 10times Str at ¾ movement rate, 20 times Str at 1/2movement rate, and 25 times Str at ¼movement; can pull for number of rounds equalto Con before exhaustion

CAGES: Most natural animals aretrainable to some degree, growinghostile only when provoked. With ourvariously-sized cages, rangers can keepanimals either for taming or training.Our fowlers’ cages (8 gp) are built ofsturdy bamboo from Hungtse andprovide enough space for creatures fromtit-mouse to falcon sizes. We also offerbrass cages of the same size (12 gp) forgnawing rodents such as ferrets andsquirrels. Both types are easilycollapsible into flat and light-weightpanels that fit snugly on our equipmentpack. For larger creatures, see ourofferings of collars and leashes.


Ranger's Field

Wt 2 lb (bamboo)/5 lb (brass); require 1 turn toset up, collapse; proper cage provides +1 toAnimal training checks for taming or training

Dagger boots: Wt 3 lb; S S; T P; Spd Fctr 3; Dmg1d4/1d4; heavy tread makes person easier to track(+2 to Tracking proficiency of person following)

CORDINGMALLET: Thoughaxes may be best forfelling trees, acording mallet isbest for splittingthe wood thereafter.With a solid steeltriangular head thatweighs 20 lbs, thewoodsman needsonly to lift thecorder high and letit drop onto the

wood to be split. Lumberers I know saythat a cording mallet can split twice thewood an axe can, merely becausecording mallets never bind. The steelhandle prevents breakage if the wood ismissed. (10 gp)Cording mallet: Wt. 25 lb; S M; Typ S/B; SpdFctr 12; Dmg 1d8/1d8; Hit Prob. -2

DAGGERBOOTS: Originallymeant for treeclimbing, thesesharp-toed bootshave becomepopular weapons aswell. Constructed offine grain leather and well-temperedsteel, dagger boots provide a suretoehold on even the smoothest bark.Dagger boots have also proven useful inscraps with orcs and other suchcreatures. Because the claw-shapedblade of these boots is raised from theground, dagger boots do not impairmovement.

EQUIPMENTFRAME: A wellhung pack canmake the differencebetween staminaand fatigue. Ourequipment frame(10 gp) is a light(5 lb) steel harnessthat centers weightupon the hipsrather than theshoulders. Bristlingwith one-wayhooks, the frame can be loaded withrucksack, waterskins, weaponry, mapscrolls, and all manner of equipment ineasy reach. For an added 3 sp, wesupply a canvas fly that drapes over theframe, protecting equipment and bodyalike from even torrential rains.shifts encumbrance level down one category (e.g.from severe to heavy) when used

FIELD GLASS: This new productcomes from the ingenious craftsmen ofthe Shining South. A tapered piece ofleather contains pockets that holdspecially ground pieces of glass. Whenremoved from their pockets, fitted inthe clips at the ends of the leather, andencased by the buttoned leather roll,these pieces of glass work an odd magic:they make distant things appear close,


Ranger's Field

and close things appear blurry. Thoughthis oddity might seem useless at firstglance, imagine the application on thebattlefield or when spying on an enemycamp. (25 gp)doubles the range and detail-level of normalvision (see “Vision and Light” in the PHB)

FISHING TACKLE: Those who donot like fish do not live near water. Fishfried within the hour of its capture isamong the most luscious meals to behad. Our fishing tackle kit (10 gp)includes a birchwood rod, silken line,corkwood bobbers, steel hooks, leadsinkers, velvet lures, narrow netting,and any other items you might need forindividual fishing. We also supplylobster traps (5 gp) for those who livealong northern reaches of the TracklessSea, and eel traps (3 gp) designed forplacement in rivers.most items in the kit are required for use ofFishing proficiency (DM’s discretion); not neededfor spear fishing

FOWLERS’SNARES: Birds areamong the mostalluring, elusive,and powerfulcreatures of theforest. We offerfowlers’ snares forsmall and trainablebirds such as thesparrow or theexotic mynah ofShou Lung, as wellas traditional birdsof prey such as the falcon and hawk.Both sizes of snare have open weaveconstruction so that the bird will notfeel enclosed until the door snaps shutbehind it. Small-bird: 1 gp;Large-bird: 3 gp.

HUNTING KNIVES: Our set of fivehunting knives includes a 7-inch full-bellied blade for quick kills, a 5-inchserrated blade for tough hides, a 4-inchblade for cutting bone and wood, ahooked blade for opening bellieswithout knicking guts, and anotherblade for quick skinning. All theseknives come with their own sheath,which buttons into a leather carryingpack. (12 gp)treat 7- and 5-inch blades per dagger; treatremaining blades as per knife


Ranger's Field

HUNTING TRAPS: Though anyranger worth his salt can cobble togethera sufficient animal trap in half an hour,most such traps tend to be lethal ortorturous in nature. By contrast, weoffer both live and lethal traps. Our livetraps come in three sizes—rabbit (4 gp,3 lb), boar (7 gp, 8 lb), and bear (12gp, 15 lb), all of which can be set up inten minutes. Our lethal trap (10 gp)works on any size of animal and ismercifully swift. These baited trapscontain opposing blades that springclosed when an animal comes to feed,decapitating it instantly.

LEASHES:Though a trainedbear might make afine companion inthe wilds, it woulddoubtless cause apanic if broughtunleashed into acity. We therefore offer chain leash andcollar assemblies in various sizes:common cat (2 sp); small dog (4 sp);common dog (5 sp); wolf (6 gp), direwolf (8 sp). These sets are not meant foruse on sapient creatures.proper leash provides + 1 to Animal Trainingproficiency check

PROVISIONBAG: After a longday’s hike, nothingtastes better than avenison steak, a cupof cold wine and aslice of cheese.Unfortunately, theother forest inhabitants could not agreemore. However, our leather provisionbag not only holds smells in, but alsoallows victuals to be hung from treebranches, well out of the reach ofdangerous animals. By cinching themouth tight, casting the rope over atree-limb and hoisting the bag, foodcan be stored safely away from rovinganimals. (3 gp)

ROPE LADDER:Not a devicetypically needed byfleet-footed rangers,rope laddersbecome most usefulwhen a ranger’scamp entertainsnonadventurers. Iknow of one famousranger whoestablished a wholecitadel in the wood,with houses in the

trees and rope ladders to every door.Our rope ladders are also useful asbridges. We use only ¾ inch hempwith 2-inch board slats, for loads up to800 pounds. Our rope ladders are soldin two-foot increments, minimum of 8feet, maximum of 60 (1 sp/4 ft).does not require Mountaineering proficiency orthief Climb Walls check; wt equals length


Ranger's Field

SAW, FOLDING: Tree-felling toolsare commonly quite bulky. Fewadventuring woodsmen can carry an axeand saw upon the trail. However, withour new folding saw, woodsmen canhave a sharp and sturdy blade on handat any time. Merely by removing theretaining band, opening the hingedblade, and locking it in place with theflat band, the woodsman can have ablade ready.cuts through 4 in sq of soft wood per round, 2 insq of hardwood; ineffective as a weapon

the dwarven sayinggoes, “No sword isever sharp enough.”So too, no ranger’saim is ever perfectenough. Those whocan hit the bullseye

a number of targets to aid users ofmissile weapons. Our 2' diametercircular target (1 sp) is made of linenand straw and marked at its exact centerwith a black X. Our 1' diameter circulartarget (3 sp) is made of 2" thick cork.We also offer a pair of 1' targetsmounted on a pivoting board and stand(5 gp). By pulling a long cord, thearcher can set the targets to spinning,adding a new challenge to the task.2 months spent solely in practice with these targets

should learn to split the shaft. We offer


may allow an additional weapon proficiency, asper training rules (DMG, Ch. 8)

TREE BED: Sleeping unprotected onthe ground is not only dangerous, butalso uncomfortable. We therefore offer atree bed (8 gp). This gnomishcontraption stretches a canvas sheetacross a wooden frame that can belashed in place upon most any tree. Thetree bed provides a comfortable sleepremoved from the dirty earth and awayfrom the notice of roaming beasts. Foran added 2 gp, we will include apitched roof, turning the tree bed into aprivate tent for times of cold or rain.wt: 8 lb; not useful outside of trees

TREE SEAT:Those unfamiliarwith the ways of thewildernesscommonly do notrealize that afortress lies in everytree. Our tree seatprovides rangers ahigh andinconspicuousvantage forguarding in forestedareas. Modeled afterthe crow’s nests aboard ships, the treeseat is the watchtower of the wood. Aranger in a tree seat almost invariablygets off the first shot or sends out thefirst warning call, and such folk arenever garrotted. Assembled andmounted in minutes, the tree seat isconstructed of sturdy duskwood and itssteel claws will not slip. Not to be used


Ranger's Field

on treants. (15 gp)requires Dex check to assemble correctly; provideswatcher +3 to surprise roll and ground creatures a-3 to surprise roll; doubles range of vision

WHISTLES AND ANIMAL CALLS:The forest is filled with innumerablebirds and beasts, some of whom youmay wish to attract, and some of whom

you may wish to repel. We offer whistlesand calls for both purposes. Those thatattract creatures produce the soundpleasing to the creature’s ear (matingcall or sound of prey); those that repelcreate an unpleasant sound (distress callor cry of enemy). All our animal callscost 1 gp. Please specify which creatureyou wish to attract or repel: badger, bat,bear, boar, cat, deer, dog, eagle, hawk,horse, mountain lion, owl, rat, snake,sparrow, wolf, wren.90% chance to attract/repel friendly creatures;70% on indifferent; 50% on cautious; 30% onthreatening; 10% on hostile; 0% if none in ½mile radius



MINI-BLADE: This little blade—sosmall that it hides easily between theknuckles of a thief—has given thecutpurse his name. Masters of this tinyand keen blade can garner a day’s wagesin a mere hour. Of course, novices mayend up missing a finger or two. (1 sp)+5% to Pick Pockets; cannot be used with rosin,powder, or wired cane

Thieves' Corner

I like thieves. Rather a strange confession for a business owner, I realize,but I spent much of my adventuring life in the company of thieves—and I enjoyed it.

Thieves are not necessarily unethical, they just restrict their ethical conduct to a specific group ofpersons. Of course, though I sell thieving aids, I cannot condone thievery against any but those withill-gotten goods. For all thieving equipment, I require payment in full prior to delivery of materials.

Some of these items are unavailable at particular stations due to legality.

Powder vial— 15 applications: (5 cp).+2% to Pick Pockets used separately; +5together; cannot be used with mini-blade or wired

ROSIN AND POWDER: For thieveswhose pocket-picking fingers do notseem sticky enough, rosin applied to thetips can boost sticking power. Thosewho have trouble slipping their handsinto and out of purses and pocketsmight use our thieving powder tofacilitate movement. Using rosin on thefingertips and powder on the edgesproduces a particularly usefulcombination.Rosin cube—100 applications: (1 sp);


WIRED CANE:A rigid wire andleather wristbandstraps this cane tothe wrist, allowing apick-pocket to feigninfirmity until closeenough to strike.Then by bumpinginto the target, thecane-bearing handcan perform thepilfery and returnto the cane before itis noticed. The wired cane’s handlecontains a long-bored hole sized forcoins of most types and most jewels.Ivory (10 gp); Bronze (5 gp);Oak (3 gp).+5% to Pick Pockets; cannot be used withmini-blade or powder


GAROTTES: Only the worst andmost vile of thieves would garotte a


Thieves' Corner

guard when a more cunning and lessbrutal method commends itself. Evenso, I receive enough orders for these thatI feel I must stock them. All my garottesare constructed of strong wire andhardwood handles—and all aredamnably effective. (3 sp)Wt 1 lb; Sz S; Tp Special; SpF 2; Dmg1d4/—(cannot be used on L); surprise provides+3 attack-roll bonus, no surprise provides -3penalty; three consecutive hits kill victim

GLASSCUTTER: Whyspend preciousminutes (if notlonger) picking arusty and complexlock when a windowlies in reach? Thediamond head ofthis glass-cutter isguaranteed to scoreeven the thickestand most refinedglass. Merely plant

the sap-spong in the center of a pane ofglass and score a circle around it. Agentle tap creates a hole frommouse-size to person-size. (2 gp)Requires Dex check at -2; failure means the cutsection of window slipped and shattered

HACKSAW: Where lockpicksrequire finesse and time, hacksaws onlyrequire time. All our blades areconstructed by dwarven craftsmen andmade of fire-hardened steel; our

common blades can cut throughanything made of steel or softermaterial. Our superior-grade blades,toothed with diamond chips, can cutany material of lesser hardness thandiamond. Common: 5 gp;Superior: 20 gp.Either blade cuts one quarter-inch square perround; common blades last ten uses, superior lasttwenty.

HINGE-REMOVING SET: Doorshave two sides—if you can’t pick thelock, you might try removing thehinges. Our hinge-removing setcontains all the tools you need toremove hinges on anything from jewelryboxes to castle keeps. (30 gp)Requires Dex check +1 round for small, 1 turnfor door-size, and 10 turns for large hinges

KEYMAKING SET: The mostsophisticated lockpick is a duplicate ofthe key itself. Our keymaking setincludes a wax pad for taking animpression of the original, a scribe formarking the metal stock, a set of bladesand files for shaping the stock, and evena stack of metal stocks in small,medium, and large size and thickness.(40 gp)


Thieves' Corner

Requires imprint of original, 1 day, and 5 Dexchecks—three successes produce a working key

LOCKPICKS: In addition to theassortment of wires, rods, and angledwrenches common to lockpick sets, ourexpanded version also contains a funnel,magnifying glass, hammer, oils, acids,chisels—even a listening cone. We havenever received a complaint about theeffectiveness of our sets—at least notfrom the buyers.+20% bonus to Open Locks; listening conegrants a +10% bonus to Detect Noise

SLEEP GAS:A sleeping guard isundeniably nicerthan a garottedone. We have threelevels of potency forour sleeping gas, forsmall, medium,and large-sizecreatures. All comein sturdy stopperedflasks that breakeasily on impact. Inliquid form whenstoppered, these vials contain enoughpunch to instantly lay low one creatureof the indicated size. Small: 5 gp/ flask;Man-size: 10 gp/flask;Large: 20 gp/flask.Effective 1d4+1 turns; useless against H or Gsizes


thieves could not move silently if theirlives depended on it—and typicallytheir lives do. Therefore, we offer twodevices to attract attention elsewherewhile the thief moves not-so-silently.

BAMSMACKS:Shipped from ShouLung, these tinysegments ofbamboo containordinary salt. Whena string on thebamsmack is set onfire, the device splits apart with a loudsmack. Bamsmacks are best used whenthrown. (5 gp each)

1 5

Thieves' Corner

GIGWHORLS: Thesetight-wound topsfrom Calimshanhave a lock andspring mechanism.When thrown, theyhit the ground andwhirl in a loud,

clattering fashion. (3 gp each)Provide a 1 round diversion; they work only onceper encounter, only on creatures unaware of theuser

cloaks of elvenkind,these garments arenot magical. Theirneutral gray colorand ingenious

make their wearerblend readily intoshadows. Small:

gnomish design

10 gp. Large: 12 gp.+5% bonus to Hide inShadows

CLOAKS: Unlike

comes from poorshoes. These softleather shoes arecoated with a thick,

SILENT SHOES:Much stray sound

stretchy substancefrom Chult. The

silent shoes work well in thick forests aswell as wet dungeons. All sizes: 10 gp.+4% bonus to Move Silently

SILKBODYSUIT:Any noise not madeby shoes must comefrom clothes. Thisblack, tight-fittingbodysuit, madefrom a resilientfabric from Maztica,helps thieves hidein shadows.All sizes: 10 gp.+4% bonus to MoveSilently

the risk of revealing one’s place. Thismakeup will not harm the skin, asnormal tar or rubbed charcoal may.One jar (25 applications): 3 gp.+2% bonus to Hide in Shadows


One vial (25 applications): 3 gp.+5 bonus to Hide in Shadows

BLACK: Thiscompound does fordagger or swordwhat tar makeupdoes for one’s face.Unlike that of othercompanies, ourweaponblack will not affect thesharpness of the weapon, nor is itflammable.



TAR MAKEUP:A cloaked bodymay still be givenaway by anuncovered face. Ourtar makeup allowsfull vision andflexibility without

Thieves' Corner


THIEVING HELMET: A perennialproblem of being a thief is that anyhelmet must be removed to hearthrough doorways. Therefore, agnomish inventor in Waterdeep devisedthis thieving helm, which not onlyprotects the head, but also amplifiessound coming to a listener. They maylook silly, but some of my friends swearby them. (10 gp)-1 bonus to AC; +5% to Detect Noise


CLAMP GAUNTLETS ANDCHISEL BOOTS: These ingeniousitems were invented by the samegnomish craftsman who made thethieving helmet. By means ofnarrow-tipped fingers and toes and aratcheted clamp mechanism, in thegauntlets, thieves can find a handholdon most external wall surfaces:cut-stone, riverstone, or wood.Either size: 25 gp.+10 bonus to Climb Walls; -5 penalty to attackrolls; halves movement; cannot be used with otherclimbing gear

CLIMBINGIRONS:These bent rodsstrap comfortably tothe legs, allowing athief to sink thebarbed ankles intomost any woodsurface.Traditionally usedby lumbermen,climbing irons alsowork very effectivelyon the corners ofwooden buildings. Of course, thoughthey aid climbing, they hampergetaways— I’ve seen many a thiefrunning bow-legged from a crime sceneto avoid bloodying his ankles.+7 bonus to Climb Walls; -3 penalty to normalmovement until removed

ROPE SET:Our rope set notonly includes 200yards ofhigh-quality,triple-stranded silkrope of elvenmanufacture, butalso two foldable grapples and thespikes and pulleys needed for seriousclimbing. All of this comes in alightweight pack. (40 gp)+10 bonus to Climb Walls; cannot be used withother climbing gear; total set weighs 5 lb; packweighs ½ lb


Thieves' Corner

SPIDER POLES: This odd andgangly assortment of metal poles can becollapsed into a small, lightweightbundle. When unfolded, however, thespider-poles can be snapped variouslytogether to form a semirigid ladder orarticulated frame for scaling walls. Paycareful attention when you unfold thespider poles, though, or you may neverremember how to collapse them.+10 bonus to Climb Walls; requires Dex checkfor assembly/fold up; cannot be used with otherclimbing equipment


Captured thievesare typicallystripped of theirweapons, but not oftheir shoes. If athief has a shoe fora weapon, odds for

escape improve significantly. Solidleather construction, a broad steelblade, and a heel-click triggermechanism add kick to any escape.(15 gp)Wt 2 lbs; Sz S; Tp P; Speed 4; Dmg 1d6/1d6+1

EARBLADE: Though many thievescarry these handy gadgets, most hopenever to use them. The earblade is anincredibly keen blade mounted on aspring hinge and resting unobtrusivelybehind the ear. The earblade’s sole useis to deeply score a nooseline placed

over a thief’s head.Thus, when thegibbet block isdropped, the ropewill snap and thethief can escape.Since none canguess which side thenoose will be placed on, most thievesbuy two of these. (1 sp)15% chance of discovery; 50% chance of success

FILES: Thesethin and sturdy filescan be easily sewninto the hems ofclothing before anythievery isattempted. Then ifcaptured, the thiefhas a ready meansfor making an exitfrom his cell. Thesefiles are not to beswallowed andregurgitated underany circ*mstance.Cut through ¼ inch square of iron or lessermaterial in 1 turn

MASKS:Arguably the bestway to escapepursuit is to beunrecognizable. Westock only thetypical blackthieving masks, but

can special order face dressings that, indim light, disguise the wearer entirely.Specify type and allow six months forspecial orders.40% chance of disguise, or +3 to Disguiseproficiency, whichever is greater


Thieves' Corner

POISON:Live thieves arecarted off or slain;dead thieves are leftto the mortician orthe ravens. Bydrinking two vialsof this mild poison

(one vial for demihumans or weakhumans), a thief can all but stop hisheart and breathing for 30 minutes.Most awake thereafter in simpler handsfrom which to escape, though somehave come to buried in pine boxes.Actual duration is 1d20+10 rounds

SPOILERS: When fleeing from thescene of a crime, one need not rely onskill alone to escape harm’s way. Bytossing spikey caltrops onto a roughpath or marbles on a smooth floor onecan markedly slow a pursuit. Aniseedcan throw dogs off a thief’s scent, and afield of snap-traps can deter pursuers ofany type. When fleeing with a bag ofgold beneath one arm, have a bag ofspoilers beneath the other and you’llsurely get away.


(BAG OF 100):

2 gp

Pursuers move at 1/3speed or save vs.paralyzation; successfulsave halts movement anddoes 1d4 damage


(BAG OF 100):8 sp

Pursuers move at ½speed or Dex check forslipping; failed checkmeans they fall for 1round


(VIAL):1 gp

Stops dogs 1d4+1hours; successful save vs.poison lets trained dogpursue after 1d4+1 turns


(BAG OF 100):

5 gp

Pursuers move at ½speed or Dex check;failure means pursuersteps on trap and takes1d4 damage

ScamsBEGGING FAKERY: Despite the

protestations of thieves’ guildsthroughout Toril, I refuse to stockmaterials expressly meant for the crueland unimaginative scam of beggingfakery. Granted, those bent on schemesthat take bread from the mouths of thetruly needy will buy crutches, bandages,and so forth from our medical section,but I can little stop such reprobates.

DISAPPEARING INK: For thieveswho make their way among wealthyfolk, disappearing ink is asindispensable as a mini-blade to acutpurse. What better way to entrap anunwary businessman than to sign him to


Thieves' Corner

a contract from which your signaturewill disappear? We carry all varieties ofink—disappearing within the hour, day,week, or month, and ink that isinvisible until heated over a candle.Please specify type at ordering.Black or red: 5 gp.10% chance of failure

DISGUISE: Our costume kits containeverything a thief needs to slip byunobtrusively. A vial of tree sap allowsthe goat-hair moustache or beard to beeasily attached. The soft felt hat canassume many shapes and the linen coifdoubles as a decorative hood. A coalpad darkens skin and adds dramaticshadows, while the chalk stick lightensand highlights skin. The pack evenincludes a wad of clay that can beshapedand colored to make a false noseor chin, or higher cheekbones. (20 gp)+3 to Disguise proficiency

GAMES: The gaming table haswitnessed some of the most daring andlegendary scams of thieving history. Forthe enterprising game player, we offermarked card decks (3 gp), dice weightedfor high or low rolls (5 gp), and pebblesand shells with roller pockets (3 gp).+3 to Gaming proficiency if used appropriately

SALVES ANDMEDICINALS:Because I will notcondone the sale offalse cures to thosewith real afflictions,our liniments andsalves purport

instead to provide enhanced felicity tonative abilities. We therefore supplysnake-oil salesmen with stoppered jarspurporting to “liven reflexes,”“improve stamina,” “enlarge muscles,”“induce hair growth,” “increaseintelligence,” “ remove liver spots,”“enhance common sense.” Each bottlecomes with complex instructions forapplication, and minuscule evidence ofeffectiveness.Successful wisdom check lets thief sell salve for1d10 gp; 5% chance per usage of temporaryplacebo effect, improving related ability (if any) 1point for 1d3 days.


Bards' Emporium

When I was young, I thought music fairly useless. It did not stop hunger, grant warmth, save life,cover nudity, quench thirst, turn rain, or perform any other worthwhile service, as far as I could tell. Iwas at that time too young and too practical to admit “soothing the heart” or “rousing the spirit” as

true justifications for music. However, years spent at the mercy of the wandering trail and thestorm-prone sky taught me to value a cheery song even above a hot meal or warm bed.

Therefore, I offer only the finest quality instruments, each of them inspected and approved by theWaterdhavian Council of Musicians, Instrument Makers, and Choristers. As well as offering the

instruments themselves, we allow special requests for blessing by the priests of Milil at double theinstrument’s list cost and twice the ordering time. When ordering instruments for ensembles, remember

that instruments crafted in disparate geographical or cultural areas may not be compatible in pitch.But bards do not live by instruments alone.

I am pleased to also offer many of the accoutrements that bards need for the recitation of verse and theexecution of drama. Read through the section that follows the instruments and discover there the many

helps we provide for working wonder in the hearts of audiences.

Common StringsBANDORE

(PANDORA): Thisbass-rangeinstrument canreach low notes thatother citternscannot. It has a richand mellow tonethe girds up eventhe quietest ofvoices. As well asbeing ornamental,the bandore’sscalloped sides are

said to enrich the timbre. (65 gp)

CITTERN: These pear-shapedvariations on the common yarting havefour sets of paired strings that producerich tones. The Patriarch of Song inWaterdeep says, “Citterns add spice topeasant music.” (65 gp)


DULCIMER: In the frosty lands ofDamara, these instruments have becomea favorite for hearthside entertainment.All our Damaran craftsmen use solidspruce sounding boards and oakhammers.Full-size: 60 gp; Half-size: 45 gp.

LUTE: Built by the craftsmen ofexotic Calimshan, these round-backedinstruments have become a fixture inroyal courts as far north as Sundabar.Our lutes contain doubled strings for afuller sound. The pegs allow for easytuning, and the round back rests mostcomfortably against the stomach.Chitarrone: 50 gp; theorbo: 45 gp;mandora: 40 gp; common: 35 gp.

Bards' Emporium

MANDOLIN :Another fineproduct fromCalimshan, thesesmall, pear-shapedinstrumentsproduce a delicate,fluttering soundwhen strummed foraccompaniment.They also makeexcellent soloinstruments. 40 gp.

PSALTERY:The music of thisplucked dulcimerfills the houses ofpeasants and thecastles of kings fromNarfell to Cormyr.Crafted by skilledbards in Selgaunt, our psalteries areexcellent instruments for novices andmasters. Triangular: 65 gp;Square: 60 gp.

YARTING: Whether half-elf orhuman and whether in the wilds ofIcewind Dale or the sprawlinghordelands, yarting music is the bard’sstaple diet. All our yartings featuresturdy spruce construction, a frettedfingerboard, coiled steel strings, and aleather case. All sizes: 40 gp.

ZITHER:With all the clarityand beauty of acommon dulcimerand the flexibilityof a yarting, thezither is fastbecoming a fixturein the streets and courts of the land. Itslower strings are fretted to allow the lefthand to stopper them, and the upperstrings, tuned in fourths, can beplucked by the right thumb. Theresulting music suits rigorous peasantdances as well as recitation of ancientlore. (65 gp)

Elite StringsHARP: Our harps vary in size,

shape, and material. We offer full-scaleharps of wood (75 gp), half-scale harpsof wood (50 gp) or silver (120 gp) andquarter-scale harps of wood (30 gp) orsilver (75 gp). All produce excellentquality sound. We bring wood harpsfrom Impiltur, and silver from Selgaunt.

LYRE:These ancientsquarishinstruments areperhaps the mostportable ones weoffer. They provideexcellentbackground sound to epics, as they havefor ages. (40 gp)


Bards' Emporium

HARPSICHORD: No manor houseor castle would be complete without aharpsichord. This large and versatileinstrument, when played by one or twokeyboardists, produces a cheerfuljangling that will fill any room. But,when notes come few and slow it createsa sober and pensive effect. All ourharpsichords come from a gnomishmaster in Selgaunt, and all must bespecial ordered. Prices are highlyindividualized, according to materialsrequired.

V IOLIN :Our violins areconstructed in twocities of highculture: Waterdeep,Selgaunt. Elvesparticularly loveviolin music, andmany of ourcraftsmen are elven.Even ourlowest-price violins(65 gp) producemellow tones and

come with a leather case. Ourmasters-quality violins must be special

ordered from a specific craftsman, andthus range in price and availability.

This grandfather tothe modern violin isthe instrument of choice for the livelymusic of thepeasant folk. Westock both two- andthree-stringedrebecs, all of whichare crafted inSelgaunt by guildcraftsmen. (55 gp)

VIOL: These deeply resonant,6-stringed cousins of the violin workwell alone, or can flesh out a largerensemble of instruments. Withmelancholy music they are matchless.Favored by dwarven players for theirdark tones and mournful voices, ourviols come from the same craftsmen whocreate our violins. (70 gp)


common longhorn,

vertical tubes ofvarying height. The

rich wood tones of the birdpipe are saidrich wood tones of the birdpipe are saidby some to charm even ferociousby some to charm even ferociousanimals. (20 gp)animals. (20 gp)


Cousin to the

the birdpipeproduces soundthrough many


Bards' Emporium

FANFARE HORN: These long andelegant brasswork horns produce a moststrident and heroic tone. Their conicsimplicity makes them perfect forbanners of state. (35 gp)

HORN:Our horns are madeof finest material(brass, bronze,horn, or shell) andinclude beeswax fortuning slides andoil for valves. Inaddition to the valveless trumpetstraditional to the courts of kings, weoffer other, more versatile horns onthese pages. Common trumpet: 40 gp.

GLAUR:This valved hornhas a versatility thatother trumpetscannot begin tomatch. Its curvedshape makes itstone a brash,

metallic roar that stirs the heart ofanyone. By blowing continuously whileoperating the valves, swooping pitchchanges occur, to great effect. Glaur areavailable in silver (120 gp), electrum(250 gp), and brass (75 gp).

HU N T I N GHORN: Thesesmall, curved hornsproduce a loudclarion call that cancarry as far as twomiles. We offerhunting hornscrafted of wood (20 gp), brass (35 gp),shell (35 gp), and even horn (30 gp).

LONGHORN:Longhorns produceperhaps the purest,most lyric tones ofany instruments.Their simpleelegance,playability, andportability havemade them rival theyarting inpopularity. Thetreble variety(15 gp) creates veryhigh and piercing tones, like those ofbirds chirping. The common longhorncovers the mid to upper tones andcomes in brass (15 gp), silver (35 gp),wood (10 gp), and bamboo (15 gp).Tenor longhorns are available only byspecial order.

SACKBUT: This odd brass hornproduces a variety of low tones throughuse of a sliding mechanism. The slidingaction can also produce a very vulgarslurring sound, made loud and blatty bythe broad bell at the end. (45 gp)


Bards' Emporium

SHAWM: Thisdouble-reedinstrument createsan exoticallytextured sound.When playedpoorly, theinstrument buzzeslike a large insect,but in the hands ofa master, theshawm has theclear, melancholicvoice of migrating

geese. Either way, shawms should beplayed out of doors. (22 gp)

SHORTHORN:Child of thelonghorn, theshorthorn canachieve high andpiercing tones ofremarkable clarity.Though the rangeof this instrument is limited, due to itssize, it is sure to be heard in anyensemble due to its birdlike voice. Theshorthorn is an easy instrument to learnfor those proficient on the longhorn.(15 gp)

SONGHORN: This instrument has amellower, less strident tone than itssister, the longhorn. Its beauty is veryclear in alto and tenor ranges wherelonghorns gutter. (15 gp)

ZULKOON: Zulkoon are portableorgans. By means of a bellowscontraption that lies upon the groundand is pumped by the player’s feet, airis forced over what amount to a set ofodd organ pipes. The constant flow ofair from the zulkoon produces a louddrone that underlies the other tones.(95 gp)


THELARR: A kind of rusticlonghorn, the thelarr or whistlecane is adried swamp reed cut to produce aspecific pitch. The dry fibers within awhistlecane produce a buzzing sound.Several pipes (and several players) canproduce melodies and chords.Whistlecanes come individually (6 gp)or in complete sets (25 gp).

CHIMES: Thesound of chimes,whether the patterof small chimes orthe somber ring oflarge chimes, alwaysstirs the hearts oflisteners. Our

suppliers create chimes ranging fromfull racks (75 gp) to small, hand-heldsets (5 gp). Chimes must therefore bespecial ordered.

HAND-DRUM:All our hand-drumsare constructed ofsolid (unspliced)ash, ironwood, orcherry, and includea shoulder strap.They work well tomark the rhythm of ensemble play, toalert trail mates of danger, or toaccompany wild tales by the campfire.(20 gp)

RATTLE: Afavorite of childrenacross Toril, gourdrattles have manyuses in ensembleplay as well. All ourrattles come fromexotic Calimshan,

Bards' Emporium

Percussion from Semphar, fashioned by the mastersof the plains. (12 gp)

and bear beautiful tracery patternspainted by the skillful folk of that land.We stock small (5 gp), moderate (7 gp),and large (10 gp) rattles.

TANTAN: This jangling hoop helpsto emphasize rhythms in ensemble play,and adds spice to campfire dances. Ourtantans come from the long trade routes

TOCKEN: These carved woodenbells lie upon a crossbeam and arestruck by a hammer (they have noclappers). Tocken thus create a verypleasant ringing tone that contains thedark subtleties of the wood itself.All sizes: 25 gp.

WARGONG: These broad, heavydisks of copper produce a sudden,thunderous sound when struck heavily,and a sustained rumble when malletsroll upon the surface. Our wargongshave sounded from high courts tobattlefields; chains of them send signalsfrom outpost to outpost across hundredsof miles. Because our craftsmen forthese instruments reside in Shou Lung,and because each wargong is an uniquework of art, wargongs must be specialordered. Prices vary with availability.


Bards' Emporium

Other EquipmentBAMSMACKS

AND SMOKERS:Long favored bybards of all stripes,our bamsmacks andsmokers add a flairto any performance.The bamsmacks are

made from Malatran bamboo sectionsfilled with salt, and they create a jarringsmack when set aflame. The smokers aremerely finger-sized chunks of incensethat belch smoke when thrown into abrazier. When tied together and throwninto flame, bamsmacks and smokerscreate an effect like wizards’ magic.Bamsmack: 5 gp; smoker: 3 gp.can be used to create a diversion or simulate magic

BLADDERS:What child ishappier than onewith a full bladder?These pig bladderscan be blown up tothe size of a man’shead. (As anyoneknows, bladders vary in size.) They canbe attached to a stick or string, filledwith water and thrown, released tosputter about the room, or evenpunctured to produce a loud pop.Children need no prompting to comeup with devious uses.Bladders (5): 1 gp.again, useful for diversions

LADDER OF ELMINSTER: Amongthe simplest and most enchanting oftumbling accoutrements is the ladder ofElminster. By holding the top of therails and leaning back, a dexterous bardcan walk up the ladder, balancing the

weight of it bydrawing the laddertoward the chest.Then stepping overthe top rung, thebard can descenddown the otherside. We offer theladder in thebeginner 5-footheight (5 sp), aswell as the master8-foot (7 gp), andthe mage 10-foot(8 gp) ladders.requires Tumbling proficiency and 1 day practice;regular falling damage applies

JESTER CLOTHING: A fool isknown by his clothing, if by nothingelse. Our jester clothing is one-size fitsall: small jesters swim comically in theclothes, while massive fellows strain theseams—jester clothes are better whenthey don’t fit! This outfit comes with afloppy three-cornered hat with bells oneach tip (3 gp), a star-shaped collar alsowith bells (1 gp), a poufy shirt of satin(10 gp), white gloves (7 sp), bunchypantaloons (8 gp), bright stockings(8 sp), and buffoonish shoes (12 gp).


Bards' Emporium

Each piece comes in red, yellow, green,blue, black, or white. Best used withmakeup. Set: 25 gp

JUGGLABLES:Who can resist ajuggling bard? Weoffer a wide varietyof jugglables, eachin sets of 3: balls ofleather (5 sp),bean-bags (7 cp),clubs (1 gp),juggling knives(7 cp), plates ofwood (4 sp), andstars of brass (2 gp).Our juggling knives

have dull edges so that they will notslice off a novice finger.due to optimal size and weight, use of theseprovides a +1 to Juggling proficiency when used

LEAPING LEVER: With this handycontraption, bards can soar through theair with the birds. By having a heftybard (or two) leap from a height ontothe short end of the lever, a bardstanding upon the long end can bepropelled to great heights or distances.The fulcrum is lightweight and thuseasily carried, and can be used with theprovided lever or another sturdy board.requires 1 day of practice; doubles height orlength attained through Jumping proficiency(with running start) up to 3 times PC’s heightvertically or 12 times PC’s height horizontally


MASK: Ourmasks produce achange of characterand are fitted withconic mouthpiecesto actually increasethe actor’s loudness.We offer traditionalcomedy and tragedymasks in finelycarved and paintedspruce (5 gp each)as well as a blackpantomime mask(1 gp). In addition we sell the followingat 8 gp each: bear, cat, death, disease,dog, fate, ghost, hawk, king,melancholy, orc, merchant, mouse,noble, peasant, queen, rage, slave,snake, and trickster. Special ordersrequire 6 months for completion.suitable masks add +1 to Disguise proficiency,but only at 20 feet or more

MAKEUP: An aged sage once said,“Actors without makeup seem onlywalking spoons upon the stage.” Ourmakeup kit includes coal dust and tarfor blackening features and addingdramatic lines; cochineal powder fromMaztica for reddening lips and cheeks;flour for lightening features; oil to addgloss; goat-hair mustaches and beards;blonde, brown, black, and gray wigs;resin for hair application; skin putty tolengthen noses or add circles beneatheyes; and a slippery liquid useful forwashing off all substances.provides a +2 to Disguise proficiency when used

PLATESPINNER: Amongthe easiest but mostimpressive tricks ofbalance is platespinning. Wesupply 8-inch longpins for spinning

plates (3 cp each), unbreakable plates ofwood set with a minuscule divot for easyspinning (2 sp each), and even a drilledstand that can hold four spinning platesat once (1 sp).provides a +2 to Juggling proficiency when used

Bards' Emporium

character types: bard, crone, cutpurse,farmer, herdsman, king, maiden, mage,merchant, mother, nobleman, orc,peasant, priest, prince, princess, queen,skeleton, slave, and soldier (7 gp each).We also offer a magnificent dragonpuppet made of silk from Shou Lung,and requiring three hands to operate(15 gp).

PRESTIDIGI-TATION: Bardsneed not knowmagic to amaze acrowd, for sleight ofhand can transformconfusion intomagic. We offer all

manner of devices for deluding anaudience: marked cards (3 gp), cardstrung together (4 gp), hollow-toppedhats (3 gp), pocketed scarves (1 gp),foldable canes (4 gp), flowering rods(4 gp), and retractable knives (3 gp).each requires 1 day practice and a Dex check

SPEAKINGHORN: Even for apopular bard, anappreciativeaudience can growonly so large due tothe limits of thehuman voice.However, with this polished cone, abard can send his or her voice far andclear. Available in rigid birchwood(3 gp) for urban bards, and leather(5 gp) with removable iron hoops foreasy folding and storing.lets speaker be heard in a 60 degree cone in length10 yards times the speaker’s Con

PUPPETS/MARIONETTES: A set ofpuppets or marionettes can transform asingle bard into an entire theatrical

STILTS: Forbards who hope forhigher occupations,we supply stilts ofall lengths. Weoffer both simplestilts with poles,handles that runbehind the arms,and complex stiltsthat strap to thecalves. (Both are thesame price.) Eithertype uses light-

troupe or transform an existing troupeinto an army. We offer both puppetsand marionettes in the following

weight, sturdy pine. The heights wecarry are 1 ft (2 gp), 2 ft (3 gp), 4 ft(4 gp), 8 ft (6 gp), 12 ft (8 gp), and20 ft (12 gp). Greater heights can be


Bards' Emporium

special ordered.requires one hour of practice for each foot off theground; slows movement by half; requires Dexcheck each round; regular falling damage applies

TIGHTROPE:All humans dreamof flying, andperhaps those whowalk the tightropecome as near to it asanyone. Ourtightrope (6 gp) is a

banded steel cable that comes with athick ring. By tying one end of the cableto a tree or building and attaching thering near the other end of the cable, theremaining line can be wrapped aroundanother tree and cinched tightly. Thus,our tightrope can be quickly set up inmost any location.requires Tightrope Walking proficiency; regularfalling damage applies

WALKINGWHEEL ANDBALL : A commonsight in themagnificentmarketplaces ofCalimshan, thewalking wheel and

walking ball have only recently enteredthe streets of the Heartlands. The wheel(4 gp) is simply a broad steel hoop withcountless uses: it can be held up andjumped through, rolled along theground with a stick, stood atop andturned slowly beneath the feet, crawledinside to roll head-over-heels down ahill, and so forth. The walking ball(7 gp) is a 15-pound sphere of graniteatop which bards can learn to balance,walk, and even run.requires Tumbling proficiency


Priests' Alcove

Despite the obvious fact that priestly folk concern themselves more often with spiritual rather thanmaterial matters, priests often require as many physical implements as fighters.

Most of these accoutrements are specific to a faith, or are large structures (such as altars) that weobviously could not carry. Even so, I am proud to offer the finest selection of equipment for the

adventuring priest, including all clerical items common to the more established and materially orientedfaiths of Toril. In addition to tools of the faith, I supply implements to help the healing priest, and

components necessary for all the major spells. Note that none of these items carryclerical blessing or sanctification when purchased.


ALTAR CASE: For many of theestablished and churchly faiths of Toril,altars (when sanctified) act as powerfultools for priests. When setting off onadventures, however, clerics mustcommonly leave this tool behind.

linen (15 gp), velvet(30 gp), silk(35 gp), and goldbrocade (40 gp).For an additional 5gp, any materialbut the brocade canbe dyed red, blue,yellow, green, or brown. We also supplya 2' by 2' cloth for our altar cases (3 gp).

In response to this dilemma, I havecommissioned artisans of fine wood andstone to create altar cases—narrow boxesthat open up to form traveling altars.Within each box is room for small holyimplements and vessels, an altar cloth,and a compact prayer book. By blessingthese boxes and properly provisioningthem, priests can take their temple withthem. Spruce: 15 gp;Granite: 40 gp.

ASPERGILLS:One commonmeans by whichpriests dispense thepower of their godis through thesprinkling of holywater. Ourchambered aspergillcan carry up to onepint of holy water.By swinging orwhirling theaspergill on its

when blessed and assembled, provides a +1bonus to turn/control undead rolls in 10-footradius; wood weights 5 lb, stone weighs 40 lb.

ALTAR CLOTHS: As powerful toolsof faith, altars deserve fittingadornment. We offer a 6' by 14' altarcloth that can drape or be folded to fitsmaller altars. Our altar cloths are whiteand come in the following materials:

chain, a priest can disperse holy waterfarther than with a vial, whether doingso in the sanctuary or on the battlefield.Gold: 45 gp; Silver: 20 gp.Increases by 10 yards the radius affected by spellsusing holy water


Pries ts ' Alcove

BRAZIERS: As ancient as faith itself,braziers serve the trifold role ofproviding heat, supplying light, andconsuming incense and other aromaticscast into them. We offer traditional6-foot-diameter temple braziers and4-foot-diameter chapel braziers, as wellas field braziers, which are 18 inches indiameter. Though not ornate like thelarge and mid-sized braziers, the fieldbrazier can be easily strapped to a packand even double as a buckler forfighting priests.Large: gold—110 gp, silver—70 gp,bronze—30 gp;Medium: gold—70, silver—30 gp,bronze—17 gp;Field: silver—15 gp; bronze—4 gp.When used provides 10% reduction in spellfailure percentage for spells using incense; canfunction in all ways as a buckler

CANDLES:Though most folkuse candles merelyfor light, priests usethem as powerfultools of faith. Ouraltar candles are 3inches in diameterand come in lengthsfrom 1 to 6 feet(4 gp per foot). Aswell as accentingholy sites, the6-foot altar candles

can burn for weeks on end.

We also offer 8-hour vigil candles(10 gp each) which, when burnedthrough the night beside an injuredperson, work medicinal effects throughtheir incense.

Our 12-hour candles (4 sp each) sellmore than any other variety and, for anadditional gp can be inscribed toindicate the passage of hours andhalf-hours.Temples of Lathander use two 6-foot altar candlesper fortnight; a vigil candle allows 1 extra point ofhealing to creatures in a 10-foot radius if tendedfor 8 hours by a wakeful priest

CANDLESTICKS:Among the mostprominent andubiquitous of thetemple’saccoutrements arecandlesticks, of allvarieties and types.Our gold (20 gp)and silver (12 gp)foot-tallcandlesticks arecrafted byWaterdhavian smiths and canaccommodate candles from 1 to 3 inchesin diameter. For gods who love light, wecarry 6-candle candelabra in gold(35 gp) and silver (20 gp), as well as12 -candle versions(gold—45; silver—25 gp). Finally, weoffer hand-held candlesticks(gold—3 gp; silver—5 sp) andglass-hooded candlesticks for use inwindy conditions(gold—7 gp; silver—1 gp).hooded candlesticks provide a 90% chance perround to stay lit in strong winds, 50% in gales.


Priests' Alcove

CENSER: Thecenser is a portableincense burnercommon to priestsof both temple andtrail. Our censerscome in gold(5 gp), silver (3 gp),and brass (1 gp), allof which areornamentally inlaidand can burn up to6 ounces of incenseat a time. While

the portable brazier provides theadventuring priest with a stable base forincense burning, the censer allows thatbase to move.+10 yards (if applicable) to range of anyincense-using spell; when carried burning, givesparty -3 penalty to surprise and negatesNPC/monster surprise

HOLY SYMBOLS: Most every faithhas its symbol of divinity, a physicalreminder of a power that transcends thephysical. These symbols are critical tomost priest spells, and undead of allsorts recognize their power whenpresented by a believing hand.

The following holy symbols, thoughof fine craftsmanship, are neitherblessed nor authorized by thecorresponding church. Even so, thosechurch officials who have contacted ushave expressed only appreciation formaking their symbols available amongthe people. All our holy symbols comein 8 ounce gold (10 gp), silver (4 gp), orbronze (1 gp) sizes that attach easily togarments or may be hand-held forpresentation. Specify faith whenordering.must be blessed by church for spell-use/ turning


Priests' Alcove

RAZOR AND CAP: Among themost recognizable marks of manypriesthoods is the shaving of one’scrown. Sadly, adventuring or cloisteredpriests must shave their own pates andthus end up with oblong or star-shapedpatterns. Our razor and cap set solvesthis problem. The sturdy leather cap,fashioned in Ordulin, fits any size headby using the numerous buttons alongthe front. Whatever the size, the capcreates a perfect circle for shaving. Theaccompanying razor is made of thefinest steel and folds neatly into aleather case. (4 gp)Razor: Wt. ½ lb; Sz S; Tp S; Spd Fctr 2; Dmg1d4/1d6; cap provides no AC reduction

SNUFFINGBELL: A commonsight across Toril,our snuffing bellsare large enough todouse even thelargest altar candles.The tip also holdsan oiled wick forlighting candles,and the small bladepositioned betweenthe wick and bellarms even the

youngest acolyte to defend the faith.(6 gp)Snuffing Bell: Wt 4 lb; Sz M; Tp P; Spd Fctr 7;Dmg 1d4/1d4

IncensesFar more than merely the perfume of

the gods, incense has countless roles toplay in the priestly lifestyle—not theleast of which is to bear the prayers ofthe faithful to their god. We offer bothcombustible and non-combustibleincense in the following varieties. Allprices are for a bundle of 12 sticks, theequivalent of 12 oz of non-combustibleincense; each stick lasts about half anhour.sticks can be burned simultaneously unlessotherwise noted; no game effects are cumulative

AIR: Facilitates casting of all airelemental spells. (5 gp)4 sticks burned during casting add 1d4 rounds orturns (DM’s option) to duration (whereapplicable)

CHANCE: When burned beside agaming table, improves odds ofbelievers. (9 gp)while burning and named PC remains in 10-footradius apply +2 bonus to Gaming proficiency

CHARISMA: Improves a believer’sperceived appearance and sociability.

(10 gp)4 sticks burned and inhaled by named PC apply+1 bonus to Char for 1d4 rounds or turns(determined by DM)

3 4

Priests' Alcove

CONSTITUTION: Improves abeliever’s endurance. (10 gp)4 sticks burned and inhaled by named PC apply a+1 bonus to Con for 1d4 rounds or turns(determined by DM)

DEXTERITY: Improves a believer’smanual facility. (10 gp)4 sticks burned and inhaled by named PC apply+1 bonus to Dex for 1d4 rounds or turns(determined by DM)

DIVINATION : Improves chances ofmagically gaining knowledge.5 sticks burned with divination spell improvechances 5%

DREAM: When burned beside thebed of a sleeping priest, providesdream-answers to questions. (12 gp)8 sticks burned while the priest sleeps function asa divination at a 40% base; useless to those below4th level

EARTH: Facilitates casting of allearth elemental spells. (12 gp)4 sticks burned during casting add 1d4 rounds orturns (DM’s option) to spell duration (whereapplicable)

FIRE: Facilitates casting of all fireelemental spells. (12 gp)4 sticks burned during casting add 1d4 rounds orturns (DM’s option) to spell duration (whereapplicable)

GENERAL: Useful for allnon-elemental spells.

HEALING: Aids in healing thewounded.16 sticks burned sequentially (8 hours) add 1point of healing to any within 10 foot radius

HONORS: Burned to honor guestsand friends.4 sticks burned improve by -1 encounter reactionof monsters/NPCs above semi-intelligent in10-foot radius

INTELLIGENCE: Aids in thequickness of wit and in problemsolving.

4 sticks burned and inhaled by named PC providea +1 to Int for 1d4 rounds or turns (determinedby DM)

LOVE: Aids amorous believers in the

ar t o f wooing.

while burned and subject remains in 10-footradius, functions as charm person, but only inregard to amorous statements/acts

LYCANTHROPY: Helps to suppressthe full-moon transformation of truelycanthropes. (8 gp)while burned and subject remains in 10-footradius has 50% chance to suppress transformation;check only once

PROTECTION: Wards off evilcreatures while it burns. (15 gp)while burning, functions as protection from evil,10’ radius; useless to those below 4th level

PSIONIC: Facilitates the use of mindpowers. (10 gp)4 sticks burned and inhaled reduce the PSP cost ofpowers as follows: Cost 1—no effect; Cost 2 to10 — -1; cost 11+ — -2

PURIFICATION: Cleanses theminds and hearts of companions.4 sticks burned and inhaled function as a blessspell centered on incense in a 20-foot cube

RAIN: Brings rain to parched lands.(10 gp)4 sticks burned function as a weather summoningspell but produce only rain; useless for thosebelow 4th level

STRENGTH: Improves the power ofmuscles and health of bones. (10 gp)4 sticks burned and inhaled by named PC providea +1 bonus to Str for 1d4 rounds or turns(determined by DM)

STUDY: Aids in the research workof priests and wizards. (12 gp)while burning, provides a +2 bonus to any onepriest or wizard proficiency being used in study

TEMPLE: Common to altars andtemple braziers throughout Toril. (5 gp)


Priests' Alcove

VISION: Enhances the facility of theeyes. (10 gp)4 sticks burned and inhaled by a named PCprovide double normal vision range andinfravision (if not already possessed) for 1d4rounds or turns (DM determines)

WATER: Facilitates water elementalspells.4 sticks burned during casting add 1d4 rounds orturns (DM’s option) to duration (whereapplicable)

WISDOM: Empowers nativeintuition, common sense, andexperience.4 sticks burned and inhaled by named PC providea +1 bonus to Wis for 1d4 rounds or turns(determined by DM)

Spell Components


M ETALSMaterialBrass


Bronze dieGold



6 oz4 oz3 oz

3 oz2 oz1 oz2 oz5 in sq


5 sp3 sp6 sp

5 gp3 gp5 gp2 sp

10 gp









LIQUIDS**MaterialAlcoholHickory oilInk (black)MolassesRainwaterWalnut oil


Amt.*1 ft

3 oz3 oz

5 oz11 in5 sq in

1 in5 oz1 oz

1 oz11/2 in3 in sq1 in sq1 ft

1 oz1/2 in2 in sq1 ft

1 oz1 in1 ft sq

Amt.*6 oz1 gal4 oz12 oz12 oz1 gal

Amt.*1 lb1 lb1/8 ct

Cost3 gp

3 cp2 cp

5 cp5 cp5 cp3 cp

6 cp8 cp1 sp

15 gp5 gp

35 gp40 gp10 gp8 gp

3 sp6 sp3 gp4 sp

1 sp3 sp1 gp

Cost1 gp1 gp5 sp1 sp3 cp1 gp

Cost1 gp1 sp

150 gp

MaterialEmeraldFeldspar (chunk)



LodestoneMarble (chunk)





clear chunkother chunkpowder




shards 1 lbtiny 1/2 lb

Sulfur 6 ozVolcanic ash 6 oz

Priests ' Alcove

Amt.*1/8 ct

1 oz1 oz

1 oz1/2 in1 oz

1 oz1 oz

1 lb

1 oz1 x 1 i n1 in3 oz

1 ct1 ct1 oz1/8 ct

1 lb5 lb1/8 ct

ANIMAL PRODUCTSMaterial Amt.*Bees’ wings 6 prBladder

balloon 1Child’s hair 20 stEelskin 4 in sqEggshell

shards 1 ozwhole empty 1

Fat, bovine 1 lb

Cost140 gp

1 gp2 sp

2 cp2 cp5 sp

5 sp8 sp

5 sp

3 sp5 sp5 sp1 gp

1 sp5 cp3 cp

150 gp

1 sp5 sp

140 gp

4 cp1 sp8 cp5 cp

Cost3 cp

5 cp5 cp2 sp

3 cp3 cp4 sp


chicken taileaglehawkvulture tail

FleeceFish scaleFrog’s leg

driedLeather thongLimeMouse whiskerOctopus tentacle

driedOx sinewRat whiskerSeashell







62434 in sq1 in sq


3 cp1 gp1 gp5 sp3 cp2 cp

15 in12 oz12 sm

4 cp5 cp1 sp3 cp

12 sm 4 gp6 oz 2 sp12 md 5 cp

6 oz 5 cp1 md 2 sp

1 oz1

5 cp2 gp

1 oz1 in sq5 in sq

1 lb1/2 lb

6 cp4 cp5 gp

3 gp4 gp

PLANT PRODUCTSMaterialAcornsAmaryllis

blossom, drybulb, commonbulb, hypoxisstalks, dry

Appleblossom petal

Aster seedCamphor resinCoffee beansCork balls

Amt.*10 lg

1 md1 lg1 lg12

121 oz6 oz1 lb5 sm

Cost3 cp

1 sp5 cp3 sp3 sp

3 cp5 cp1 sp5 gp1 sp

3 7

MaterialCornCotton mesh


Felt, whiteFoxfire fungus2 spGarlic budHolly


Leavesashoakraspberryshamrockstinging nettlesumac

yewLeek, crushedLinen cloth

gold weftedLotus blossomMarigold flowers

dry crushedMayzMoonseedNut shellsOak barkOat grainPepperPillow tickingPine





Priests' Alcove

Amt.*1 lb

5 in sq5 in sq5 in sq3 oz

1 lg

251 md

252525301225254 oz5 in sq5 in sq

1 lg

2 oz1 lb2 oz½ lb12 oz1 lb4 oz6 oz

12 oz6 lg1/2 lb12


251/2 lb2 oz

Cost1 sp

2 sp4 sp1 sp

5 cp

1 sp3 cp

3 cp2 cp7 cp2 cp3 cp3 cp4 cp7 cp1 cp

10 gp4 sp

7 cp2 gp1 gp2 cp3 cp7 cp2 sp1 sp

3 cp5 cp4 cp2 cp

3 cp1 sp

2 gp6 gp1 cp

Material Amt.*Thorns 5 sprigsTree sap 6 ozWillow bark 12 oz


Cost2 cp1 gp3 cp

Amt.* CostMaterialAloeswood

chipsAmbergrisBasilBenzoinBetonyCalamusCamphorCassiaCitronellaCivetCloveElemiFrankincenseGalbanumJasmine oilLavender budsMagnolia, dryMuskMyrrhOnychaOrchid, dryPatchouli, dryPutchukRosewaterSandalwood oil



6 oz6 oz4 oz4 oz4 oz2 oz4 oz4 oz1 lb1 oz4 oz6 oz1 oz2 oz2 oz4 sm4 md2 oz1 oz1 oz4 md2 oz1 oz6 oz

1 gp1 gp7 gp1 gp3 gp1 gp8 sp1 gp7 sp

10 gp1 sp2 gp

10 gp3 gp3 gp1 gp1 gp4 gp

10 gp3 gp3 gp1 sp1 gp1 gp

2 oz2 oz4 oz

5 gp3 gp1 gp

* ct = carat, cu= cube, gal = gallon,in = inch, lb = pound, lg = large,md = medium, oz = ounce (fluid orotherwise), pr = pair, qt = quart,sq = square, st = strands, yd = yard

** Add to these items the cost of theappropriate-sized jar.


Wizards' Laboratory

I am pleased to offer Toril’s finest assortment of equipment for mages of all varieties.Of course, none of the items I sell are themselves magical, but I do stock

everything a wizard needs for a complete research laboratory.Though I do not sell spell books and other magical tomes (for obvious reasons),

I do offer a referral network by which wizards may track down useful tomes in other mages’ libraries.Needless to say, I refuse to transport magical tomes between wizards, and many mages—

even if they have the requisite books—are unwilling to let their libraries be perused by others.Successful searches merely provide the mage’s name and location. Working an arrangement with thenamed wizard lies entirely in the hands of the requester. Please allow six months for a book search.


This glass device—consisting of apear-shapedcucurbit, ventingcap, and roundreceiver—hasbecome the

universal distilling mechanism. Ouralembics come with a metal stand, butthe burner must be purchasedseparately. (10 gp)3 alembics are required for a complete laboratory

APRONS: In alab stocked withacid, bat guano,and mercury, agood apron canavert death as wellas embarrassingstains. Ourclay-steeped canvasaprons cover thebody from neck toankle and resiststains, acids, andfires (4 gp). We alsooffer a leather apron with an attachedbeard pocket and hood to protectdecades of hair growth. (10 gp)+1 bonus to saves rolled for fire or acid attacks;item saves: acid 9, magical fire 6, normal fire 4; 3aprons of the first type are requisite for a completelab

ASTROLABE AND ARMILLARYSPHERE: Though much of magic drawsits power from the world of matter,many mages turn their eyes also to thequintessent heavens. For those who haveonly a passing interest in the stars, weoffer a solid bronze astrolabe (8 gp)crafted in Sembia and useful fortracking the sun, planets, and starsacross the heavens. Our full armillary(60 gp) provides a near-flawless modelof the principal celestial circles.1 astrolabe is required for a complete laboratory

BAGS: We stock bags of all sizes andmaterials, from large and tight-wovengrain sacks to small and loose knitsteeping sacks. All weave types cost thesame and are available in any size. Wealso provide water-tight leather bags ineach size (doubles cost), bags that work


Wizards' Laboratory

especially well for fermentationprocesses. Please specify material typewhen ordering from the following sizes—Tea: 1 cp; Hand: 3 cp, Loaf: 6 cp;Flour: 8 cp; Grain: 1 sp.5 of each size are requisite for a complete lab

BALANCE: For truly accuratemeasurement of weight, our tabletopbalance is without compare. The sturdysteel frame can handle weights up to 50lb. Comes with weights that range from10 lb down to 1/16 oz. Accurate to theweight of a cricket’s leg. (30 gp)1 is needed for a complete laboratory

BEAKERS,VIALS, GLASSTUBING: All ourlaboratory glasswareis made offinest-quality,fire-hardened glass,crafted inUrmlaspyr bymembers of theglass-blowers guild.Vials (1 sp each) fiteasily in vial racks,and are perfect for

experimenting with small quantities ofliquid or powder.

Our beakers come in small (5 sp),medium (1 gp), and large (3 gp) sizes.We stock glass tubing in two-footlengths (2 sp) that can be cut to size orfired and bent. We carry one specialized

piece of glass tubing—the distilling coil(5 gp), which is fully compatible withour other tubing.

Of course, we also carry corks for allof these containers, offering wholestoppers (5 cp), stoppers drilled fortubing (8 cp), and corks meant toconnect two sections of tubing (1 sp).18 vials; 6 beakers of each size; 10 two-footlengths of tubing, 3 distilling coils, and 18 corksof each type are required for a complete lab.

BELLOWS:An efficient set ofbellows can doublethe heat in afurnace withoutadding any morefuel. We offer smalland large bellowsconstructed ofsupple calf-skin andhardwood, with abrass nozzle. Small:5 gp; Large: 10 gp.1 of each size requiredfor a complete laboratory

BRAZIERS AND BURNERS:Though not as controllable as ovens,braziers supply quick or long-term heatto vials and beakers without removingthem from sight. Our small bronzebrazier (5 gp) holds enough coals toheat a large beaker, whereas our largebrazier can heat an entire laboratory.Our burners (5 sp) are circular slabs of


hard wax in which linen rags are coiledto act as wicks. These slabs fit easily intoour small braziers and provide constant,low-level heat.3 small braziers and 9 burners are requisite for acomplete laboratory

BURETTE: Thisthin glass tube ismade under thestrictest supervisionof glass-blowerguildsmen ofUrmlaspyr. Each isindividuallygraduated by askilled alchemist toassure proper fluidmeasure. Ourburettes come witha cork stop-co*ck and

a bronze stand. (15gp)2 burettes are requisite for a complete laboratory

CABINETRY AND TABLES:Absolutely essential to the well-stockedlaboratory, equipment and chemicalstorage cabinets can make the differencebetween order and chaos inexperimentation. Our complete cabinet(50 gp) contains shelves toaccommodate all sizes of jars, as well assmaller cabinets for light-sensitivematerials. We also offer braces (2 gp perpair) and fine hardwood planking (1 spper board foot) for building your ownshelves.

Our tables (50 gp) are broad andsturdy, with black granite tops that canwithstand great heat and strong acids.For an added fee of 5 gp we can shortenthe legs of tables on a special-order basisfor gnome, dwarf, or halfling mages.


Wizards' Laboratory

Complete laboratories must have at least twotables, 1 cabinet, and 2 ten-foot shelves—or the

CANDLES: These mundane itemsare among the most versatile tools in thelab. Those of you new to the laboratorywill quickly learn that candles canprovide far more than light. We offertimekeeping candles (1 gp), which arenotched to indicate the passage of hoursand half-hours; incense candles (1 gp),which can clear foul odors from thelaboratory; vial heaters (1 sp), whichburn long and steadily; and typicaltapers (1 sp), which provide excellentlight for reading. All candles come inred, black, yellow, or uncoloredversions.30 of each type are requisite for a completelaboratory

CENTRIFUGE:A critical tool fordrawing outprecipitants, thismodern contraptionworks on the sameprinciple as the millwheel. By applyingpressure tofoot-pedals near thefloor, the weightedhorizontal wheel isset in motion.When stoppered

vials are set in the wheel and spun,


Wizards' Laboratory

heavy solids fall from the liquid to thebase of the vial. (25 gp)1 is required for a complete laboratory

CLAY : Amongst highly reactivecompounds, a nonreactive substance ismost welcome. When kept moist, claycan be flattened into a pad to supporthot containers, molded onto a mage’sface to protect against burns or acid, oreven shaped to provide a temporaryjoint between glass tubes.(1 gp per pound)20 pounds are required for a complete laboratory

COAL: We offer clean- and hot-burning anthracite coal (1 gp perpound) in blocks for use in braziers andother non-vented fires as well as themore common bituminous coal (1 gpper 20 pounds), which must be vented.10 pounds of anthracite and 200 pounds ofbituminous are required for a complete laboratory

DISSECTION INSTRUMENTS: Notamong the more pleasant of wizardlyduties, dissection is often necessary toacquire rare and unpurchasable spellcomponents. Some (odd) mages also useour dissection instruments to study theinner workings of the bodies of beasts.(I have even known a few scoundrelswho have laid open a human corpse insimilar fashion—but I quickly set theconstabulary on them.) Our dissectionkit includes all the knives, pins,

sponges, blotters, lenses, and so forthyou need to make quick work of thisunpleasant task. (10 gp)1 is required for a complete laboratory

EASELS:Our adjustableeasels are sturdyenough to serve assloped writing-tables and largeenough to supporteven the widestslates. Broad feetand four-leggedconstruction makethem stable in anyarrangement.(40 gp)1 is required for a complete laboratory

FILES: This assortment of 18 woodand metal files would make a thiefproud. These work perfectly for shavingsmall measures of solid materials forcomponents. This set of files comes witha leather satchel. (10 gp)1 set is required for a complete laboratory


Wizards' Laboratory

FILTER: We offer sheets of gauze orcoarse-screen straw mesh (1 sp persquare foot) that can be cut to fit mostany laboratory setup. For those occasionsin which a tighter filter is needed, weoffer linen screen (1 sp per square foot)or silken screen (1 gp per square foot).10 square feet of each type is needed for acomplete laboratory

GLOVES:In my many travels,I met more than afew wizards whohad lost a finger toacids or knives intheir labs. Contactpoisons provide

another reason to wear good gloves. Ourclay-steeped canvas gloves (2 gp) guardagainst most substances. Oursteel-reinforced leather gloves (5 gp)provide as much protection as agauntlet, without the accompanyingweight.2 pairs of each type are needed for a completelaboratory

HEAT MATS: Our heat mats (5 cp)are quilted in Sembia and can absorblead-melting heat levels before burstinginto flame. We also offer pads made ofa fibrous white crystalline material(5 gp) recently discovered in the OsraunMountains and capable of withstandingany heat. (I knew one mage whoconstructed a suit of the stuff beforedescending to the Abyss. He returneduntouched by the fire, but died shortlyafterward with a hacking cough.)10 of the first type are required for a completelaboratory

HOUR/MINUTE GLASS:Closely trackingtime is crucial tothe success ofchemical research.We offer varioussizes of time glasses:half minute (5 gp),minute (3 gp), fiveminute (7 gp), tenminute (10 gp),hour (7 gp), andtwo hour (15 gp)glasses. All of these timepieces are castand ornately painted in Calimshan,then filled with precise sand measures inWaterdeep.Half-minute, minute, five minute, and hourglasses are required for a complete laboratory

ICE CHEST: Strange though it mayseem, some alchemical supplies keepbetter in cold rather than at commontemperature. Our ice chest (35 gp) canhold up to 12 midsize jars standingupright and 2 jars lying on their sides.We also supply ice year-round(1 gp per pound), shipped from IcewindDale and stored in a cold shed.

4 3

Wizards' Laboratory

1 ice chest and 20 pounds of ice are needed for acomplete laboratory; 20 pounds of ice will keepfor 2 months

JARS: Mostwizards like to keepa vast cache of spellcomponents andalchemicalingredients onhand. To do so theyneed an array of jars

and corks. We offer jars of ceramic(made in Tilverton) and glass (made inUrmlaspyr), charging twice the listedcost for glass. All our jars—six ounce (8 cp), twelve ounce (1 sp),quart (2 sp), half-gallon (3 sp), gallon(5 sp), two gallon (1 gp), five gallon(2 gp), and ten gallon (3 gp)—come with cork stoppers that seal themtightly.40 six-ounce, 40 12-ounce, 10 quart,5 half-gallon, 15 gallon, 10 five-gallon, and5 ten-gallon jars are needed for a completelaboratory

MAGNETS: AS well as using them incertain spells, some wizards use anassortment of magnets to do everythingfrom polarizing ionized liquids toholding their ink pens.1" x 1": 5 sp;2" x 2": 1 gp;3" x 3": 3 gp.3 of each size are requisite for a completelaboratory

OPTIC AIDS: After years spentpeering at minuscule scribbles in spellbooks, and watching the minutebubbling of liquids in flasks, even themost youthful mage may require visualassistance. We offer the common

magnifying lens (2 gp), as well as amonocle (4 gp) to enhance the vision inone eye, and an odd set of lenses calledspectacles (8 gp) that balanceprecariously upon the tip of one’s nose.1 magnifying glass is required for a completelaboratory; DMs may require older mages topurchase the other two items

OVENS AND KILNS: If heat is thecommon currency of alchemicalresearch, ovens and kilns are the usurer’soffice. Our ovens (60 gp) have afire-hardened iron shell with a stokingchamber that contains adjustable airintakes and a metal vent that fits nicelythrough most windows. These ovensachieve heat levels that will melt lead.

Our kilns (120 gp) are large,ceramic-work cylinders heated by abroad coal chamber. Instead ofadjustable vents, our kiln coal chamberis fed by four attached bellows, set topumping by the hot air vented through


Wizards' Laboratory

the kiln’s back. With constant stoking,our kilns can reach heat levels that willfire bisque and melt low-grade steel.(Only anthracite coal should be used inour kilns.)1 oven and 1 kiln are required for a completelaboratory

PAPYRUS PADS: An experimentingmage may write more in an hour thanthe average man does in a lifetime.Our inexpensive papyrus pads(25 sheets for 15 gp) use qualitycross-grain stock pressed in Mulhorandand sewn together along one edge byartisans in Chessenta and Unther.4 pads are needed for a complete laboratory

PESTLEAND MORTAR:Among the mostancient ofalchemicalinstruments, thepestle and mortarare indispensable

for crushing and powdering smallquantities of solid materials. Both our4 oz (3 gp) and 6 oz (6 gp) pestle andmortar sets are made of fine-qualityblack marble, highly polished on thesections you will handle and left raw onthe grinding surfaces. (3 gp)2 pestle and mortar sets are needed for a completelaboratory

QUERN:Based upon theprinciple of themiller’s wheel, thisself-poweredgrindingmechanism canpowder most anysolid, from wheat tolead. Operated by acrank and camassembly atop thestone, our querndoes the work often mortars and pestles. (20 gp)1 is required for a complete laboratory

RACKS AND STANDS: First amongthe unsung heroes of the laboratory arethe various racks, stands, and holdersthat function as additional hands for thewizard. We offer wooden vial racks(1 gp) that can hold up to six vials,cushioned metal beaker stands (3 gp)that vary in height and include variouslysized clamps and rings, andthree-pronged heating stands (3 gp)that fit easily over a small brazier. Allcan support up to 15 lb of weight beforefailing.10 of each type are needed for a completelaboratory

4 5

Wizards' Laboratory

RETORT: Anindispensable toolfor distillation, theretort is a stock itemfor even the mostbasic laboratories.We offer retorts in 3ounce (1 sp), 5

A complete laboratory requires 1 lap slate, 1 wallslate, and 2 chalk bundles

ounce (5 sp), 12 ounce (1 gp), andquart (5 gp) sizes.Six 3 oz, six 5 oz, one 12 oz, and one quart sizeare needed for a complete laboratory

RODS, GLASS: Though some magesstill insist upon using wooden stirringrods (which sometimes flake intosolutions and always absorb liquids theycontact), glass stirring rods have becomeessential to accurate admixing. We offersmall rods (3 sp) for stirring vial-sizedmixtures, medium-length rods (4 sp) forstirring even large beakers, and large,thick rods (8 sp) for stirring containersup to cauldron-size.6 small, 6 medium, and 2 large rods are neededfor a complete laboratory

SLATE ANDCHALK: Thoughour papyrus ischeap by marketvalue, it still maycost a mage dearly.To reserve papyrusfor permanent

laboratory needs a setrecords, a mage’s of slates and some chalk. We offer twosizes of slates—a 1-foot square lap slate(10 gp) and a 4-by-6 foot wall slate(30 gp), which can either be eithermounted on a (sturdy) wall or set onone of our easels. Chalk comes at 1 cpper stick, or a bundle of 12 for 1 sp. Wealso offer chalk in red and yellow for 3cp each (2 sp for 12).

SPARKER: Flint and steel set upon awire hinge, these convenientmechanisms provide a ready spark thatcan be easily introduced into a beaker ofvapor. (5 sp)

SPONGE:Where there arewizards andbeakers, there willbe spills. Thesesponges, harvestedoff Tharsult Isle inthe Shining Sea,can absorb 100 times their weight ofliquid. Shapes and colors vary. Small: 3sp; Medium: 6 sp; Large: 1 gp.5 of each size are required for a completelaboratory

STRING: Askein of string cancover a multitude ofsins. Useful notonly as wicks anddraw-strings to sealopened bags, stringcan also temporarily

jury-rig most any laboratory setup. Weoffer a white, resilient and absorbentstring (3 sp per 50 feet) that comes froma Maztican material crop, as well as themore familiar flaxen string(2 sp per 50 feet) from the Shining

4 6

Wizards' Laboratory

Plains. For an added 3 cp per 50 feet,we offer black, red, and yellow string.All our string can hold up to 15 poundsbefore fraying.a skein of 1000 feet is required for a completelaboratory

TONGS:Though gloves workfairly well for sometasks, white-hotobjects, acid-filledcontainers, andflaming coals callfor more distancefrom the subject.With our smalltongs (1 gp), amage can easilymanipulate vials,beakers, and

embers. With our large tongs (3 gp), amage could well hammer out a shoe forhis favorite horse, if he wished.2 pairs of each size are required for a completelaboratory

VENT: This handy device wasinvented by a gnomish craftsman ofWaterdeep. The adjustable frame can beplaced in a window, with the tip of thebellows pointing out. When a gaseousincident occurs in the laboratory, animble mage can pump the bellows toempty the room of the foul odor. Theone-way valve in the bellows assures thatthe foul air goes out and does notreturn. (30 gp)

1 is required for a complete laboratory


WATER RESERVOIR: Clean handsmake for sure results. Water reservoirsnot only clean hands but can cooloverheated equipment and wash awayacids. The top keg of our water reservoiris tapped into a shallow trough, tiltedtoward an open bucket on the otherside. To dispense fouled water, merelylift the bucket and fling the liquid intothe street. This reservoir is handyenough that some mages I know haveeven used it to begin bathing regularly.Our standard reservoir holds 20 gallons(20 gp), though we also sell 25-gallon(27 gp) and 50-gallon (37 gp) types.1 20-gallon water reservoir is required for acomplete laboratory.

Wizards' Laboratory

Components Cache

METALSMaterial* Amt.**Bronze, disk 2 ozCopper


Goldneedles 5powder 1 oz

Ironchunk 1 in cupowder 6 ozrod 1 ft

Lead chunk 1 in cuMercury 1 oz

2 in1 ft

Micachipped 1 ozground 1 oz

Silverpin 5powder 1 ozwire 1 ft

Steel sheet 1 ft sqTin square 1 inZinc square 1 in

LIQUIDS***Material*AcidAlcoholAttar of rosesMolasses

1 gal1 gal

Amt.**6 oz12 oz2 oz12 oz


Cost5 sp

2 cp1 sp

15 gp1 gp

5 cp2 sp3 sp6 cp1 sp

1 sp8 cp

5 sp1 sp4 sp1 gp5 cp1 sp

Cost1 gp1 sp

200 gp1 sp

6 sp6 sp

Material* spicedsweet

VinegarWater, distilled

MINERALSMaterial*AgateAlkaline saltAlumAmber


BitumenBlue vitriolBorax


Bromine saltCarbon



fired spheresraw

Coal (anthracite)chunkdust




Amt.**1 gal1 gal12 oz1 gal

Amt.**1 ct12 oz6 oz

1 in cu12 oz6 in12 oz6 oz

6 oz6 oz12 oz

6 oz6 oz1 oz

1 in1 lb

1 lb1 lb

101 ft1 in6 in1/8 ct12 oz

10101 ft1 ft sq6 in

Cost1 gp7 sp5 sp1 sp

Cost1 gp1 sp5 cp

8 sp1 gp

10 gp1 gp2 sp

1 sp1 sp1 gp

1 gp3 gp1 cp

1 cp1 sp

1 gp8 sp

7 gp15 gp3 gp

20 gp150 gp

1 sp

1 gp5 gp5 gp2 gp5 gp

4 8

Wizards' Laboratory

Material* Amt.**Granite

block 1 in cudust 6 oz

Gypsum 8 ozIron pyrite 6 ozLime powder 12 ozLitharge 12 ozMineral

spheres 4 inprisms 3 in

Nitre 6 ozsalt 3 oz

Phosphorous 3 ozPitch 1 qtQuartz

clear rough 1 ctother rough 1 ct

Saltblock 1 lbgranular 5 lb

Sand, fine 10 lbSoot 1 lbSulfur 1 lbTalc 1 lbTurquoise

polished 1 ozunpolished 1 oz

ANIMAL PRODUCTSMaterial* Amt.**Bat fur 5Bat guano 1 lbBeeswax 1 lbBone (bovine)

powdered 8 ozchunks 1 lb

Blood (bovine) 1 qtCocoon

butterfly 10moth 10wasp 10

Coral chunk 8 ozFeather

eagle 10


2 gp1 gp1 sp1 gp2 sp3 sp

10 gp7 gp3 sp3 sp1 gp5 cp

1 sp5 cp

1 sp5 sp1 sp2 cp1 gp7 sp

5 gp1 sp

Cost30 gp2 gp1 sp

1 sp15 sp

1 sp

5 sp3 cp4 cp1 sp

10 gp

Cost10 gp

1 sp5 sp1 sp5 cp

1 sp1 sp

3 gp1 gp5 gp3 gp1 sp

10 sp1 gp

5 cp1 sp5 cp2 cp1 sp4 sp

5 sp7 cp3 cp3 gp5 gp2 sp1 sp3 sp7 sp2 sp5 sp

Cost5 sp3 sp

6 cp7 cp6 cp

4 9


Firefly (dead)FleeceGlowworm

tailswhole (dead)

Hairapebearcameldraft horseoxwar horse

HoneycombInsectoid legs

centipedegrasshop. hindmillipedespider

Milk fat (solid)MuskOx hoof

powderLeather stripsPork rindPython bileSilkworm eggsSnake scaleSpongeTallowTortoise shellWaxWool

Amt.**101 lb10206 in sq


20 st20 st1 in sq1 in sq1 in sq1 in sq6 in sq

421052161 lb1 oz

6 oz6 in sq6 in sq6 oz2 oz1 in sq6 oz1 lb1 lg1 lb1 sq yd

VEGETABLE PRODUCTSMaterial* Amt.**Asafoetida 3 ozArsenic 8 ozBark

apple 6 ozash 6 ozbeech 6 oz


BurrsCardamomCarrot (dried)Cassia


Castor beansCitric acidCorn extract

(powder)Fern frondFlowerGalbanumGarlic cloveGingerGinsengGum arabicIncense (stick)Leeks (ground)Legume seedsLicorice rootMoss





Pine tarLeaves

poison ivypoison oakpoison sumac

Wizards' Laboratory

Amt.**6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz4 oz1 oz

1 lg

6 oz2 spgs8 oz6 oz

1 lb1 lg1 lb1 oz

1 lg4 oz4 oz6 oz1 lg6 oz6 oz

1 lg

6 oz6 oz

4 oz12 lg4 oz

6 oz6 oz1 lb

6 lg6 lg6 lg

Cost7 cp4 cp3 cp4 cp3 cp5 cp3 cp8 cp2 cp1 gp2 cp

6 sp2 sp8 cp8 cp

2 sp2 cp1 sp5 sp3 cp1 sp3 sp5 sp5 sp2 sp6 cp5 sp

2 cp5 sp

1 gp5 cp3 sp

6 cp7 cp1 sp

2 cp3 cp3 cp

Material*roserhubarbskunk cabbage

Licorice rootLotus


Peach pitsRealgarReed stalksResinRose petalsRhubarb


Saffron (ground)Seaweed (dry)Sesame seedsShallot bulbSoda ashStargrassStrawTacamahacTumericVermilionWolfsbaneWynchwoodYamZedoary

Amt.**15 md1 md1 head1 lg

1 md1 lg3 lg6 oz206 oz20

1 lg1 lg4 oz8 oz1 lb6 lg1 lb8 oz1 lb1 oz1 oz4 oz6 oz1 lb4 lb1 oz

Cost4 cp3 cp3 cp3 sp

4 cp3 sp3 cp2 sp5 cp4 cp5 cp

2 cp8 cp4 gp2 sp3 sp5 cp3 sp5 cp3 cp1 sp1 sp1 sp3 sp1 sp8 cp3 sp

* Each of these items must be purchasedin the listed quantity for a completelaboratory, and many items must bepurchased in larger quantities forspecific research.

** ct = carat, cu = cube, gal = gallon,in = inch, lb = pound, lg = large,md = medium, oz = ounce (fluid orotherwise), qt = quart, sq = square,st = strands, yd = yard

*** Add to these items the cost of theappropriate-sized jar.


Laborers' List

Perhaps the only sight more fearful than a rampaging dragon is a rampaging crowd of villagers.A town united against a menacing monster and armed with the simple (but deadly) tools of

common laborers can cow even the most savage army of foes. And of course, on a daily basis these samepeasant heroes turn their tools to the mundane but no-less necessary task of sowing and reaping,

chiseling and joining—the constant and wearying work that makes our world.In tribute to such folk, I offer a complete line of tools and implements for the common laborer—

all of which will serve well in times of peace, and many of which can becomeweapons of defense in times of war.

FarmerDMs may allow PCs with the Agricultureproficiency access to (or ownership of) any or all ofthe following; such PCs may have weaponproficiency in items with weapon potential (DM’soption).

BILLHOOK:If farmers have anytrue enemy, it isfire—which cansteal not only one’slivelihood, but alsoone’s life. Thoughscythes can cut afirebreak to save afield, this billhookcan remove thatchfrom a roof to savea home. A pole,once assembled, lets

you raise this hook 15 feet to the crownof a roof to pull loose the thatch beforethe fire reaches it. The sharp andbarbed tip makes this weapon alsoeffective against vermin who make theirhomes in many thatched roofs. (5 gp)Billhook: Wt. 10 lb; S L; Typ P; Spd Fctr 9; Dmg1d4/1d4; Hit Prob. -2; disassemble to carry

HARNESS AND YOKE: Some sagessay that our prosperous lands would notbe so but for the simple harness andyoke. These simple implements place onthe backs of beasts the burdens of men.We offer the carriage harnesses for

one (2 gp), two (3 gp), and four (5 gp)horses. We also supply plow harnessesfor one (5 gp) and two (7 gp) horses oroxen. Finally, our oxen yokes can pull aplow through the most stubbornground—one ox (8 gp) and two oxen(11 gp). Those who have had troublewith oxen strangulation can try ournewfangled yoke, which does not pullagainst the beast’s throat(15 gp and 20 gp).

HOE:A simple tool witha thousand uses,the hoe ranks withthe shovel inimportance amongthe farmer’s tools.Our hoes feature 6’long hardwoodhandles tominimize back painand iron heads(3 gp). We alsooffer a heartier steelversion (5 gp) that will handle even claysoil easily.Hoe: Wt. 5 lb; S L; Typ P; Spd Fctr 7; Dmg1d3/1d2; natural roll of 1 breaks iron head


Laborers' List

MALLET:Anyone who workson a farm knowsthat many problemscan be dismissed bya large malletswung liberally. Ourmallets have oakenheads with flaredstriking surfacesreinforced withbands of steel. Weoffer a 20 poundmallet (5 gp) of

solid oak, as well as a 30-pound malletof oak core-filled with lead (9 gp).Mallet: Wt 20(30) lb; S L; Typ B; Spd Fctr 13;Dmg 2d6/2d6 (3d6/3d6); Hit Prob. -4; attacktakes two rounds

PICK: A goodpick can rescueotherwiseunplantable land bybreaking up hardground andsplitting rocks toolarge to move. Ourfarmer’s pick has a head of pure steel topierce the ground well, and a duskwoodhandle that allows much power for

prying. (9 gp)Pick: Wt 15 lb; S M; Typ P; Spd Fctr 9; Dmg1d6/1d6

PITCHFORK: Seafarers call it the“land trident,” and for good reason:


a pitchfork is as mighty in battle as inplanting and tilling. We offer thetraditional three-pronged maplepitchfork (2 gp) as well as an inventivevariation from the lands of Thay thathas a four-pronged head of steel (9 gp).(I suspect that this latter variety wasnever intended for farm use.)Pitchfork: Wt 4(8) lb; S L; Typ P; Spd Fctr 7;Dmg 1d4/1d4(1d4+1/1d4+1)

PLOW: Sages say the plow is theunsung hero of our flourishing culture,letting the work of one farmer feed upto three families. We no longer offeriron plows because of repeatedcomplaints of their tendency towardbreakage. Our small plow (8 gp) can bepulled even by a mule or a very strongman, whereas our large plow (15 gp)requires a plow horse or an ox. Bothwork well with our harness or yoke,turning even stiff and clay-strewn fields.

RAKE: Everyautumn, rakes givefarmers a giant’shand for harvest. Inthe north, we arethe only suppliersof Chultianbamboo rakes(3 gp), with longand curving frondsthat can gather upto 5 pounds of hayin a swipe. We alsooffer the morecommon twig rakes (2 sp) used currentlythroughout the heartlands.

Laborers' List

REAVER: Anold Vaasan sayingstates that “Areaver is a scythegone mad.” Indeed,those who have seenreaving laborers inthe field mightthink so, for thewhirling flash andscissoring scrape ofthe blades fills theair. In fact, reaversare simple,

dual-bladed devices hinged at the tip.When swung, the blades extend untilthey strike an obstacle, whereby theyfold and scissor together. Some sayreavers halve their harvest time. Ourreavers come with a leather strap forbinding the blades when not in use.(5 gp)Reaver: Wt 4 lb; S M; Typ S; Spd Fctr 7; Dmg1d6/1d6; natural 20 does auto decapitation forman-sized foe; natural 1 does 1d6 to wielder

SCYTHE:Among the mostancient, simple,and useful offarming devices,scythes allowharvesters to reap a6-foot circle aboutthemselves with oneswipe. We offerscythes with a3-foot steel bladeand a 10-footduskwood handle(8 gp) as well as selling the blades (5 gp)and the handle (4 gp) separately.Though scythes have received much badgossip lately in regard to “grim reaper”

legends, they still rank among the mostuseful and indispensable tools.Scythe: Wt 6 lb; S L; Typ S; Spd Fctr 10; Dmg1d6/1d4+1; Hit Prob. -2

SEED-SOWERS:We offer two stylesof hip-borneseedingcontainers—aleather seed pouch(2 gp), which canhold up to 100pounds of seed, and a woven seedbasket (5 gp) with the same capacity.The basket has a tray that can bejiggledwhile walking to disperse seeds evenlyfrom the bottom.

SHOVEL:A farmer’s mainweapons in battlingthe land, shovelscome in as manyvarieties as doswords. All ourshovels havemaplewoodhandles, solid steelspades, andsmith-sharpened,fire-hardened tips.We offer agardening shovel (3 gp), coal shovel(2 gp), postholer (4 gp), snowshovel(3 gp), and a hand spade (2 sp). Shovelsmake great mob weapons.Shovels: Wt 6 lb; S M; T B; Spd Fctr 7; Dmg1d4+1/1d4; hand spades have negligible weaponpotential

5 3

Laborers' List

SICKLE:Grandchild of thescythe, sickles rateamong the mostcommon items forclearing brush orharvesting smallplots of land. Oursickles are made of sturdy steel and havehandles of oak. (6 sp)Sickle: Wt 3 lb; S S; Typ S; Spd Fctr 4; Dmg1d4+1/1d4

SIEVE: Usefulfor all farmers fromvintners toherdsmen, our sieveis among our mostrequested items.This 2-by-2 footsieve rests on four

spruce legs and can accommodate threescreen types: pebble, grain, and sand.The sieve itself costs 5 gp, and eachscreen type costs 2 gp.

W E E D I N GCLAW: This smallmetal claw shouldnot be passed overas a useless item—in fact, I knew onefarmer who claimedto have killed ashambling mound with one. (He alwaystended toward hyperbole.) Held inhand, this claw (7 sp) easily removesweeds, without filling one’s nails withdirt. The weeding claw can also fit onthe end of our claw pole (6 sp) and beused as a rake.Weeding Claw: Wt 1 lb (4 lb on pole); S S(M);Typ P; Spd Fctr 3(7); Dmg1d4-1/1d4-1(1d4/1d4)

WHEELBARROW: One truism offarm life is that things are never wherethey need to be—especially heavythings. To assuage this perennialproblem, we offer a sturdy wheelbarrowthat can haul anything up to 400 lb—beit a load of grain, or one’s mate! Thefront wheel is made of sturdy iron byBerduskan wheelwrights, and the frameand rear wheel are made of solidduskwood. (15 gp)reduces base move by one quarter for each 100 lbto a minimum of 1

WI N N O W I N GFLAIL : After takingsuch scrupulous careof their crops,young farmers aresometimes hesitantto flail them.Seasoned farmersare not. Our 4-footmaple flail istopped by four1-foot steel rodsthat make quickwork of knockinggrain from chaff. With a grain sieve,this tool lets one person work like two.(6 gp)Winnowing flail: Wt 7 lb; S M; Typ B; Spd Fctr6; Dmg 1d6/1d6


Laborers' List

Joiners/StonemasonsDMs may allow PCs with the Carpentry andStonemasonry proficiencies access to (or ownershipof) any or all of the following; such PCs may haveweapon proficiencies in items with weaponpotential (DM’s option)

AWL: Forstarting holes orscribing lines uponwood, a needle-tipped awl is theperfect choice. Weoffer a 3-inch awl(2 sp) for setting

nails as well as a 6-inch auger (5 sp) forsetting spikes.Awl: Wt 1 lb; S S; Typ P; Spd Fctr 1; Dmg1d3/1d2Auger: Wt 2 lb; S S; Typ P; Spd Fctr 3; Dmg1d4/1d3

BOW DRILL:Constructed of asturdy iron rod, ourbow drill (3 gp) canaccommodate allfour sizes of drillbits: needle (1 sp),nail (7 cp), spike(3 sp), and peg(5 sp). We also offerthese stone-piercingbits in mithral forten times the listprice. A bow drillwith a set of 4 wood bits costs 4 gp andincludes a pouch for the bits.needle or nail bits drill 2" into wood and ½" intostone per round; spike or peg take twice as long

emergency. (Charlatans are warned.)stations with the Catalogue are defended by 15bricksmen: Int 14; AL LN; AC 4; MV 12; HD 10;hp 80; THAC0 10; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6+1/1d6+1mallets); SZ M; ML 20.

CHISEL: Ourchisel sets contain12 chisels from ¼"to 2" in blade size.We use only theCalish*te steel(purer thanHeartland blends)or wood chisels (12 gp) and mithralfrom dwarven forges (120 gp) for stonechisels.

CLAMP AND VICE: When a joineror bricksman needs an additional set ofhands, our clamps and vices can be


BRICKSMEN’ SCATALOGUE: Inaddition to offeringthe crude tools ofthe trade, weprovide numerousaccoutrements toaid bricklayers in

their other occupations. (Let those whounderstand be advised.) OurBricksmen’s Catalogue may or may notbe on hand at one of our stations, and isavailable to sharers of the trowel andmallet. (The brethren and sistern areknown.) Requests to see the cataloguewill only be honored in cases of extreme

Laborers' List

invaluable. We supply clamps that canhold up to 4" (2 gp), 8" (5 gp), and16" (10 gp), as well as a 10" table-mounted vice (20 gp) for securing heavymaterials.the vice weighs 30 lb and can secure up to 1000 lb

FASTENERS:We providefasteners of all sortsfor joining wood,metal, and stone.We offer 1"finishing nails

this truth is self evident. Our wood glue3 gp/lb) sets up in 1 hour and bondsany porous substance permanently toany other. Our mortar comes dry5 cp/lb), also sets in 1 hour, and can beused with any stony material, or as anexterior coating to wood frames. Ourpitch (1 sp/lb) is perfect for sealingleaky roofs or patching tiles in place.a wood glue bond holds up to 30 points of Strafter dried (e.g., between a sleeping guard’s pantsand his chair)

(2 sp/lb) as well as2" and 3" joiners’nails (1 sp/lb). Ourspikes come in6" (3 gp/dozen)and 1' (5 gp/dozen)sizes. We supply 8"

bolts that can be cut to size in coarseand fine thread size with the followingdiameters: ¼", ½", ¾", 1"—all at3 gp/lb. The corresponding nuts tothese bolts cost 2 gp/lb. We alsoprovide cylindrical wooden peg stock in½", 1", and 2" sizes at 5 cp/foot,1 sp/foot, 3 sp/foot, respectively.12" spikes act in all ways as a dagger in combat

GLUE, MORTAR, PITCH: I find itironic that even our most lofty edificesare held together by ground horsehooves, sandy lime, and foul-smellingtar. For joiners and masons, though,

HAMMER:One cannot escapeamazement whenconsidering all theproblems that canbe righted by awhack from a goodhammer. We stocknail hammers withspecial claws for nailremoval (3 gp),spike hammers(5 gp), chiselhammers (4 gp),

peg-setting mallets (8 gp), andtone-setting mallets (10 gp).Nail/spike/chisel hammers: Wt 4 lb; S S; Typ B;Spd Fctr 3; Dmg 1d4-1/1d4-1Peg-/stone-setting mallets: Wt 15 lb; S M; Typ B;Spd Fctr 10; 1d6+1/1d6+1

HINGE: An oldhalfling sayingstates that “A cavewith a hatch is onlya cave; a cave with ahinged door is ahome.” We stockiron hinges of allvarieties: jewelry-box (5 cp), cabinet(7 cp), door (2 sp), barn (3 sp),


Laborers' List

gate (4 sp), massive door (5 gp). Thesesizes are also available in steel for twicethe price. Jewelry-box and cabinethinges also come in silver (ten timesprice) and gold (100 times price).

LADDER: Ourladders are made ofsturdy duskwoodand come in2-foot (7 sp),6-foot (3 gp),10-foot (5 gp) and20-foot (10 gp)sizes. For an extragp, our 10- and20-foot sizes can befitted with hooks,allowing the laddersto be strung

together and hung from a window orroof.can support 500 lb vertically and 400 lb laid outhorizontally

identification.Trowel: Wt 1 lb; S S; Typ S; Spd Fctr 2; Dmg1d3/1d2


LATHE: A simple tool in practice,lathes create elegant staffs, columns,and spindles with ease and elegance.Our lathe (20 gp) can accommodatesections of wood or stone up to 2 feetlong and 6 inches in diameter. Weinclude bits for wood (5 gp) or stone(15 gp) at your request.

SAWS: We supply wood and stonesaws of every variety: common crosscutsaw (3 gp), two-person ripsaw (7 gp),framed jigsaw (8 gp), two-personlogging saw (15 gp), diamond-toothedstone hacksaw (15 gp), anddiamond-toothed stone jigsaw (17).wood saws cut up to 2 square inches per roundexcept logging saw at 10 square inches per round;stone saws cut ½ square inch per round

TROWEL: Master masons canperform miracleswith this simpletool, just as masterpainters do with asimple brush. Wecarry a 5” (2 gp),7” (4 gp), and10” (5 gp) trowel,each with a flatedge and a groovededge. Requests forthe stonemason sigilto be added require positive

Laborers' List

SmithDMs may allow PCs with the Armorer,Blacksmithing, and weaponsmithing proficienciesaccess to (or ownership of) any or all of thefollowing; such PCs may have weaponproficiencies in items with weapon potential(DM’s option)

required for all plate armor to prevent lost of 1AC level per 6 months

ANVIL : Not only smiths, butanyone who would forge his or her ownarmor or metal weaponry needs a solidanvil. We offer a solid steel 70 lb anvil(45 gp) suitable for smaller weapons andarmor plates as well as a full sized 160lb anvil (95 gp) for any smithing task.access to one such anvil is vital for the threeproficiencies listed above

ARMOR CAREKIT: For orcishwarriors,battle-scarred armorsymbolizes warprowess. Lessbarbaric warriors,though, realize thedestructive effectsof rust and wear onarmor. For them,we provide anarmor-polishing kit:a 9 oz jar of armor

cleaner, a stiff cleaning brush, a 9 oz jarof armor polish, and a soft buffingof armor polish, and a soft buffingbrush. The whole kit weighs only abrush. The whole kit weighs only apound and a half and takes little roompound and a half and takes little roomin a rucksack. (7 gp)in a rucksack. (7 gp)

BELLOWS:Better bellows meanhotter fires; hotterfires mean purermetals; purermetals mean greaterstrength; strongerweapons or armormay save a warrior’slife. We offer asmall (5 gp) and alarge (10 gp) set of each is required toperform any of the three proficiencies listed above

FORGE: The empowering tool forsmiths of all kinds, the forge is thecenter of the smithy. All our forges runoff of anthracite (1 gp/lb) orbituminous coal (1 gp/20 lb). We offera small forge (50 gp) that weighs 40 lband can grow hot enough to melt ironand steel. Our full forge (120 gp)weighs 120 lb and can achievetemperatures that will melt silver andeven gold.


Laborers' List

the small forge achieves 900 degrees C; large forgereaches 1100 degrees C; at least one small forge isneeded to perform any of the three proficiencieslisted

FAT ANDWAX: A smith’swork, strongthough it may be inbattle, wearsquickly beneath theravages of rust. Bycoating weapons in

animal fat or (for highly valued items)wax, a smith can protect the steelproducts, leaving them shiny for sale.Both substances are durable and easilyapplied to hot metal. Fat: 5 cp/lb; Wax5 sp/lb.

GRINDSTONE:A giant with abutterknife can attimes be less deadlythan a halfling witha razor. All smithsknow theimportance of agood grindstone.Our grindstone(20 gp) rests upon aweighted wheel,spun by afoot-pedal assemblyto assure even sharpening. Forsharpening blades while on the road, wealso offer a small, flat whetstone (2 cp)for sharpening long blades and a stiffleather strop (2 cp) for sharpeningdaggers and grindstone is required to use the namedproficiencies; any PC with an edged weapon musthave (and assumedly use) a whetstone or strop (assuits) or suffer -1 to dmg per 6 months fordullness

HAMMER:No self-respectingsmith would everuse the hammers ofa joiner orstonemason. Wesupply smithyhammers with solidsteel heads thatweigh nearly fourpounds, andduskwood handlesto keep your handscool. The nose ofthe hammer is broad and flat, and thetail slopes into a triangle to allow detailwork. (7 gp)Smithing hammer: Wt 4 lb; S S; Typ B/P; SpdFctr 5; Dmg 1d6/1d4+1; required for use ofsmithing proficiencies

METAL: Clearly all the tools in theworld will not fully equip the smithwithout the requisite metals to craft. Weare pleased to offer all manner of metalsto smiths in all types of forms:


Laborers' List










1 lb5 lb1 ft sq6 by 1 in1 ft

1 lb5 lb16 in sq4 by 2 in1 ft

1 lb7 lb16 in sq8 by 1 in1 ft

1 lb3 lb8 in sq4 by 1 in1 ft

1 lb10 lb1 ft sq10 by 1 in1 ft

2 lb10 lb5 in sq4 by 1 in1 ft

1/4 lb2 lb3 in sq2 by 1 in1 ft


1 sp3 sp1 sp3 cp4 cp

7 cp2 sp1 sp2 cp3 cp

6 cp25 cp

1 sp3 cp3 cp

11 gp29 gp

9 gp4 gp1 gp

5 cp4 sp5 cp4 cp5 cp

7 cp5 sp4 cp3 cp4 cp

10 gp35 gp

6 gp4 gp7 gp







Measure *

1/4 lb2 lb2 in sq2 by 1 in1 ft

1/2 lb2 lb5 in sq6 by 1 in1 ft

1 lb5 lb1 ft sq6 by 1 in1 ft

1 lb5 lb1 ft sq6 by 1 in1 ft


10 gp50 gp15 gp10 gp

5 gp

3 gp11 gp9 gp3 gp2 gp

3 sp8 sp3 sp5 cp3 cp

2 sp5 sp2 sp3 cp1 cp

* ft = foot; in = inch; lb = pound;sq = square

to construct any implement, a PC must buy twicethe creation’s weight in the material

MOLDS: The work of smiths isessential to the high and low alike:whether forging rings to grace the handsof monarchs or hammering outhorseshoes that spend their lives inmanure and mud, the smith’s craft isessential. We offer casting molds foritems mundane and sublime. Each ismade of fire-hardened metal that willnot melt, even under severe heat.

Laborers' List

Mold Type*Arrow headAxe headBand (mail)Bar, pryingBitBreastplateBucklerBuckle


Bracelet, plain narrowsmallmediumlarge

Bracelet, plain widesmallmediumlarge

DaggerFlail rodHammerhead





Cost1 sp4 gp4 sp3 sp2 sp9 gp8 gp

4 sp2 sp7 gp

5 sp5 sp6 sp

7 sp7 sp8 sp2 gp2 sp

7 sp12 sp5 sp

7 sp4 sp

2 sp4 sp3 sp5 sp

Mold Type*Knife




Pitchfork headPliersQuarrelRakeRing, plain narrow


Ring, plain widesmallmediumlarge

Scale (mail)ScytheShears



6 sp4 sp

7 sp1 gp5 sp3 sp2 sp5 sp


6 sp4 sp7 sp5 sp

2 sp2 sp2 sp

3 sp4 sp4 sp3 sp5 sp

9 sp3 sp2 sp

10 gp2 gp2 sp


Laborers' List

Mold Type*coalplantingtrowel

Spear headSplint (mail)SpurSword

bastard (one hand)bastard (two hand)broadcutlasslongrapiersabrescimitarshorttwo-handed


Cost7 sp6 sp4 sp4 sp4 sp6 sp

15 gp20 gp10 gp14 gp17 gp15 gp17 gp25 gp10 gp30 gp

6 gp

* All molds can be further carved out by purchaserto create raised designs.

RESERVOIR: In a work room filledwith fire and red-hot metal, a waterreservoir is a welcome tool. Oursmithing reservoir is topped by a50-gallon water barrel that empties intoa broad clay trough long enough for atwo-handed sword to be submerged.

a valve that allows the water to bedrained after it becomes fouled. (50 gp)requisite for using one of the three smithingproficiencies

TONGS ANDPLIERS: Whetheryou wish to extendyour reach intohell-fire smelters oradd fine curves anddetails to a rapier’sbasket, we have thetools for you. Ourlong-handle (5 gp)and short-handle(3 gp) are both firehardened and havegrooved tips toprevent slippage. Our bending pliers(2 gp) keep hands well away from theheat, and our small tooling pliers (4 gp)are round-edged to leave no of each type is needed for use of smithingproficiencies


BEEHIVE: How fitting that thesweetest of nectars comes from insectswith the most savage sting. But onlybears wage war on natural hives—intelligent races raise bees like they docattle. We offer a beehive shaped like alarge egg with nesting eggs within. Eachsection is circ*mscribed around thecenter to allow the top to be removedfor quick access. The hive (10 gp) comesThe pooling end of the trough contains


Laborers' List

with an incense can whose smoke helpsmakes the creatures docile. We alsosupply a hat with silk netting for anadditional 4 gp.once occupied by bees, produces 10 lb of honeyper summer month; Dex check needed to harvestwithout sting; if failed, loses 1 hp for every roundwithin 100 yd

BRANDING IRON: In a time ofprosperity like this one, when a manmay well have two asses and ten oxen, abranding iron is a welcome tool. Weoffer irons in every letter of thealphabets (specify Thorass, Espruar, orDethek and character when ordering).For an added 5 gp, a personal crest canbe fashioned and mounted upon thebranding iron. By combining characters,every husbandman can leave a distinctmark. (8 gp)Branding iron: Wt 4; S M; Type B; Spd Fctr 7;Dmg 1d4/1d4 (1d8/1d8 when hot)

BUTCHERING TOOLS: The task ofbutchering is as distasteful as it isnecessary. We offer tools to help speedthe work, and minimize the pain for theanimal. Our butchering tools include a20 lb metal mallet (8 gp) fordispatching the beast with optimalspeed. We also offer a set of 8 hooks(5 gp) for hanging the creature, and afoldable long-razor (7 gp) for drainingblood. The other end of the long-razorcontains a 6-inch foldable gut-hook thatcan cut through most any hide withoutknicking the viscera. Finally, we offer an

8-inch full-belliedskinning knife(5 gp) for the toughbut delicate work ofskinning a beast.Metal mallet: Wt 20 lb;S M; Typ B; Spd Fctr 9;Dmg 1d6+1/1d6+1Meat hook: Wt 1 lb; S S;Typ P; Spd Fctr 4; Dmg1d4/1d4Long-razor/gut hook:Wt 1 lb; S S; Typ S; SpdFctr 5; Dmg1d4+1/1d4+1 (guthook 1d3/1d3)Skinning knife: Wt 1 lb; S S; Typ S; Spd Fctr 3;Dmg 1d4/1d4

HUNTING KNIVES: An old elvensaying holds that “It is better to have abad knife than a good dwarf.” Thoughsome consider this statement an insultto dwarves, I prefer to think of it as apraise of knives. Truly the universaltool, knives are as simple andinexpensive as they are versatile. Weoffer a trail knife with a jag-toothed tipand a keen steel blade (1 gp) as well asan unique folding knife with two blades(4 gp). One wanderer I know used thefolding knife to escape an orcish guardwho did not think the device a weapon.treat as knife in PHB


Laborers' List

SHEPHERD’SCROOK: Over thecenturies, theshepherd’s crookhas become asymbol of pastoralcare andwatchfulness—agentle reminder forstraying lambs, anda wicked weaponagainst the rovingwolf. Our shepherdcrooks are each

unique, taken from branches roped upto grow into knotted staves andharvested for this purpose. (10 gp)Shepherd’s crook: Wt. 10; S L; Type B; Spd Fctr10; Dmg 1d6/1d4; used as a weapon, its butt isheld and head swung in a horizontal arc

SHEARING PACK: Even morevaluable than their mutton, the woolthat lambs produce keeps us all warmand comfortable. Our shearing packincludes a soft leather thong to hold thelamb’s legs during the shearing and agnomish contraption called a “biter.”Drawing the biter’s handles togethercauses the clamp to fasten down uponthe wool and “bite” off a clump of it.The biter is shielded so it will not cutthe sheep’s skin, and leaves enoughwool to protect the hide beneath.(15 gp)Biter (with shield removed): Wt 7 lb; S M; TypP/S; Spd Fctr 10; Dmg 1d6/1d6; Hit Prob. -1

TRIDENT:Many would notconsider spearfishers to beherders. But thosewho live by thecoast can attest tothe herdlikemigrations of somefish, and theshepherding handof those who huntthem. We offer asteel trident that iseight feet long and certain to strikefrom any boat. (17 gp)Trident: Wt 7 lb; S L; Typ P; Spd Fctr 8; Dmg1d6+1/3d4


BEDDINGBlanket (single)


Blanket (double)flannelwool

Comforter, linendownflannel


CoverletMattress (single)


Mattress (double)feather


Pillow, linenfeatherragstraw

Quilt, plainSheet


COOKINGBowls, porcelain


1 gp2 gp

15 sp26 sp

Inn and Tavern

I am convinced that far more important business takes place every day in the inns and taverns of Faerunthan in the castles and keeps. Here is where desperate folk on desperate quests cross paths and exchangeat least glances, and more often gold and stories. Perhaps even more than (and my ecclesiastical friends

must forgive me) temples, taverns and inns provide the gathering point for the folk of Toril, for totemples we come in unusual adoration or penitence, but in the tavern we come as ourselves.

How many deals struck over a frothy tankard have spelled salvation (or doom) for our troubled land?How many great warriors (or warlords) learned their trade in barroom brawls? With roof and fire to turn

the wintry blasts and ale and tales to warm the wintry heart, taverns and inns draw us all.So saying, I salute the proprietors of these salvific institutions, and offer them Faerun’s finest assortmentof wares for their business. All are made of the finest materials by the best artisans that Tori1 has to offer.

7 gp4 gp2 gp5 gp2 gp

15 gp4 gp8 gp

22 gp7 gp

13 gp

4 gp5 cp2 sp5 gp

5 sp8 sp

3 sp5 sp7 sp

soupBowls, wood


Canisters, birchbark10 oz12 oz16 oz

Cauldron and tripod10 gal30 gal50 gal

Chopping tableCorkscrewCrocks, stoneware

8 oz10 oz12 oz16 oz20 oz

Cutting boardDrinking horns


Forksdinner, brassdinner, silverroast

IcepickJug, woodKnives


2 sp

1 sp3 sp5 sp8 cp

7 sp9 sp

13 sp

10 gp22 gp32 gp

7 gp3 sp

2 gp3 gp

37 sp43 sp

5 sp1 gp

2 sp1 gp

4 cp8 sp1 sp4 cp4 cp

4 sp8 sp


Inn and Tavern

dinner, brassdinner, silverparingpeelingsteak






Roasting spitSpoons

dinner, brassdinner, silverladle

4 cp8 sp3 sp2 sp1 sp

8 cp9 cp8 sp

6 sp5 sp7 sp

6 sp4 sp3 sp

5 sp35 cp

1 sp

8 sp6 sp2 sp4 cp

4 cp8 sp5 sp

soup, brasssoup, silverstirring, wood



Tea potWhetstoneWine glasses


CLEANINGBuckets, 5 gal


BroomFeather duster


5 cp9 sp2 sp

1 sp5 sp2 gp

15 sp

9 cp45 cp15 sp3 sp2 sp

8 cp9 sp

3 sp4 sp7 sp6 sp5 sp1 sp3 sp8 cp

8 cp/bar2 sp

6 6

Scribes' Desk

Everyone wants to make history, but few are willing to write it. Aurora’s Catalogue therefore hails thedowntrodden and ill-used class of scribes, and provides them the equipment they need to set history topaper. We use only the finest quality paper from timber felled in the High Forest, and all of our books

are bound in Waterdeep under the strict supervision of the Scriveners, Scribes, and Clerk’s Guild.Our products receive no greater recommendation than our yearly mass order from

a representative of the Candlekeep sages.

Scrivening Specialties

BLANK BOOKS: We have aremarkable assortment of blank booksfor ledger-keeping, notetaking, or justdiaries and journals. Our most commoncover style is leather-covered suthwood,but we also offer suthwood uncovered,as well as cloth (5% off table below),felt (15% over table cost), and evensome exotic skins and furs (check onwhat is available when ordering,minimum of 500 gp over cost,depending on size and page length).We offer regular books (9 inches by 12inches), and also a special “tome” size,which is useful for displayingprominently to impress guests (15inches by 20 inches). We provide avariety of page numbers in our books:25, 50, 75, 100, 200, and 500.

book size:number of pages: Reg. Tome

25 50 gp 75 gp50 90 gp 135 gp75 125 gp 180 gp

100 175 gp 250 gp200 300 gp 450 gp500 725 gp 1000 gp


The above table of costs applies tobooks with parchment pages. For bookswith paper, the cost must be doubled.Sorry, we do not offer bound books withpapyrus pages.Example: a character wants to buy a book, madewith paper, that is regular size and 200 pages.Furthermore, he wishes it bound in felt.Therefore, the base cost, 300 gp (from the table)is first multiplied by 1.15 (for felt), resulting in345 gp, then doubled (for paper pages) for690 gp.

BLANK LOCKABLE BOOKS: Anyof our books above may optionally bepurchased with a steel-reinforced leatherstrap and lock.

Lock Quality Pricefair 65 gpgood 100 gpexcellent 200 gp

Furthermore, you may choose a steellink strap for an additional 35 gp.A good lock gives a-5 % for a Pick Locksattempt; an excellent lock gives -15 %.

Scribes' Desk

BOOK SAFE:Our 500-page booksof either size maybe purchased as abook safe, with ahollow space wherethe pages aresupposed to be, forone-fourth the costof a normal book ofthe same size andtype. As with ourreal books, thesemay be purchased

with a lock at the above-mentionedadditional costs.

CASES FORBOOKS: We nowoffer a fine portablebook case foranyone of highstature or any magewith loads of spells.These trunks standon end, are hingedvertically at theback, and fold opento reveal shelvingon both sides. Theyhave restrainingstraps across the front of each shelf, andare decorative enough to be leftstanding open to display all of yourfinest tomes. Skillfully crafted ofcherrywood and brass, with an innerlining of quilted velvet, these cases are275 gp each. Each case will hold 60 to75 normal-sized books, or 40 to 50tome-sized books.empty weight is 50 lb.; add book weight to figureencumbrance

INKS: We offer a very large choice ofink colors for that special project,whether you’re working on a simpletext, or a multi-volume, illustratedmasterpiece. When ordering, check withus on our colors; we try to keep everyknown type in stock! Individual vialssell for 8 gp each, but if you order bythe case (24 vials), we only charge175 gp.

MAP-MAKING KIT: Are you tiredof losing adventuring companions tocatastrophe because you can’t find yourway back out of a dungeon quicklyenough? Do you get tired ofbacktracking repeatedly through endlessmiles of wilderness terrain, searching forsomeplace you should have foundalready? Then this kit is for you. Withinone small, oaken map tube, sealedagainst the elements, you will find: astarter set of 10 pages of mapping


Scribes' Desk

parchment, with a grid line systemalready thoughtfully drawn in; a set offive colored charcoal markers; a pair ofscales, for measuring distances; a quillpen with three nibs; a miniature bottleof ink; a thin steel rule, to help measureand draw straight lines, which also hassome commonly used mapping stencils,such as the North arrow, stairs, andswinging doors; and finally, theHandbook of Mapping for BetterMapping Etiquette. This guide showsthe fledgling mapmaker how to readand draw accurate, quality maps, usingwidely accepted symbols andterminology. It also provides samplemaps of Waterdeep and the SwordCoast, for the beginning mapper tostudy and learn from. We offer this kitto you at the unbelievably low price of35 gp. You may also order refills ofgridded parchment (45 gp for50 sheets), and charcoal (2 gp forfive sticks of five colors each).It is left entirely up to the DM how he wishes todesign the Handbook of Mapping, if at all, anddetails the provided maps might give.

MAPCASE: This is an indispensableaid to the learned mapper, whosecollection has grown unwieldy.Constructed of sturdy maple andtrimmed in brass, this hinged case foldsopen to lay flat, providing two maincompartments for flat and folded maps,as well as a series of tubes for thosebrittle, rolled-up maps that just

have (32-nib kit, 14 different types), for70 gp.If Non-weapon proficiencies are used, a forgerypen will give a + 2 bonus to an attempted“Forgery,” added to the character’s Dexterityscore.

wouldn’t survive otherwise. When thecase is closed, there is a convenienthandle for carrying, yet it’s smallenough to go into a backpack. The casesells for 15 gp, or, for you money-conscious souls, an oak version sells for4 gp. Both cases have been sealedagainst the elements.

PENS: If you’vegot a heavy writingload, we’ve got thepens for you. Ourquill pens are cutfrom the finestgoose feathers, or, ifyou want the toolsthe seriousprofessionals use,we also importmetal nibs fromKara-Tur. We haveseveral nib sizes andstyles to choose from, for everythingfrom basic writing to calligraphy, andeven forgery pens. A case of50 quill pens is 2 gp. In metal nibs, wehave a set of five of any one size for12 gp. Or, you may want our newdeluxe package, which offers two orthree of every size and style, dependingon frequency of use, of every nib we


Scribes' Desk

SCROLLCASE: Wizards and priestsquickly tire of digging through a pile ofcrumpled scrolls at the bottom of abackpack, hurriedly trying to find theright scroll while the party’s gettingeaten. To solve that problem, we havecreated a special scrollcase, made offine-tooled leather, that organizes yourscrolls with quick ease. The entire deviceis a long strip of leather, wide enoughfor most standard size scrolls, in which aseries of pockets have been sewn,overlapping down the line. Any scrollcan be slipped into one of the pockets,with only the top edge of theparchment page showing, revealing thetitle of that scroll. With a whole seriesof scrolls in place, your entire collectionis easily indexed for quick perusal, yetquite safe in individual pockets. Thewhole case unrolls to about two feet,holding up to fifteen scrolls. Whenyou’re ready to travel, the case rolls upinto a nice, sturdy tube that clips shut,with a special pouch at the end thatseals the whole up tight, protecting yourprecious scrolls against the elements.Our unique scrollcase sells for only 5 gp.


case, oakchalk sticksinkstandinkwelllead pencilpaint brush


quillsealing waxslate pencilsignet stamp


blue,, coppergreen, copperocherpurplered, ironred, leadyellow, sulfurvermilionwhite lead


bamboopaperpapyrusparchmentrice paperscrollslatevellum

*sht = 8" x 8" sheet


1115 oz101

Amt.12 oz12 oz12 oz8 oz6 oz12 oz12 oz10 oz8 oz10 oz

Amt.1 sht*1 sht1 sht1 sht1 sht8 ft5 in sq1 sht

Cost3 gp7 cp4 sp2 sp3 sp

3 sp4 sp2 sp3 sp4 sp1 gp

Cost3 gp7 sp7 sp1 gp3 gp3 sp3 sp1 sp

1 gp3 gp

Cost1 gp2 gp8 sp1 gp1 gp5 gp5 gp1 gp


Storage Items

Among my favorite quotes from Elminster the Sage is,“The reason that humans do not graze is that we have barrels.”

Indeed, without our plethora of containers of all types, the word stockpile would have nosignificance to us. But no. We are the storers, the savers, the carriers, the keepers. We have different

containers for eggs, wine, jewelry, water, pottery, clothes, dead bodies, babies—all of which you will find in the following list.


30 gal40 gal50 gal60 gal

Baskets, Yhaunnbabybreadbusheldogegglaundrypeckpickingseedsnake

Boxesbreadjewelry, goldjewelry, silverjewelry, woodprayersnuffstrongtinder

Buckets, 5 galbronzeironleathersteelwood

Buckets, 10 galbronzeironleathersteelwood


2 gp4 gp5 gp6 gp

7 sp1 sp2 sp8 cp5 cp5 sp1 sp1 sp1 sp3 sp

5 sp25 gp10 gp3 gp1 gp3 sp

120 gp7 sp

3 sp4 sp7 sp6 sp5 sp

5 sp6 sp9 sp8 sp7 sp



Cratessmallmediumlargeextra large


Drums100 gal200 gal

Jars, stoppered ceramic2 oz4 oz6 oz8 oz10 oz12 oz14 oz16 oz20 oz24 oz32 oz (1 quart)64 oz (2 quart)128 oz (1 gallon)


5 gp7 gp4 gp4 gp8 gp8 gp4 gp

2 sp5 sp8 sp1 gp

2 gp15 gp4 gp5 gp

200 gp

10 gp15 gp

3 cp4 cp5 cp6 cp7 cp8 cp9 cp1 sp

13 cp15 cp

2 sp5 sp1 gp


Storage Items

ItemJars, stoppered glass

2 oz4 oz6 oz8 oz10 oz12 oz14 oz16 oz20 oz24 oz32 oz64 oz128 oz

Kegs5 gal


4 cp5 cp6 cp7 cp8 cp9 cp1 sp

13 cp17 cp25 cp

3 sp7 sp2 gp

1 gp

Item10 gal20 gal30 gal

Sacksflourdittyduffleknappouch, leatherpursesaddletubor


Price15 sp2 gp3 gp

2 sp3 cp7 cp4 cp5 sp5 sp5 sp7 cp

5 sp1 gp1 gp


General Hardware

What adventurer is ever sorry to have a bit of rope on hand, or a length of chain?Ropes and chains are, as the old dwarf proverb states, the sinew of civilization. And where good ropesare worth their weight in gold, good locks are worth their weight in platinum: indeed, many such locks

guard a thousand times their weight in gems and precious metals.I am pleased, therefore, to offer the finest assortment of ropes, chains, locks, and other supplies of

general hardware needed by adventurers and pedestrians of all sorts.

BLOCK ANDTACKLE: Withproperly-strungblock and tackle,one man can lift agiant from theground. All of ourblock and tacklesets include a sturdysteel pulley and100 ft of rope. Wesupply pulleys forcapacities of100-lb (3 gp),

200-lb (7 gp), 500-lb (15 gp),1000-lb (25 gp), and even a two-pulleyton (35 gp) load capacity, with theappropriate rope.

CHAIN: A fine chain of gold canwin a lady’s hand as surely as a broadchain of iron will bind that of ahobgoblin. We offer chains in all sizes,from 1/8-inch wide ornamental chains to4-inch wide anchor chains. The chainprices listed below are for iron chains.Steel costs twice as much and can beartwice the weight. Silver is 20 times thecost, and gold is 200 times moreexpensive (available only in 1/8 to 1/2inch sizes).


Chain (per 25 ft)Cost Wt (lb) Load (lb)*6 sp 6 122 gp 18 965 gp 36 970


3/4" 9 gp 98 2,3001" 17 gp 130 5,0002" 25 gp 210 12,0003" 35 gp 400 27,0004" 60 gp 700 65,000* Load does not increase with length; rope weight

should be subtracted from total load

LOCKS: In aworld filled withthieves and rovingtreasure seekers, agood lock can provemore valuable thana long sword. Ourgood quality lock

(100 gp) is fashioned of mithral, usestwo uniquely forged keys, and canwithstand even brutal prying. Ourexcellent lock (200 gp) has workings ofadamantite, uses three keys, andcontains noisemakers that preventlockpickers from hearing themechanism. All in all, these locks areworth 100 times their weight in gold,diamonds, rubies . . .Good lock provides -30 % to Open Locks roll;excellent lock provides -70 %

PAINTBRUSHES: We offer brushesfor every application: 4-inch widebrushes (4 gp) for painting clapboards,1-inch and 1-inch wide brushes(5 gp each) for sign painting, and 3/4,1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and hairline brushes(3 gp) for portraitors and painters. Alluse camel hair from exotic Calimshan.

General Hardware

ROPE: We offer many varieties ofrope, from narrow strings useful forornamentation up to massive ropes usedaboard ships. All of our ropes utilize theoptimum weave, from a triple braid inour string stock to a dual pentad braid.The widths of hemp rope up to 1 inchare shaved for easier handling.

Hemp Rope (per 50 ft)*Dia Cost Wt lb Load lb**1/16" 5 cp 1/3 101/4" 2 sp 2 501/2" 5 sp 9 2253/4" 1 gp 20 5001" 2 gp 36 9002" 7 gp 142 3,5503" 16 gp 320 8,0004" 28 gp 570 14,250* Multiply width by 10 for rope hps** Load does not increase with length; rope

weight should be subtracted from total load

At times, a smoother, lighter, orstronger rope is needed for a specifictask. In these cases, silk is the bestchoice. Silk rope is easy on the handsand resists twisting and binding. All oursilk ropes are woven by elven artisans.

Silk Rope (per 50 ft)*Dia 50 ft Wt lb Load lb**1/8" 2gp 1½ 601/4" 4 gp 3½ 1401/2" 10 gp 8 3203/4" 23 gp 18 7201 " 50 gp 30 1200* Multiply width by 15 for rope hps** Load does not increase with length; rope

weight should be subtracted from total load

STOCKS AND SHACKLES: Asunpleasant as it may be, among thechiefest use of chains is bindingprisoners (whether rightly or wrongly).We offer head and hand stocks in single(6 gp) and double (10 gp) varieties, aswell as ankle stocks in single (3 gp) anddouble (7 gp) types. When used inconjunction with our sharpened bench(8 gp), these stocks can truly bringrehabilitation.

Our shackles come in sets that includea neck ring, two arm rings, two legrings, and the wall mounts for each.(10 gp) We do not sell the so-called“maiden’s yoke,” which has spikeswithin the shackles.

TALLY STICK: For a long while,the counting capacity of many folk waslimited to the number of digits theypossessed, but no longer. With this tallystick, bakers can assure full dozens,guards can keep track of numerousprisoners, warriors can remember howmany arrows they have shot, priests cantrack on the holy treasury, wizards cancalculate the shifts in volume of theirconcoctions—the list of uses is endless.Accurate to the hundreds place. (10 gp)If used as weapon, functions as per club with -1to damage and hitprob.


Tailors' Corner

The handiwork of the weaver, the seamstress, and the tailor appears on every body throughout Toril.If it is true as they say that “A ruff makes a nobleman and a slop makes a fool,”

then we all owe our station, in part, to the cloth and clothes makers.To them I offer every item they need to ply their trade.

All of the fabrics I offer come from the fine cities of Berdusk, Daerlun, Elturel, Nexal, Scornubel,Sutail, and Yhaunn, and the furs from trappers and rangers across the Heartlands and beyond.

Fabric (sq yd)CanvasFlannel, wool


HomespunLaceLinen, DaerlunianMaztican white


Raw woolSailclothSilkTicking


VelvetWool, Daerlunian


Skins (1 hide)BearDeerFox



Cost1 sp

8 cp1 sp

12 cp

5 cp5 gp8 sp

1 gp15 sp2 gp

2 cp/lb1 sp7 gp

1 gp8 sp3 gp

9 sp14 sp

2 gp

Cost5 gp4 gp

14 gp17 gp

3 gp25 gp

2 gp22 gp24 gp

8 gp12 gp

PantherRaccoonSable, blackSharkSheepSquirrelTigerWolf

Sewing/WeavingBasketBeads (10)


Bootlaces (2)1'2'

Buttons (10)smallmediumlarge

DistaffFlax, raw (1 lb)GrommetHemp (1')Hook & eye (1 pr)Loom

2 foot4 foot8 foot

Needles (10)Needle casePattern*


15 gp2 gp

11 gp15 gp

6 gp2 gp

25 gp8 gp

Cost7 sp

8 cp8 gp4 gp6 cp5 cp

2 cp3 cp

5 cp6 cp7 cp4 gp3 cp5 cp1 cp3 cp

8 gp12 gp18 gp4 cp1 sp

5 cp6 cp


Tailors' Corner

breecheschemisecloakcoifdoubletgorgethoodhosepantaloonsafety beltshirtstockingsurcoattabardtunic

Pins (10)ThimbleThread (100')


ScissorsScissor caseScissor sheathSpinning wheelWool cardersYarn** (100')

1 sp1 sp

12 cp

6 cp1 gp1 sp5 cp8 cp1 sp8 cp1 sp3 cp1 gp1 sp

1 gp3 cp4 cp

4 cp8 cp6 cp2 sp1 sp7 cp

12 gp8 cp1 sp

* Specify size when ordering** Available in red, blue, yellow, green,

brown gray, black, and white.

FeathersEagle (10)Hawk (10)Ostrich (1)Parrot (1)Peaco*ck (1)Pheasant (5)

Dyes (8 oz) *Blue, CalimshanBlue, copperBlue, ultramarineGreen, molluskIndigoOcherPurpleRed, cochinealRed, ironRed, molluskSafflowerYellow, sulfurVermilion

Cost5 cp4 cp5 sp3 sp1 gp3 sp

Cost33 sp

9 sp1 gp9 sp3 gp

12 sp33 sp4 sp5 sp5 sp4 sp3 sp

44 sp

* Will dye fabrics to buyer’sspecifications; allow 3 to 4 days.

7 6

Clothes and Shoes

An old Vaasan expression states that the only thing that separates a man from a yeti is his sword.I would include clothes also in that distinction. Though the rich can afford tailored attire, most peasants,merchants, and artisans could well use inexpensive, durable, and attractive clothing. All our clothing is

created in Saerloon of solid Daerlunian wool and linen. Through special order (and extra payment) manydesigns are available in exotic cotton weaves from Maztica, silk from Shou Lung, velvet from Hillsfar,

and even the leather of Elturel. All clothes are available in white, black, gray, beige, brown.Most can be dyed red, blue, yellow, or green for an added 2 sp.

For added comfort, our shoes come in four different sizes: halfling, elven, human, and jumbo.(Of course, halfling-size shoes more often end up on the feet of human children than on the hairy feet

of halflings). All our shoes and boots are crafted by members of the Cobbler’s Guild in Ordulin,and each carry the guild stamp. We even offer the famous Ordulinan orc-spiker boots at only

one sp over the market-stall price.

UnderclothesBUSTLES: These

unique items havebecome extremelyfashionable amongthe ladies of theSembian nobility. Istock bustles chieflyfor the opera-goingladies of Sembia,but expect them tospread throughoutToril as morewomen wish topresent a fuller

figure to their admirers.Bustles attach around the waist and

extend the curves of the hips in acomplementary fashion beneath thedress. They enhance the allure ofcountless Sembian women, and can dothe same for you!

Our bustles are composed of thefinest woven steel wire, conforming tofeminine contours while not bendingexcept under the most extraordinarystress. We add padding to each of ourbustles to eliminate chafing. Small orlarge side bustle: 5 gp; small or largerear bustle: 9 gp.

FULLCLOTH:For those who plana visit to the GreatGlacier and forthose who simplymust have thewarmest clothingmoney can buy, weoffer our fullcloth.Far larger than amere loincloth, afullcloth warms aperson fromshoulders to ankles.Sewn from two layers of thick-wovenlinen between which lies a layer of woolculled from Moonshae sheep, ourdurable body cloths let you survive thecoldest blasts of air.

Gnome: 1 gp; halfling: 3 gp;elf: 5 gp; human: 8 gp. Available onlyin gray or beige.

HOSIERY: Never out of style.Whether adventuring in dank dungeonsor attending a fine Waterdhavian affair,a good pair of hose is indispensable.

Our comfortable collection rangesfrom durable wool and comfortablelinen (for those who require sturdyleg-wear) to silk and velvet (at double


Clothes and Shoes

the price). Gnome: 2 sp; halfling 4 sp;elf: 5 gp; human: 6 gp.

HOSESUPPORTERS:Does the slippagein your old pair ofhose distress you?Your girth hasshrunk, but yourhose remain

serviceable? We have just the thing foryou! Our hose supporters will bolsterthe sagging spirits of your hosiery. Madeof the finest Cormyrian horse leather,our hose supporters (2 gp) use bucklesand straps that allow them to adjust toany size.

The advantage of using a hosesupporter rather than the typical,over-used belt is that none need see thatone’s hose fit less than perfectly; hosesupports can be worn beneath clothing.The leather can be dyed to specificationsfor only an additional 1 sp per order.

LOINCLOTH:Our loincloth takesthe standardundergarment tonew levels! Whilethe old loinclothwas simply a strip ofcloth designed toconceal, this new version upgirds aswell. Whether you are anoiled-muscled, sword-swingingbarbarian who wears nothing else, or afine young nobleman who desires morecomfort, our loincloths are perfect.

We stock loincloths in wool, linen,and a weave of absorbent Mazticancotton, as well as silk, velvet, andleather (all for double the cost).

Gnome: 3 sp; halfling: 4 sp; elf: 5 sp;human; 6 sp. Please designate ecto-,meso-, or endomorphic when ordering.

L OUNGINGROBES: Thesewarm robes areideal for wearingafter arriving homefrom a hard day atmarket. Thesecomfortable housecloaks also providean added layer ofwarmth whentraveling. We offeronly two sizes ofthis robe—demihuman and human—but offermany colors. Demihuman size costs5 gp and human size costs 8 gp.

NIGHTSHIRTS:Made from thefinest flannel Torilhas to offer, theselong shirts ensure anight’s sleep. Theytell all late visitorsthat you areunavailable for a long period of time.Favored by innkeeps the world over,they provide extra comfort on coldwinter nights. Demihuman 4 gp;human: 6 gp.


Clothes and Shoes

MONEY BELT: Everyone wanderingthe streets of Faerun’s major cities has agood money belt—or little money. Thecloseable compartments in our moneybelt are large enough to carry up to 40of your favorite coins, whetherCormyrean golden lions or Shou Lungcopper. Easily concealable beneath shirtor pants, this accessory is a must for allcity dwellers. (4 gp)

STOCKINGS:To ensure clean feetand pleasant-smelling footwear,we offer cotton,woolen, or flannelstockings. Theycome short or long,

as the buyer desires. Our stockings havewarmed the toes of elf and dwarf alike.In fact, one loyal customer oncereported finding a slain pack of orcs—all of which were wearing Aurora-ordered stockings. (They weren’twearing any after he left.) Demihuman:1 gp/pair; human: 2 gp/pair.

OverclothesBREECHES: The unsung hero of

overclothes, breeches daily upgird ourcivilization, raising us above the level oforcs and trolls. All of our breeches aredouble stitched for added strength inthe seams and made of durablematerial. In any size, our breechesfeature a draw-string waist for complete


adjustability and abuttoned ventralgap for the men.Our elf-sizebreeches run asfollows:sack cloth (5 sp),linen (1 gp),woolen (2 gp),velvet (4 gp),silk (8 gp). Cost forhalfling and gnomesizes is halved, costfor human sizes ishalf again more the listed price. Largersizes available by special order. Pleaserequest color when ordering: white,brown, beige, gray, or black. (Dyeing isavailable.)

belt to hold up the waistband. Theycome only in velvet or silk, the latterdoubling the cost. For velvet cannons,the prices run as follows: gnome (5 gp),halfling (6 gp), elf (8 gp),human (10 gp). Please specify ecto-,meso-, or endomorphic and color whenordering: white, brown, beige, gray, orblack (dyeing is available).

CANNONS:Among the mostfashionable types ofmodern breeches,our cannons fittightly to legs fromthe waist to theankles, providingfull flexibility,warmth, andcomfort. Ourcannons are lacedtogether in frontand contain a slim

Clothes and Shoes

CHEMISE:“Beneath robes ofkings and yokes ofslaves there lies achemise.” Standardapparel from therich down to thepoor, the chemise

holds universal sway throughout theHeartlands. All our chemises areattractive and durable enough to beworn as an overgarment, as thepeasantry prefers, and comfortableenough to serve as a nobleman’sundergarment. Prices for an elf-sizechemise vary according to material:sackcloth (8 sp); linen (2 gp);Maztican cotton (3 gp); silk (6 gp).Comes only in white, beige, or gray.

CODPIECE: Essential for allwell-dressed men, our codpieces attacheasily to all breeches, whether buttonedor laced in front. We offer both flat(1 sp) and bag (1 gp) types in linen,with gold embroidered ornamentationoptional (add 1 gp). Velvet or silkcodpieces cost double. Gemencrustation on special order only.Available in blue, red, black, white,and brown.

COTE: Mate of the commonchemise, the cote raises one’s apparelfrom the level of necessity to that ofstyle. We offer linen sleeved andsleeveless cotes in white, tan, brown,and black (gnome: 3 gp; halfling: 4 sp;elf: 6 gp; human: 7 gp). Dyeing isavailable, but at double the price.Decorative gold embroidery can beadded for 4 sp more.


DOUBLET: Along the northernshores of the Sea of Fallen Stars,doublets have grown to tremendouspopularity. All our doublets are frontedby a row of buttons and containcomfortable joints for shoulders andelbows. The stock material for ourdoublets is linen, and is available ingnome (3 sp), halfling (4 sp), elf (6 sp),and human (1 gp) sizes. For velvet orsilk, the cost is doubled, and forbrocade it is tripled. We offer doubletsin the common colors—white, beige,gray, brown, and black—for no

Clothes and Shoes

additional cost and in red, blue, orgreen for the dyeing charge (2 sp).

DRESS: Dresses and gowns arealmost universally praised by admiringmen for “complementing the fairerfigures” and providing women “ahealthy circulation of air.” In turn, theyare almost universally cursed by womenfor “making us immobile” and “lettingour knees freeze off.” Though mostadventuring women have donned garbsuitable for such actions, dresses andgowns still remain popular amonghomebound folk.

We offer a common laborwoman’sdress made of durable and comfortablelinen and available in gnome (7 cp),halfling (8 cp), elf (1 sp), andhuman (2 sp) sizes. The centraldrawstring makes the dress fit all girths.White, beige, gray, brown, and blackcost nothing extra, and any dyeing costs2 sp.

Our gown is a simple dress of silk thatcan be later adorned by lace and ruffles.The dress comes in gnome (5 gp),halfling (7 gp), elf (10 gp), andhuman (15 gp) sizes in red, blue, green,black, brown, and white. Please specifyecto-, meso-, or endomorphic.

GIRDLE: Girdles are not only aperfect ornament for the hips but also auseful article of clothing. All our girdlesare 2 inches wide, made of finest silk,and embroidered with curvilinearpatterns by Calish*te craftsmen. Thegirdles themselves come in blue, green,red, and yellow, each with gold threadembroidery upon them. The pattern canbe geometric, floral, or curvilinear. Allgirdles are 6 gp.


BELTS: We offer a magnificentvariety of belts, from the hefty leatherweapon belts (with an optional baldric,for those quivers and short swords thatwe all prefer to keep handy, 7 sp), downto finely crafted gold-braid waist beltsfor those of elegant dress (25 gp). Ourmost common style of belt is either thecanvas belt (2 sp), or leather (3 sp). Ineither of these styles we offer a specialoption; secret pouches between layers,where special documents or high endcoinage can be safely and secretlystored. Access is from the inside surfaceof the belt, 2 sp above base cost. Widenyour leather belt, and you now haveenough room in your secret pouch for a


Clothes and Shoes

very thin blade.Aurora’s also offers money belts, for

merchants who dislike walking aboutwith large sums of cash visible. Weprovide special sound-dampening fabricas an inner lining on these to dampenthe jingle of your coin from beingdiscerned by prying ears. We also offersome other unusual belts, such as thetool belt, with many built-in pouchesand tool loops for the handyman (5 gp),and harvesting belts (3 sp), with hooksfor attaching vegetable sacks. Pleasespecify waist size when ordering;anything in silk is triple normal cost.

CAPES: Nooutfit is completewithout a stylishcape. We sell capesof several differentmaterials, includingwool, fur (someexotic animal furs

can be acquired through special order)and even a very handsome black silkcape, lined with red velvet.Half-capes, 4 sp, Full-, 7 sp. Capesavailable in white, brown, black, andgray for wool, and above plus red,orange, yellow, green, blue, and violetfor silk. For all sizes, fur is double andsilk triple normal cost.

CAPS ANDHATS: There areprobably as manydifferent styles ofcaps and hats asthere are people inToril. We alwayskeep a choicesupply on hand. We have berets,stocking caps, skull caps, fur-linedhunting hats (with ear flaps, if desired),turbans, hoods, and coifs. A variety ofmaterials are used for our hats and caps,including linen, wool, leather, and fur(doubles cost). Silk and felt may bespecified in special order, and at triplecost. Most hats and caps: 1 sp; turbansand berets: 3 sp; fur lining adds 1 silverpiece. Colors are available as per capes.

CLOAKS: Westrive to keep asuperior assortmentof cloaks on handfor the mostdemandingcustomer. We stockcloaks made of mostcommon materials,as well as importedfabrics. Our stylishdress cloaks are verywell made, with avariety of elegantclasps and brooches, and are suitable formost formal occasions (8-15 sp). We alsohave some cold weather full cloaks(2 gp), which are made of several layersof wool for added insulation, and whichserve well as a blanket, too. Fur cloaksmade of bear, wolf, raccoon, and othercommon animals are usually available(50 gp), and other types can often beacquired through special order (costs


vary, starting at 150 gp). We offerseveral styles, with or without hoods,and even some specially designed cloakswith inner pouches and pockets to keepvaluables inconspicuous. Anythingcustom designed like this doubles thecost. The colors available for cloaks arewhite, brown, black, grey, and forestgreen for all fabrics but silk, whichcomes in red, orange, yellow, blue, andviolet for silk.

GLOVES ANDMITTENS:Everyone hates tohave cold hands,and with that inmind, we offer afabulous selectionof gloves andmittens. For thepurchaser ofdistinction, we offerfine linen gloves(5 gp), or even silk(15 gp) for specialoccasions. We alsohave working

gloves, made of canvas or leather andsuitable for tasks from gardening tosmithing (1 gp), and gauntlets (2 gp)for weapon masters. For an individualplanning a cold weather adventure, westock sturdy leather gloves that arefur-lined (4 gp), or, for when it’s reallycold, mittens are also available (3 gp).We also carry a wide variety of archerygloves (4-6 gp). In addition, we can get,through special order and on a verylimited basis from Evermeet, awell-crafted set of gloves that offersprotection and warmth of thick mittenswithout the bulkiness (75 gp).

Clothes and Shoes

any normal gloves, -15 % for thieving skills withhands. For heavy fur-lined, -25%, and -75%for mittens. Special Evermeet gloves are only-5% for thieving skills, but are just as warm asfur-lined gloves.


HOODS: For those of you who don’twant the full cape, cloak, or jacket,hoods are available as a separate item.Wool or linen, 2 sp; fur, 1 gp. Mostcolors available, as per the listing undercloaks.

JERKINS: Everyone, sooner or later,needs a good jerkin, at least that’s whatmy mother across Faerun constantlyharps. With that in mind, we are proudto offer what we believe is the finestselection of jerkins on Toril. Our basiclinen jerkin comes in a variety of colors(we use the best dyes to come out ofBaldur’s Gate, to insure colorfastness),and runs 8 sp. For greater warmth try ajerkin constructed from quilted wool for

Clothes and Shoes

1 gp. For the truly noble, silk isavailable, at 80 gp. Rugged folk mayprefer a leather jerkin—10 gp each. Wealso offer a lightweight jerkin made ofMaztican cotton (30 gp).

Options are available on all jerkins,including a specific style of collar, hood,pockets (inside and/or out), and ruffles(sleeves, hemline, and/or collar). Three spfor each extra (15 gp on silk items).When ordering in linen, wool, cotton,and silk, please specify white, red,orange, yellow, green, blue, violet,brown, or black. Leather comes in onlybrown or black. Added embroidery costs15 gp extra for materials and labor.

PURSES:All of our purses aredurable and roomy.Linen purses can bepurchased for 3 sp,and leather ones foronly 2 gp. Hiddenpouches (5 gp) are

optional, as is a wire mesh inner layer(7 gp) to deter thieves. As a bonus, wewill embroider (linen) or tool (leather)one initial on your new purse at no extracharge. Additional letters, 1 sp each.The next time a cutpurse cuts yourpurse, think about one of our purses.any purse with wire mesh layer prevents successfulpurse cutting by thieves, although a hand can stillget inside one.

ROBES:Robes are theperfect way tocuddle up in frontof the fire on ablustery day, or toplan and create anew spell or potion.We offer robes foreveryone. A basiclinen or wool robecosts only 9 sp, withyour choice ofcolors. For thatclassy mage who’s headed toward theroyal court, we also offer a silk varietyfor 95 sp, same color options. A furlining may be added for 75 gp to any ofthe above styles. Even the Red Wizardsof Thay buy robes here!


SASHES: The sash can add a flash ofstyle to any outfit, whether the sash bewool (1 sp), linen (2 sp), or silk (10 gp).Your choices in color are white, red,orange, yellow, green, blue, violet,brown, and black.

SCARVES ANDMUFFLERS: Usedto add color to anoutfit, or just tokeep extra warm,our scarves andmufflers all come atnominal cost.Scarves are availablein the solid colorslisted under Sashes(1 sp), or in avariety of printdesigns (10 gp) if

you buy silk. All of our mufflers arevery warm and are available in wool(1 sp) and linen (2 sp). Normal coloroptions.

SURCOATS: When nothing short ora heavy duty cote will do, Aurora’sselection of surcoats is the place to shop.A regular linen surcoat can be had for6 sp, or quilted for extra warmth for2 gp. If you plan to travel to arcticlands, our specially crafted peltcote is amust. Made of not one, but two layersof quilted wool, this surcoat is durableand warm. It is fur-lined, hooded, andreaches to below the knees. We’re theonly ones to offer ours with a special

reduces Dexterity by 4.

Clothes and Shoes

belt for tools and lined pockets withhasps. All of this for only 20 gp.peltcote actually offers a + 1 to AC, but effectively

SUSPENDERS:For those of youwho have nodiscerniblewaistline, we offerthese gnomishstraps designed tohold breeches high.Canvas for 3 sp; leather for 5 sp. Wealso have many of the same featureswith these that are offered for our belts.Inquire upon ordering.

TABARDS: Wehere at Aurora’scater to the noblewho has a passel ofknights in shiningarmor, but no wayto dress them up.We gladly offer ourtabards to makeyour men-at-armslook theirfinest. Throughspecial order only,we will produce anynumber of tabards with your royal crest,the insignia of the city, or any otherspecial symbol you might have in mind.Our rates are competitive, and ourservice is fast and reliable.

Quantity:up to 2020 to 5050 to 200200 or more

Cost per tabard:6 sp5 sp4 sp3 sp

8 5

Clothes and Shoes

As always, we use the finest dyes fromBaldur’s Gate to insure colorfastness,and linen imported from Daerlun. Youare guaranteed the standard colors(white, red, orange, yellow, green,blue, violet, brown, and black), and,because these are ordered in quantity,we will blend colors for you, as well.Our many satisfied customers includeWaterdeep,Elturel, and Selgaunt.

TOGAS:We nowmanufacture togasas part of ourpremiere line ofouterwear, straightout of the empiresof Mulhorand,Unther, andChessenta. You canpurchase these ineither wool (8 cp),or linen (3 sp). Wecan also offer to

you, at a nominal charge, custom-madetogas that contain concealed pockets inwhich to hide a dagger or stiletto. Thesetogas are becoming extremely popularin the Heartlands.


If you’ve just madea new addition toyour family, you’lldefinitely want toshop here for shoes.We have a variety ofstyles. In fact, we

stock miniature versions of most of ouradult shoes. What could be cuter thanWarrior Jr., sporting a pair of tot-sizedhigh hard boots, just like dad’s? Allbaby shoes cost half that of adult sizes.

DANCINGSHOES: We havethe latest in silkslippers forattending a ball ormasquerade. Thesecome in a variety ofcolors and stylesfrom which tochoose, and we nowoffer these inpastels. 15 sp/pair.For minstrels of alltypes, we offer adancing shoe guaranteed to improvebalance and put spring in one’s step.These were designed and developed bya famous bard and longtime friend ofmine. We’ll even let you try them for amonth before you deciding to buy.35 gp/pair.minstrel shoes add +3 to a Bard’s Dexterity, butonly when dancing; if customer takes trial offerbut doesn’t pay in time, the shoes magicallyreturn to the warehouse


Clothes and Shoes

DWARFBOOTS: Crafted bythe mining dwarveswho wear them,these boots areextremely rugged.They have a steel-reinforced toe and

heel, as well as steel plating in the shinguard. They go to mid-shin. You canpurchase these in human and dwarvensizes. At only 45 gp a pair, these bootsare a “steel!”using these boots in unarmed combat, a kick willdo 1d2 damage. However, the greater weight ofthese force a character to subtract 2 from anymovement speed greater than walking (i.e., basemove is 12, jog is 22, not 24).

ELF SHOES:The world is filledwith elvenadventurers writinghome for a new pairof boots eachseason. Write nolonger. Aurora’snow stocks your favorite footwear. Thesego for 45 gp a pair, and are certain tomake you quiet. Unfortunately, elvesare the only ones who can get theirslender feet into these. I’ve spoken tothe craftsmen about “other” sizes, butthey claim that half of the benefit of theshoe comes from the elf foot insidethem. Sorry, folks, but at least the orcswon’t be wearing them either.when an elf wears these shoes, he/she gains a +1bonus on surprise rolls, and a +10% on movesilently; no other creatures can gain these bonusesthough, regardless of the method used to alterthem to fit

HIGH BOOTS:One of ourstandard,top-of-the-line boottypes, these highboots come in twomain styles: hardand soft. Either stylecomes to just abovethe knee, with afold-down flaringcuff. The hard bootsare constructed oftoughened boiledleather, and sell for 3 gp, while the softones are made of leather-reinforced kid,and go for 1 gp. You can also purchasehigh boots made of sheepskin or otheranimal pelt, such as the barbariansusually wear, for 4 gp. Any one of theseboot types can have a dagger sheath sewninto them for 1 gp each.

HIP BOOTS:Originally designedand worn byfishermen in theshallow reaches ofthe Moonsea, these“pants” areconstructed ofleather and sealed inpitch to make themwatertight. Alsoknown as waders,they are quite usefulin shallow-wateractivities for folk who prefer not to getwet. We sell them for 15 gp, and theycome in brown or black. Retarring of oldwaders costs a mere 3 sp and requires twodays for service.


Clothes and Shoes

LOW BOOTS:Similar in style andconstruction to thehigh boots, thesecome up only tomid-shin, so there’snot quite as muchweight to lug

around. Hard low boots sell for 2 gp,while soft ones are 15 sp a pair. Again,animal skin low boots are available at3 gp/pair, and also the same option ofdagger sheaths at 1 gp each.

MOCCASINS:These shoes haverecently beenimported fromMaztica. They aresimilar in style tothe low, soft boot,but they have softsoles, and are laced for added fit. Noweapon sheaths can be sewn into these,as the fit is too snug, but they are veryquiet. We sell them for 2 gp a pair.a character wearing moccasins gains +5 % to movesilently, but these cannot be worn bynon-Maztican natives for more than one day, dueto lack of arch support. For each day of use, acharacter must go 1 day with regular shoes, to resthis feet.

ORC-SPIKERBOOTS:These interestingboots have beenasked for lately, andnow, here they are.You get your basichigh or low hard

boot, but with a socket at the toe, forattachments. These cost 5 gp a pair,whether you opt for high or low, andwe’ll throw in a pair of basic piercingstiletto attachments, free. All other

house outside ofCalimshan to offerCalish*te sandals.Ours are made of

fine grain leather, with full brassbuckles, and sell for only 2 gp a pair.They shield the feet from hot sandwhile allowing breezes to cool them.Available to you in brown, black and


short sword againstyour calf, and onedagger or stiletto sheath inside eachcuff. A pair of these boots are 7 gp, butwell worth the extra investment.

We are proud toonce again be theonly merchant



attachments cost 3 gp/pair, and includemost of the same blades one can find onpole arms.Damage done by these weapons is 1 less than forthe normal weapon type damage, but always atleast 1 point.

RIDINGBOOTS:The truehorseman’s boot,these come inbrown or black, andare constructedfrom stiffenedleather. Standardaccessories include abreak away strapsystem for that

Clothes and Shoes

SLIPPERS: Ourslippers are alwayswarm andcomfortable, andperfect for thosecold nights in frontof the hearth.They’re

lightweight, so you can take themanywhere, yet they are durable enoughto last. Made of quilted linen (15 sp),quilted silk (35 gp)or wool (10 sp), wehave them in navy, maroon, brown, andblack.

SNOWSHOES:For all you arcticadventurers andexplorers out there,make yourwilderness survivalkit complete withsome of our

snowshoes. We construct them from

quality duskwood, to maintain its shapeand minimize cracking, with laces madeof fine-grain leather, for durability andextra support. We sell these for 20 gp apair.improves movement rate across snow to 2/3 normal

TABI: Importedfrom Kara-Tur,these special shoesare like a two-toedsock. Think of themas fine, soft, cozy“mittens for feet.”Worn by eastern

assassins, these shoes are quiet. We sellthem only in black, but you may getwool (45 gp) or silk (100 gp). These arelimited in supply, so order early.These shoes improve silence (+10%) to all Roguecharacters who wear them, but are readilynoticeable as the shoe of sneaky people, who oftendistrust the wearer


Boom's Garden

In all my travels I have seen many miraculous things: penitent dragons, lusty paladins,a pair of dwarf and elf drinking buddies—even the world-shattering war of the Avatars.

None of it, however, has amazed and stupefied me as much as the appearance of armoredundergarments: scale-mail loincloths, chain-mail brassieres, plate-mail bustiers—I once even saw a

berserker rush into battle wearing nothing more than a narrow strip of gold about his waist.(He was dispatched by the first blow.) The advent and popularity of these flashy pieces of (non)armor

have set my mind to wonder: why do people wear such armor? what sort of protection does it afford? dothe protected members contain regenerative qualities that will aid the rest of the body after it has beenhacked to bits? what odd sports do these folk engage in that armored undergarments would aid them?Plagued for months by such questions, I at last found the answer to my question, as well as finding the

maker and seller of such finery—Boom’s Garden of Waterdeep. This unique shop is set up in thesmoke-blackened brick warehouse of a failed gnome inventor, and I daresay the shop packs more

explosive power now than ever. The proprietor is a woman who goes by the name Kar and can wieldsmithing tools better than any five men put together. In the scant 15 minutes I spent wandering aboutthe shop, I discovered items that still amaze me. Many of them I cannot offer in this catalogue of mine,

but you will find a few of the choice (and tame) selections in the following pages.All must be special ordered with complete measurements to insure a perfect fit.

Small and medium sizes cost the prices shown; large and extra large are half again more.

BROADBELT: These metal-studdedleather belts are the geographic andstylistic center of fashion armor:Broadbelts can support a bustier, carryweaponry, suspend a loin guard, andimpress the enemy all at once. Oursteel-spiked broadbelt is replete withsmall holes for mounting theaforementioned articles of armor orweaponry. The massive buckle can betightened to compress one’s viscerawhen lifting heavy objects. Available inblack or brown. For both male andfemale. (6 gp)Wt 12 lb; if used as weight belt, may preventcritical failure (DM’s discretion) for Str check;alone provides no AC adjustment; when used withbustier and loin guard provides -1 to AC

BUSTENHALT: For those who don’twish to wear a cumbersome broadbelt, abustenhalt provides impressive armorwithout limiting movement. We stockleather (2 gp), studded leather (5 gp),bear fur (10 gp), chain mail (15 gp),and scale mail (17 gp), bronze plate(25 gp), iron (33 gp), steel plate(40 gp), silver plate (65 gp), and goldplate (85 gp). Plate mail varieties areavailable in spiral patterns, concentricrings, and floral significant AC modification; all weigh between7 and 12 gp

BUSTIER: The bustier is theshowpiece of fashion armor, securedupon the broadbelt and rising intocomplementary spiral or floral patterns.We offer this plate mail breastplate inmany metals: bronze (30 gp);


Boom's Garden

iron (40 gp); steel (50 gp); silver(75 gp); and gold (95 gp). All sizes arelined with linen padding for comfort.Unique patterns can be special orderedand paid on an individual AC modification unless with broadbelt andloin guard (-1); all weigh between 10 and 15 lbs

CHEMISE: Thislow-slitted chemiseshows off shouldersand sternums quitenicely. A favorite ofmuscleboundwarriors who want abit more protectiont h a n t h e i rabdominal musclescan provide, thesechemises look sharpon shaved and oiledskin. We offer

tight-fitting and supple leather (7 gp),chain mail for 45 gp, and lace mail (anairy chainmail that shows off the skinbeneath) for 60 gp.chain mail provides -1 bonus to AC; other typeshave no effect; leather weighs 8 lb; chain and lacemail weigh 20 lb

(10 gp)

COLLARS: In my opinion, thisparticular article of armor should berestricted to dogs, but many men (andwomen) now customarily don theirspiked collars each morning. Our blackleather collar contains eight spikes andan adjustable buckle to fit any neck.

9 1

provides no AC adjustment

CORSET:Though I cannotimagine do ingbat t le in th isconstrictive andtorturous device,many femalewarriors swear thatthe attractivenessproduced by anarmored corsetoften lets themavert combataltogether.Available in leather for 5 gp (6 lb),chain mail for 25 gp (14 lb), and scalemail 45 gp (14 lb), all of the armoredcorsets we carry include steel stays forthe perfect waistline. One size fits all.Be sure to have a fainting couch onhand when suiting up. Notrecommended for very heavy folks.-1 react. adj.; -3 hit prob. and +3 to attacker’sh*t prob.; those over 140 lb need Con roll to resistfainting when applied; those over 170 lb need ½Con roll; over 200 lb cannot wear; +1 to Chawhen dealing with those below 9 Int and -1 toCha when dealing with those above 13 Int

Boom's Garden

LEGGINGS:Among the mostdazzling weapons ofthe well-dressedwarrior, legs shouldbe accentuated asmuch as any otherbody part. As wellas offering the fullleggings of chainmail for 35 gp(20 lb), we offerpartial leggings thatclutch the thigh

and calf in alluring curvilinear patternsfor 33 gp (12 lb). These plate mailleggings must be fitted exactly, so makecertain your measurements are accurate.full chain mail leggings provide -2 to AC; halfleggings provide no AC adjustment

LOIN CLOTH:Once only autilitarian item ofclothing, loin clothshave become of latestatements of awarrior’s style. Weoffer loincloths in

many varieties of material andaccompaniments: stiff leather (2 gp),supple leather (5 gp), wolf fur (9 gp),bear fur (12 gp), chain mail (20 gp),scale mail (23 gp), and plate mail(35 gp). For those who desire moreprotection, we also offer leather withiron studs protruding from the exterior.Our chain cloth is guaranteed not topinch or pull, but worried customersmay opt for the cotton inner lining.stiff leather and plate mail versions slowmovement by half and provide -1 to hit prob.;none provide AC adjustment

LOIN GUARD:A common anduseful piece offashion armor, ourloin guards hangsecurely from ourbroad belt and canturn even the mostignominious of blows. We offer plain,patterned, and gem-setting loin guards.Patterns available are triangles, circles,stippling and lightning strikes. Gemsetting loin guards can hold up to100 gems (laid by a jeweler afterpurchase). All types cost the sameamount in bronze (5 gp), iron (3 gp),steel (6 gp), silver (30 gp) and gold(60 gp).Wt 10 lb; no AC adjustment unless withbroadbelt and bustier (-1)

would prefer broader shoulders, and ourshoulder plates can provide just that.Constructed of overlaid semicircles ofbronze (3 gp/pr), steel (5 gp/pr), silver(20 gp, pr), or gold (40 gp/pr), theseshoulder plates will turn fierce blowswithout hiding the alluring lines ofshoulder and collar bones. Some orcshave seen these and turned to run.Wt 5 lb; no AC adjustment



Boom's Garden

leaving the front

SKIRTS:Warriors who wantto show off theirlegs without fear ofbeing hamstrungmay now adventurein stylish safety.Our skirts wrap wellaround thevulnerable tendonsand muscles of therear leg while

open for bare legsor stylish leggings. Our leather skirt for10 gp (5 lb) is light and affordable,whereas our chain mail skirt for 40 gp(35 lb) provides greater protection. Bothattach easily to a broadbelt, or hang ontheir own belt.leather: -1 bonus to AC; chain mail: -2 bonusto AC

SPIKEDFOOTINGS:Surely it was a manwho developedtheseankle-twisting,nightmare shoes. Ican little believe

Wt 1 lb; S S; Typ P; Spd Fctr 7; Dmg 1d3/1d3;-2 Hit Prob. unless wielded by hand or victim iswalked over; provide no AC adjustment

that one could walk in these footingsacross a perfectly smooth floor, let alonein some slanted dragon’s lair. Even so, Ihave received enough ardent requeststhat I am compelled to stock these. Bylifting the heel at an impossible anglefrom the ground, a stiletto blade hasbeen imbedded vertically in the sole ofthese shoes. Another blade protrudesfrom the impossibly narrow toe. Weoffer shoes in red, brown, or black, withsteel or bone blades. (10 gp)

SWIMWEAR,DROW: Throughdark connectionsBoom’s Garden hasacquired themuch-talked-aboutdrow spiderwebswimwear. Thesefashionable graysuits fit tightly and,due to their specialfabric, slidesmoothly throughwater. However,swimmers needn’t fear that the suitswill become transparent when wet, forthe location of the weblines preventssuch embarrassment. (15 gp)no AC adjustment; doubles distance PC can swim(if nothing else is worn)

TAILER: Thetailer performs forthe back what theloin guard does forthe front. With atailer secured toone’s broadbelt, anadventurer needn’t

fear attacks from behind—at least fromhalflings and kobolds. Our tailers arerigid plate mail but comfortable all thesame; in fact, with a long tailer and loinguard and a suitable broadbelt, onecould sit down without a chair.Wt 5 lb; provides-1 AC bonus for rear attacksby S size creatures



Let us not be mistaken: wealth and power are not the only motivations for battling dragons or turning topiracy upon the high seas. The desire for more and finer jewelry has made adventurers of many of us.

Though I, for one, tire quickly of wearing other people’s cast-off bangles and beads, I never grow wearyof wearing stuff that once lay beneath a dragon’s foot or in a pirate’s chest. Even so, such valuables canexact a high price on their pursuers (death), and are particularly troublesome in the company of somefolk (thieves). Therefore, for the discerning customer, I have scoured the four corners of the Realms for

the best in costume jewelry. From Kara-Tur to Anauroch, from Durpar to the Moonshaes,here are treasures fit for the royalty in your life.


AMBER, POLISHED: I am proud tooffer the finest amber from the wilds ofthe Realms, in several types ofadornment. Choose from necklaces (insingle or double strands), earrings (incabochon or faceted cuts), and haircombs (single or in pairs). Buy any threeitems and enjoy a 20% discount! Singlestrand necklace: 45 gp. Double strandnecklace: 90 gp. Earrings (specifycabochon or faceted): 50 gp/pair.Hair combs: 25 gp (single) and 45 gp(pair).

Serpent of Norland(westernmost of theMoonshaes), eyes

ARM BANDS:Adjustable to fitany arm, thesedepict the fabled

blazing withgarnets. Sold only in pairs. Specialdwarven craftsmanship gives these armbands a spring-like quality, whichmeans unusual comfort for the wearer.Arm bands: 35 gp/pair.


BANGLES &BEADS, GLASS:An assortment ofglass “pretties” fora plethora of uses!The most unusualuse I have seen wasin Aum, wherethese were placed inthe bottom of aclear glass vase inwhich flowers wereplaced. They notonly weighted thevase, they held the blooms in place aswell! A bag of beads contains at leastten varieties, of differing sizes. Bothnative and imported. Glass beads: 25 spper bag.

BEADS,STONE: Carved inthe Shou Lungempire, these jadebeads are said toimpart good luckand prosperity tothe bearer. We have

incorporated them into a necklace and abelt, your choice. Black satin cordingcompletes the exotic look of each piece.Carved stone bead necklace or belt(specify): 40 gp apiece.


These are indeed lucky beads; the symbol carvedinto them imparts the effects of a permanentprotection from evil 10’ radius spell to the bearer.

BRACELETS:No ensemble iscomplete withoutthe flash of metal atthe wrist. I ampleased to offer aselection ofbracelets and cuffs,

in gold or silver, adorned with varioussemi-precious stones. Specify bracelet(finger-width) or cuff (three-fingerswidth), gold or silver, and choose twostones (we will endeavor to provide yourfirst choice, to the best of our ability):onyx, hematite, rose quartz, ormoonstone. No two are exactly alike;each is designed by a master jeweler inSundabar.Gold bracelet: 25 gp.Gold cuff: 35 gp.Silver bracelet: 10 gp.Silver cuff: 20 gp.

BROOCHES: Bethe envy of yourfriends with thesecustom-designedsilver or goldbrooches, based onjewelry worn by theSimbul ofa*glarond! Each is set with selectedsemi-precious and precious stones(aquamarine, amethyst, topaz, oremerald) from the finest dwarven minesin the Realms. Choose two stones andone metal; we will do our best toprovide your first choice.Silver brooch: 25 gp.Gold brooch: 45 gp.

GORGETS: Originally used asprotection for the vulnerable neck area,my gorgets have been redesigned asadornment for the ivory throat of yourfavorite lady. They are filigree of thefinest gold, set with pearls fromKozakuran waters. The silk fasteningband is of an ecru jacquard weave, sewnby delicate maids in Sembia. One sizeadjusts to fit all.Gorget: 50 gp.

EARRINGS:Golden doves holdruby eggs in theirdelicate claws, andbrush the shouldersof the wearer. Thesedrop-style earringsfrom Anauroch

once bejeweled the wives of the sheiks,and are now available to my customersthrough an exclusive agreement.Dove earrings: 35 gp.

HEADBANDS: I am pleased to offertwo styles of headbands: one suitablefor men, the other for women. Themen’s style is engraved with zoomorphicdesigns popular in the Moonshaes, suchas birds and deer. The women’s style is



buffed to a beautiful matte finish, andset with a single cabochon aquamarine.Fine chains depend from the sides ofthis headband, to frame the face withglittering strands.Men’s headband: 25 gp.Women’s headband: 40 gp.

hammered silver disk, pierced aroundthe edges and decorated with tiny bellsthat tinkle with every movement.Enameled blossoms strung with smallamber cylinders are Calimshan’s entryinto this offering. Specify Dragon, Disk,or Blossoms when ordering.Pendant: 45 gp.

LOCKETS:Delicately carvedfrom bone orsemiprecious stones,my lockets will holdtiny treasures dearto your heart: locks

TORCS: Basedon designs from theMoonshae Isles,these heavy silvertorcs are decoratedwith ram’s heads,into which are setemerald eyes. One

of hair, miniatureportraits, baby teeth, or whatever youwish. I provide a satin cord at no extracharge. Specify bone, rose quartz, jade,or turquoise.Locket: 25 gp.

size adjusts to fit anyone, male orfemale.Torc: 50 gp.

PENDANTS:I am pleased tooffer three styles ofpendants, each withits own peculiarattraction. FromShou Lung comes acarnelian dragon’s

head, depending from a black braidedsilk cord. Anauroch brings us a

FILLET:Decorate aluxurious head ofhair with thisexclusive fillet fromDurpar. Fine silverchains studded withamethysts and

sapphires set off any hair color. A velvetband holds the fillet in place.Fillet: 60 gp.

RING: Astrikingly engravedsilver bandgracefully adornsthe finger of a lovedone. Delicateflowers cover theouter surface, andthe inner surface is engraved with thephrase of your choice (25 lettersincluding spaces; please write legiblywhen ordering; not responsible forerrors due to illegibility).Engraved ring: 35 gp.


Household Accoutrements

Adventuring through a dungeon and living in one are two very different propositions.Though rugged warrior types may wonder at the usefulness of the following items, such folk have thereputation of keeping homes that look like bears’ dens. I will not begrudge their desire to skip these

pages. But for those whose lives hold room for elegance and beauty, my catalogue provides delights youwill find in no dragon’s lair. All of our household accoutrements are constructed of

finest materials by the greatest craftsmen of Toril.


BOXES: For mementos, love letters,jewelry, potpourri—whatever youdesire—we offer three styles of boxes.All are imported: carved sandalwoodfrom Calimshan (with bone inlay in thestyle of ivory), quilted silk lined withsatin from Shou Lung, and lacquer fromWa in either ox-blood or black withgold detailing. Styles vary; let us choosefor you. Specify Sandalwood (5 gp),Silk (5 gp), or Lacquer (8 gp).

CANDLES:For all your homelighting needs, weoffer the finestbeeswax or tallowcandles in severalshapes: tapers,votives, andknobbed(graduated forhours or days).Colors availableinclude: white,yellow, red, blue,

green. Specify shape, color, andmaterial (and “hourly” or “daily,” ifordering knobbed style) when ordering.


Sold by the dozen; no mixing colors,please.Beeswax candles, per dozen: 2 sp.Tallow candles, per dozen: 1 sp.

DINNERBELLS: Ring yourfamily to the tablewith our delightfuldinner bells. Castfrom the finestsilver or brass, eachfeatures a bonehandle gracefully carved in the shape ofa swan’s head. Specify silver or brasswhen ordering.Silver bell: 1 gp.Brass bell: 1 ep.

FAMILY NAMEDOORKNOCKER:I am proud to offerthis personalizedbrass doorornament for a trulyone-of-a-kind

entryway. Engraved by dwarvencraftsmen, this satin-finish plaque willmake you the envy of all yourneighbors. Up to 25 letters, includingspaces if needed. Please write clearly;not responsible for errors due toillegible script.Door Knocker: 10 gp.

Household Accoutrements

MIRROR, WALL : Don’t leave yourhome without checking your appearancein one of our full-length wall mirrors!Or if you are just back from adventure,don’t look in the mirror until you’vegotten a comb through your hair.Specify length (3' or 5' to suit mostbody types) and material (silvered glassor burnished metal). Silver acanthusleaves border all our wall mirrors.Wall Mirror: (3') 15 gp; (5') 25 gp.

MIRROR,HAND: For thevanity in each of us!Our hand mirrorsare of silvered glass,a palm’s width indiameter, with giltgrape leaves

surrounding the glass and forming thehandle. A loop in the “vines” at thehandle’s end accommodates a silk cord(or other material of your choice, notincluded) for attaching to your belt,kirtle, or wherever strikes your fancy.For looking at yourself, a medusa, orboth! 15 gp.

ORNAMENTALBELL PULL:Embroidered inKozakura, this is areplica of the veryone used in theEmperor’s palace,now available to mycustomers on anexclusive basis. Turnthe most mundanebell into aconversation piecewith this woven bellpull, embroidered in fine silk withnightingales and cherry blossoms.Colors may vary; let us choose for you.Bell Pull: 6 gp.

STATUARY: Adorn your gardenwith this captivating collection ofwoodland creatures. Each is carved atone-half life size. Choose from deer,owl, unicorn, badger, fox, and rabbit.Green-gray soapstone complementsfoliage and flowers of every kind. Orderthree or more and save! Statue:2 gp each; three for 5 gp, four for 7 gp,five for 9 gp, or the complete set for10 gp.

SUNDIAL : We offer two types ofsundials for your outdoor time-tellingpleasure. Choose from cast bronze fromWaterdeep or carved marble from theDesertsmouth Mountains.

9 8

Household Accoutrements

when ordering.Bronze Sundial: 25 gp.Marble Sundial: 35 gp.

Large numerals are easy to read. Youhave a choice of style in either material:choose from arrowhead or bird’s wing asyour shadow-casting instrument.Specify bronze or marble, arrow or wing

tell the hour. Heavy marble is difficultto tip or jar, no matter how many pairsof feet trample through your home.Sized to fit on mantel or tabletop.Felted bottom protects your furniture.Water Clock: 20 gp

WINDOW LACE: Beautiful in thebedroom, dainty in the dining area,these airy spiderweb lace curtains add anelven intrigue to your home. Made onlyin fabled Evermeet, these items areavailable only on special order. No twoare alike, guaranteed.Window Lace: 75 gp.

WATER CLOCK: Tired of candles These are specially enchanted with an aura of

for your indoor time-telling? You’ll love protection, making it more difficult for thieves to

this marble and glass water clock. Fillbreak into any window in which they are hung.Thieves attempting to do so are at a -15 %

the reservoir (with tinted water if you penalty to their Open Locks rolls.

wish!), and watch the glass float rise to

Personal Supplies

Why maintain a refined and elegant home while allowing yourself to look like a grubby barbarian?Surely one’s health and appearance rank equal in importance to the sharpness of one’s sword

and the fertility of one’s fields. As the elfish witticism runs,“A sharp appearance is more deadly than a sharp sword.”

Recognizing this fact, I am pleased to offer Toril’s finest assortment of personal suppliesfor the maintenance of health and beauty.

BATH OIL: Thenatural secretions ofexotic flora andfauna are used inthese scented bathoils fromMarsember. Theykeep your skin

supple and youthful. Available in lovelyscents to tantalize your nose: rose, berry,musk, and cinnamon.One pint for 1 gp.

BRUSHES AND COMBS: Our finebrushes and combs give your hair alustrous shine. They also makewonderful gifts for a special person.They come in matching sets, and eachbrush has the finest wire bristles. Pleasespecify type when ordering:gold (12 gp), silver (2 gp),tortoise shell (1 gp), orfine hardwood (1 sp).

HANDKERCHIEFS: Made by thefinest workers of cloth in Faerun, ourhandkerchiefs serve many personalneeds: caring for one’s nose, drying alady’s delicate tears, affecting a subtledisguise, and even flirting. We offerfine silk from Kara-Tur (5 sp),linen (2 sp), and soft cotton (2 sp). Anybright or pastel color is available.Specify color and cloth when ordering.


LEATHERSTRAP: Thissimple leather strapkeeps razors andother fine cuttingedges sharp. Madeonly of the mostsupple leather,these three-foot straps are speciallytreated to insure their extended service.(1 sp)

PERFUME: These lovely scentedwaters, powders, and rouges areproduced by the famed scent-makers ofWestgate.These perfumes are the world’s finest,ranging from simple scents that coverodors to fine scents that fire imaginationand stir passion. Priced per vial.Simple (1 gp): Jasmine Night, Flowers,and Mountain Breeze. Fine (3 gp):Mystra’s Spell, Red Rose, Ocean Mist.Very fine (5 gp): Night Spice,Lliira’s Joy, and Breath of Spring.Peerless (10 gp): Sune’s Fire.Our face and body powders come inmusk, spice, floral, and herbal scents.(5 sp per dry ounce)

RAZOR KIT:Each of our fineshaving kitsincludes a razorfrom the metalsmiths ofProcampur, a

Personal Supplies

horsetail brush from Tilverton, and alather bar from Selgaunt. (5 gp)

SACHETS:These sachetscombine spices,herbs, and flowersfrom all lands—Shou Lung,Kara-Tur, theHeartlands,

Maztica—to add fine scents to yourclothing. Specify desired scent: CelestialSeaweed, Shaar Scents, Moonsea,Chessentan Lotus, or Far Payit Palm.(3 gp)

SNUFF BOX: These finely craftedboxes are perfect for carrying about anounce of snuff or other fine-grainedmaterial. Each is etched with beautifuldesigns created by Calish*te craftsmen.A small but sturdy clasp keepscontents secure. Specify base materialwhen ordering: hardwood (3 gp),steel (3 gp), silver (7 gp), orgold (12 gp).

SOAP: Odd though it seems tosome, many folk now use fineSelgauntan soap daily to cleanse theirbodies and please their senses. Specifytype of four-ounce bar: lye (1 cp),mild (1 sp), or scented (1 gp). Scentsavailable are Moonshae Spring,Elven Wind, Unicorn’s Horn, andShining Sea.

TOENAIL, FINGERNAILSCISSORS: These fine steel scissors,perfect for precise cutting tasks, arecrafted by the metalsmiths ofProcampur. A set costs just 4 gp.Decorative handles cost extra:mother-of-pearl (add 1 gp), silver(add 1 gp), gold (add 2 gp), orplatinum (add 5 gp). Decorative etchingcosts 1 gp more, and small gemsadd 2 gp.

TOWELS: Made by textile workers inYhaunn, these towels can handle dailyneeds and decorate your bath or basin.You may choose our durable linen handtowels (2 sp), rough woolen bath towels(5 sp), or extra-large, luxuriant bathtowels of Maztican cotton (10 sp).Washcloths are also available for 1 sp.Please specify desired color.

WIGS: Our wigs add elegance toyour appearance and disguise early hairloss—or poor tonsorial service! We offerwigs of any color, natural or dyed, withseveral different coiffures. Please specifythe following when ordering: gender ofthe wearer, costume or formal,powdered or non-powdered, color, thecountry and city in which the wig willbe worn, and the event at which it willbe worn. The best crafters of Tethyr willcreate a wig suitable for your needs.(1 gp)



Many epigrams speak to the importance of light.The elves commonly say, “One who lights a candle awakens a small sun.”

An old dwarf expression runs, “With a shovel I can dig a grave; give me a lantern too, and I’ll dig ahome.” The ancient human proverb, “Seeing is believing,” can be matched in pragmatic wisdom only

by the orcish saying, “Kill anything you see.” Clearly, even many of the foulest races seek someillumination. We offer not only the common lamps, lanterns, and other light sources, but also

implements that can aid those with infra-vision, or extend sight into a deep fog.All of our devices of illumination come from the work-tables of the finest artisans, who use only the

most pure, elegant, and durable materials. As well as lighting a home or providing aid to scriveners,our lighting accoutrements may prove as valuable as a broad-sword in the depths of a dungeon.


CALIsh*tE: Featured in manychildren’s tales about genies, thisimported lamp of finely worked andengraved metal features a classic designwith a pointed wick holder. Available inbrass (1 gp), copper (5 gp), silver(15 gp) and gold (50 gp and up—special order only). Comes with atwo-pint flask of exotic lamp oil.Patchouli, sandalwood or cinnamonscents. Exotic scented lamp oil refills areavailable.Lights a 360-degree area out to 15 feet. Burns 12hours per pint of oil. Holds one pint.

CHIME LAMP:The chime lamps ofEvermeet havedelighted many aperson with theirpleasant tinklingand rosy glow.Constructed of brass

with brass or crystal chimes, the heatedair created by this lamp turns a delicatevented wheel, the blades of which strike


tiny chimes arrayed around the lamp(20 gp).Lights a 360-degree area out to 15 feet. Burns 6hours per half-pint of oil. Holds a half pint.

GNOMISH FIREFLY LAMP:Gnomish lamps have recently becomepopular at parties held by the nobilityin Waterdeep, Neverwinter,Silverymoon, Suzail, and Arabel. Thisodd, basket-like device of wire mesh,when whirled on its chain in the woods,catches fireflies. The captured firefliesprovide an eye-catching but feebleglow, and are prevented from escapingwhen the lid is lowered. The lamps areoften hung about a room or from polesor trees in a garden to provideatmosphere. If the fireflies are notreleased at the end of an evening, theydie. Those with a tender heart should


remember to complete this task beforegoing to bed after a jolly night ofcarousing. (9 sp)Provides no real useful illumination, but does notgenerate heat that would cause problems withinfravision either.

HURRICANE:This oil lamp ismost notable for itsreputation for notblowing out oncelit. The glasscylinder whichprotects the open

flame, quaintly referred to as a chimney,is what prevents the errant breeze or anyquick motion of the person bearing thelamp from extinguishing it. Myhurricane lamps are quite beautiful, aseach features a matching design etchedinto both its metal base and its elegantblown glass chimney. A delicate cogarrangement of dwarven manufactureraises and lowers the braided wick.Brass, 1 gp; copper, 4 gp; orsilver 12 gp. Available with floral orgeometric pattern.Lights an area 20 feet in diameter, with a 5-footarea of semidarkness. Burns for eight hours on onepint of oil, and holds one pint. Light cannot beextinguished accidentally without removing theglass chimney first. At the DM’s discretion, thelamp can receive a saving throw as a third levelfighter versus spells that might extinguish itsflame—for instance, gust of wind.

OIL: Oil lamps are a staple form ofillumination, but are more suited toindoor use as they are difficult to carryand prone to go out in breezes. Oillamps can be formed of many materials,and I offer exquisite versions in severalmediums (all hold one pint of oil and awick in their bowls): Carved onyx (othersemiprecious stones available by special

order), 9 sp; workedbrass, 5 sp; andkiln-glazed pottery,1 sp.Lights a 360-degree areaout to 15 feet. Burns 12hours per pint of oil.Holds a pint.

WARMING:Many a chilly bedor pair offrost-nipped handshas been renderedtoasty by a warminglamp. Thisfist-sized iron

sphere has tiny vents to allow air toreach the coals which provide its heat.Coals are inserted into the lampthrough a small trapdoor held closedwith a tiny pin or hook. Elves, gnomes,and other beings with infravision oftenmake use of warming lamps as smallbeacons. (8 sp)


The easily portablebullseye lantern isthe friend of manyan adventuringband. My finebullseye lanternshave metal housings

with panels of glass to keep wind awayfrom the flame. The metal is polishedon the inside to reflect light outward ina funneled path. A shutter (included)can be set in place over the glass toblock out the light. This bullseye isequipped with adjustable vents toregulate airflow, and thus the brightnessand longevity of the flame and heat ofthe lantern (12 gp).



Even when the shutter is closed, some light stillescapes from the lantern. Closing off every crackin the lantern’s assembly would quickly extinguishthe flame. Adventurers must remember that evenif the shutter is closed, the lantern will shedenough light to give away their position in a darkdungeon. A bullseye lantern’s light reaches 60feet, with an additional 20 feet of semidarkness. Abullseye lantern burns six hours per pint flask ofoil, and holds one pint.

FOG-CUTTER: After a friend ofmine spent some time on the coast at alighthouse, he brought back with him alantern which he found useful incutting through the frequent sea fogs.The fog-cutter is an adaptation of thedesign of that lantern, and is a varianton the bullseye lantern. It features aglass focussing lens of an amber colorwhich illuminates an area better infoggy conditions than a standardbullseye or hooded lantern (15 gp).A fog-cutter’s light reaches 60 feet, with anaddition 20 feet of semidarkness. In the fog, itslight reaches 30 feet, with an addition 10 feet ofsemidarkness (as opposed to a normal light sourcewhich is cut by two-thirds in fog). A fog-cutterburns six hours per pint flask of oil, and holds onepint. If a referee is using the optional degrees ofdarkness found on page 119 of the DungeonMaster’s Guide, within the illumination path ofthe fog-cutter, moderately foggy conditions aretreated as clear, and densely foggy conditions aretreated as moderately foggy.

HOODED: Thehooded lantern isthe basic lanternwhich all otherlanterns arevariations on. Asturdy classicdesign, the lanternsI stock feature a rust-resistant metalreservoir for the oil and a metal cap.Between the two is a metal assemblywith disks of thick glass inset in it thatallows light to escape. The metal caplimits heat radiated to the top of thelantern, allowing it to be carried by ahandle which curves over its top. (7 gp)This lantern projects light 30 feet in all directions(360 degrees) and burns six hours per pint flask ofoil supplied. Holds one pint of oil.

INFRA-LANTERN: Thisstrange deviceappears to be anormal hoodedlantern, but inplace of a wick,dancing with a

flame, it holds a faceted gem. Thesegems are pieces of the dweomercraft ofthe dark elves, and as such will losetheir power if they ever are touched bythe rays of the sun. A creature or personwho sees by way of infravision finds thislantern to be a great boon undergroundand at night, for it allows him to seewith greater clarity by infravision. Theseinfra-lanterns are fashioned only fromextremely rare imported and magicalgems, and so I am sorry if your requestfinds me temporarily out of stock(1700 gp). Infra-lanterns are nighuseless to beings with normal sightalone, as the vibrations the lanternsemit cannot be seen at all by them.



DMs should allow the purchase of infra-lanternsonly if they feel that their campaigns would notbe unduly unbalanced by them. An infra-lanterndoes one of two things, depending on howinfravision is handled in a game. If the DM isusing standard infravision, then an infra-lanternallows infravision (seeing in the dark) out to 90feet. If the DM is using optional infravision,where creatures with infravision see heat, then aninfra-lantern sharpens the infra-vision and allowsgreater details to be made out: an orc can beidentified as an orc, not a man-sized humanoid,for instance, and objects usually of such a smalldifference in temperature as to beindistinguishable, like the walls, the floor and adoor, can all easily be told apart. It also increasesthe range of infravision to 70 feet.

SPELUNKER’S:This lantern is

gyroscope or other

affixed to a heavyleather headbandwhich is adjustable.It somewhatresembles a

gnomish or dwarven artifact in that itconsists of a series of half circles offormed wood which pivot within eachother to allow the weighted bowl of thelantern to remain ever upright, nomatter what position the wearer is in.The lantern is constructed so as to make

SELF-DOUSING:Self-dousinglanterns areparticularly popularwith innkeepers.The metal pincershold a candle over awater reservoir, and as the candle burnsdown, drips are prevented from marringthe inn’s furniture. But mostimportantly, if a tipsy patron falls asleepwithout extinguishing the candle, thewater will put out the flame when thecandle gets low. I recommend thislantern also to sages, learned nobles,priests, and wizards who are prone tostay up late reading and might doze offover their studies. I have heard of morethan one clumsy innkeeper whose lifewas saved when they tripped and theself-douser extinguished. (6 sp)Lights a 360-degree area out to 15 feet. Typicalcandles burn from 2-3 hours, althoughself-dousing lanterns can be constructed toaccommodate larger candles.

it virtually impossible to involuntarilydouse the lantern's flame or to catchthe wearer or his clothing or suppliesalight (20 gp).Illuminates a funnelled area 30 feet long, with anaddition 5 feet of semidarkness. A spelunker’slantern burns three hours per half-pint oil, andholds one half-pint.

Other SuppliesBEESWAX:

Suitable for use incandles or as sealingwax (1 gp perpound; colors otherthan natural, 11 spper pound).Available in any

color. If I don’t stock the color youwant, supply me with a sample of thecolor, and I’ll match it.



BEESWAX,SCENTED:While the rich scentof honeyed beeswaxalways brings backmemoriesto me ofmy childhood,others find thescent cloying or offensive. For people ofdiscriminate taste, I have treated purestbeeswax to eliminate all traces of honeyand perfumed it with a selection oflighter, more pleasant scents(14 sp per pound). Available incinnamon, patchouli, frankincense,sandalwood, myrrh, rose,lily of the valley, violet, oriental blend,peach, apple, vanilla, and pine scents.

BRAZIERS: These sturdy bronzebraziers are composed of two pieces: atripod of three legs held together by alarge ring, and a bronze bowl. Into thebowl is placed wood or charcoal, whichcreates the illumination (5 gp).A brazier illuminates an area 30 feet in diameterfor one hour per bowlful of coals or wood. Higherfires can be built which light a 40 foot area for abriefer time by overloading the bowl, but coalshave a 20% chance of falling from the bowl ontothe floor per 10 minutes and possibly causing afire.

CANDLEMOLDS: Thiseconomical candlemold will makefour foot-longtapers from fourfeet of thin wickingand a pound of waxor tallow. A favoriteamong innkeepsand custodialpriests, these candlemolds can keep awhole mansion instock, and cheaply too. (12 sp)

CANDLES ANDTAPERS: I make ita point to stockcandles and tapersof all sizes andcolors, includinglong-burning,twisted candles, forsages who need toeconomize (tallowcandles at 1 cp ea.,up to 1 foot and½" diameter and1 cp extra per six

inches additional and ½" additional;beeswax candles at 5 cp per the samemeasurements).Candles light a 360-degree area out to 15 feet.They take about 4 hours to burn per foot inlength, depending on the material that they aremade from.



CANDLE-STICKS: Whilecandles are a trustedsource ofillumination, theyrequire holders. Icarry candlesticks bythe pair rangingfrom the fanciful tothe sturdilyutilitarian: carvedwood, 4 sp;lathe-turned brass,6 sp; lathe-turned

copper, 8 sp; carved onyx, carnelian, orsoapstone, 1 gp; kiln-glazed pottery,3 sp; large wrought iron, 3 gp.

LAMP OIL:This long-burningwhale oil is pureand has none of thelingering, rancidscent found in lesserproducts of the type(6 cp per one-pintflask).

LAMP OIL,EXOTICSCENTED: Thepurest of importedoils fromCalimshan, thesecan be used in theCalish*te lamp or

any other oil-burning lamp (4 sp pertwo-pint flask). Available in cinnamon,patchouli, frankincense, sandalwood,myrrh, rose, lily of the valley, violet,and pine scents.

TINDERBOX, FLINT AND STEEL:All of my tinderboxes are constructed ofsturdy heart of oak for durability, andresistance to warping, dings, andscratches. They include a number ofitems: the waterproofed, small oak box,a large piece of flint, several coarse steelbars, tinder, and scraps of charred cloth(15 sp, 5 sp for just the flint and steel).A character can start a small smoldering flame in1d6 rounds (longer in windy conditions or if thekindling is wet).

TORCHES: A sturdy torch oftenprovides light in dungeons and caves,and my torches are prepared and treatedto reduce the excessive smoke that manyimprovised torches produce (1 cp ea).

WICKS:These fine, braidedlinen wicks comein two sizes, thin, forcandles, and thick,for oil lanterns (1 cpper yard for thin,and 1 cp per 2 feet

for thick). At least four feet of the thinwicking is required for the candle mold.



Occasionally stout-hearted adventurers need to unwind and enjoy themselves in amusem*nts anddiversions which do not risk life and limb. So too the children of older adventurers need their own

entertainment when mother and father are out smiting evil. For this reason we’ve included a section oftoys for the younger set and games for Aurora’s more mature customers who remain young at heart.

Drawing from the rich cultural traditions of the Heartlands and the wonders beyond, I have assembled aselection of toys for the children and games for the adults. All amusem*nts are durable and elegant in

their design, crafted by the finest artisans in the country of the toy or game’s origin. Most can be packedaway in a rucksack and brought out for fireside amusem*nt while on adventure or during that longwinter’s respite from the adventuring life. While I have separated these diversions into two separatecategories, there is no rule to say that a child would not find wonderful entertainment in the games

section, or that an adult would not be delighted by a selection from the toy department. Enjoy!


ANIMAL MODELS: Carved of richwoods from Sembia and Cormyr, thesetwelve-inch long toys are fitted withwheels so a child can pull them along.Expertly crafted with internal hingesthat allow the mouth to open and closeand the tail to wag as it moves, each is adelight for the younger ones.Recommended ages 2-5. Specify animalwhen ordering. All styles available for1 gp each. Each model weighs around5 lbs.

Rolling HorseRolling DragonRolling PegasusRolling UnicornRolling Cow

Rolling Elephant

Rolling Pack MuleRolling Beholder (DISCONTINUED)


BALLS,LEATHER: Thesestrong, sturdycowhide balls areavailable in 2"juggling sizes, 4"handball sizes, andcloth-wrapped 12"sizes for small children. The mostdurable of these balls comes fromOrdulin, and Aurora’s has an exclusivelicense with Anaster’s Leatherworks todistribute balls made from their soft,supple leathers beyond the Sembianborders.

2" ball—1 sp4" ball—2 sp12" ball—2 gp

Bow AND ARROW SET, PLAY :Your child can emulate his or herfavorite ranger with this safe play set.The arrow tips are bean-bags affixedsecurely to the shafts, and the bow is amarvelously resilient willow stem with a


5-lb pull. In addition to letting thechild act like the grown-ups, the setteaches good missile weapon etiquetteand care. Always supervise your childwhen playing with our weapons,especially since they ARE harmless.Made in the Dalelands. Play set costs2 gp and contains bow, threebowstrings, and 5 safety arrows.ROF 1, Range 1/2/3, Weight 2, Size S, Type B,Speed Factor 8, Damage 0/0

CLOCKWORKS: Made in the fabledisland nation of Lantan by thecraftworking Gondsmen, these small(2"-long) toys look like birds, animals,and fish. Their delicate metal shells arecrammed with springs and wires, so thatthe birds fly, the animals scurry alongthe ground, and the fish can swim, allfor short distances. The metal is paintedand draped with streamers. These arebeautiful and fragile toys, so order morethan one. All clockworks are tested byour salespeople before delivery to ensurethat they work correctly (and becauseTHEY enjoy playing with the toys aswell). Clockworks cost 2 gp each, or geta selection of 10 for 15 gp!


DOLLS, FABRIC: A staple for bothboys and girls throughout Faerun, thesedolls come from a variety of sources,from Waterdeep to the small cities ofthe Dragon Sea. All are of thehighest-quality cloth (for porcelain dollssee the next entry) and stuffed withdown and felt for softness. Check outour variety for that perfect companion,at 3 sp each.

TownswomanTownsmanPrincessPrinceWarrioressWarriorSorceressSorcererPriestessPriestRogue (female)Rogue (male)

* Note: All adventurer dolls areprovided with soft stuffed weapons.When ordering priest and priestessdolls, if a particular alignment or faithis desired, please note in the order,otherwise a nondenominational dollwill be provided. Special ordersavailable for halflings, dwarves, elves,and gnomes.


DOLLS, PORCELAIN: Made inTilverton and Urmlaspyr, these babydolls are made of fine china and deckedout in rich swaddling clothes. While notsuitable for life on the trail, they areperfect for the children of retiredadventurers who have a long winter’srest ahead of them. Due to complaintson quality, Aurora’s no longer carriesWestgate porcelain or dolls. Onlyhuman dolls available, at 2 gp each.

KALEIDOSCOPE: Imported fromCalimshan, these brass tubes look like aspyglass, but they allow sight into atotally new world—colored bits of glassand gems spin and are mirrored in thetube, so that the viewer sees rainbowsnowflakes through the tube. Exciting,and non-magically safe, it a wonderfultoy for children of all ages! A specialvalue at 50 gp!

NESTING DOLLS: Always afavorite among children and adults,these hollow wooden dolls fit onewithin each other. Exquisitely carvedand individually painted, the nestingdolls are always a popular item.

RACES SET:Contains a human,elf, dwarf, gnome,and halfling: 2 gp.


SET: Contains awarrior, rogue,priest, bard, andmage: 2 gp.

MARBLES: Acontinual favoriteamong children ofall races and ages,these marbles areturned from stoneby dwarvencraftsmen for theirown children, and are superior inweight, durability and smoothness toglass. Available in minnies and shooters,bag of 20 costs 2 gp.



AVATAR SET:Contains Elminster,Adon, Kalimvor,Mystra, and Cyric:2 gp.


RULERS SET:Contains PiergeironPaladinson, KingAzoun IV, Alusair,Mourngrym, andSimbul: 2 gp.


WIZARDS SET:Contains Elminster,Khelben,Vangerdahast, LordManshoon, and aRed Wizard ofThay: 2 gp.

PUPPETS: A source of amusem*ntand amazement for children of all ages,these puppets out of Saerloon haveheavy felt bodies and expertly-sculpted,hand-painted heads. In addition to theones listed here, the Stringpullers guildof Saerloon take special orders, and

make marionettes and other puppets aswell. If you don’t see it here, ask!

Hero puppet with swordHeroine puppet with swordDragon puppetTrusty halfling puppetKing puppet (any resemblance to

King Azoun IV of neighboringCormyr is coincidental)

Wizard puppet (likewise forVangerdahast)

Great bard puppet (a personalizedrendering of the great FinderWyvernspur, commissioned by O.Ruskettle)

Evil red wizard puppetAll puppets are 2 gp, or get three for5 gp!

ROCKING MOUNTS: A wonderfultoy for the castle nursery, these woodenrocking mounts from Cormyr are theperfect toy for practicing knight-errants.Available in a number of styles, all atthe bargain price of 4 gp.

DestrierPegasusUnicornSea LionDragon (specify color)



TOPS: Theseperfectly-balancedtops are from theland of Amn, andmade of brass,copper, and bronze.They are availablein both solid and

“singing” versions, the latter beingringed with holes such that they emit asharp whistling while they spin. Ordereither type at 5 sp each, or get a mixedvariety of 5 tops for 2 gp.

GamesCHESS: One of the four universal

games (draughts, dice, and talis cardsbeing the others), chess is the mostchallenging and intriguing of the four,truly the king of games. It is said thatkings wage wars in the summer monthsand practice wars with chess in thewinter. Several sets are currentlyavailable from our catalog:

standard at 20 gp.


SET: Made of ivoryand ebony on ablack and whitemarbled board, thisis the most commonset available—king,queen, priest,knight-errants,rooks, and pawnsare hand-carved andthe entire set iscarried in a paddedteak case. An old

AVATAR SET:The main playersfrom the Time ofTroubles arerepresented here infinely carvedhardwoods from theLoudwater area.Elminster and Cyricare kings, Mystraand Cyric’s swordthe powerfulqueens, and the restof the players areportrayed here. SPECIALCLEARANCE: We’re trying to movethese following a string of mysteriousfires in the warehouse. A bargain at15 gp!

HORDE SET:Through specialpermission with theKingdom ofCormyr, Aurora’s isproud to offer alimited-edition setcommemorating therepulsion of therecent TuiganIncursion. Cast ingilded iron andstone, the set hasaccurate (and

flattering) portrayals of King Azoun IV,Lady Alusair, Vangerdahast, and theHorde leaders and horsem*n. Aphenomenal seller in the gentle homesof Cormyrean gentry, the Horde set hasinduced many of these lesser nobles tolearn the game of kings! A special valueat 25 gp.



DICE: An old staple, one of the fouruniversal games which are commonacross the known planes, dice are usedfor a number of purposes ranging frombar-entertainment and gambling tofantasy gaming. I ship my dice in fromTurmish, where they are carved fromhigh-grade ivory in standard six-sided,and multi-sided versions.

Four six-sided dice with leather dicecup. 3 sp.

Assortment of 4, 6, 8, 12, and20-sided dice (one each type), withleather dice cup. 4 sp.

DRAUGHTS: Also called checkers,this game uses the same board as chess,and is found from Neverwinter toMulhorand and beyond. Where chess iscomplicated and drawn out, draughtscan be learned in moments and quicklyplayed. I offer a set of stone pieces inred and black on a marble board,suitable for those early winter eveningswith hearth and friends. A populargame at a popular price—5 gp for thefine set!

FIGHTING DOLLS: A populardiversion originating in Ordulin, butbecoming increasingly popular as faraway as Waterdeep, these foot-highwooden dolls are made of joinedfinished pieces hinged and mounted onlong wands. By manipulating thewands, the doll can be made to moveand fight its opponent. A careful blowknocks the opponent’s head off, or cavesin its thin metal shield. Crafted of fineSembian woods and hand-painted,these fighting dolls can provide manyevenings of amusem*nt, and Ordulin isfamous for its “battle-masters” whohave raised this novel toy to an art form.A set of two fighting dolls can be yoursfor the modest investment of 7 gp. Notrecommended for children under 12due to the sharp points on the swords.

Important Note: An earlier order ofclockwork fighting dolls has beencanceled, and no further orders will betaken. These dolls, from Lantan, stagedtheir own mutiny in Baldur’s Gate, andescaped into the city at large. I deeplyregret the inconvenience caused by thesedefective toys, and have lent all myavailable resources to capturing anddestroying them. To that end, nofurther fighting dolls from Lantan are



imported (though other clockwork dollsare available, and have been heavilyscreened to ascertain theirharmlessness).

OLD MEN’ SBONES: The classicgame of pick-upsticks made withneedle-like slivers ofdragons, wyverns,and other fellcreatures. Remove

the bones from the pile but be carefulnot to topple the stack! Originally fromPhlan and the Moonsea area, ourdiviners attest that no sentienthumanoid bones are in the shipment.Stored in a metal tube for easy storageand available at the low cost of 2 sp. Aspecial version made exclusively ofdragon bones is available at 4 gp.

TABLE DICE: A game also calledbackgammon, this is a popular bargame in the Dalelands, and has spreadby trade routes through the Heartlandsand into the North. Our set is made ofpolished white and black markers, ivorydice, fine leather dice cups, and carriedin a finely-worked case of sturdyironwood. Make yourself at home in thetaverns of the civilized world with aTable Dice set from Aurora’s, at the lowcost of 5 gp.


TALIS DECK: Fourth of the fouruniversal games, the Talis deck is usedfor some non-magical divining, but alsofor a variety of card games, includingwhist, poker, talison, elementalempires, and old wizard. The deckconsists of the four 12-card planar suits(stones, waves, winds, and flames) andthe traditional 22-card major arcana(Sun, Moon, Star, Comet, Throne, Key,Night, etc. . . .). The deck offered byAurora is decorated by illuminatorsfrom Candlekeep, where they keep thetexts of Alaundo the Sage, and hasbecome the definitive Talisrepresentation in the Realms. Note:This deck is non-magical in nature, butstill a bargain at 3 sp!

Aurora's Larder

In my travels throughout Toril, I quickly learned that a full larder holds far more than tea and cakes.As well as stocking the kitchens of countless merchant-class folk, our larder list is perused and used toprovision the highest courts in the land. My agents have traveled far and wide to set up lines of trade

with places as distant as the jungles of Malatra and the mysterious stone-city of Tukan,as well as the more familiar sites of the Heartlands. After selecting items from the following list,

be sure to look over the meat, cheese, distilled goods, and exotics that follow.

Common Seasonings(All seasons are sold by the ounce.)

Angelica 5 cpAnise 3 cpBasil 1 spBergamot 3 cpBorage 2 cpCalendula 5 cpCaraway 2 cpChervil 5 cpChives 2 cpClary 8 cpCoriander 1 spCostmary 3 cpCumin 2 spDillweed 3 cpfa*ggot of sweet herbs 1 spFennel seed 1 spFenugreek 3 spGarlic 1 cpHorehound 4 cpHorseradish 1 cpHyssop 5 cpJuniper 3 spLaurel 4 gpLemon balm 2 spLiquorice root 4 spLovage 1 spMarigold 5 cpMarjoram 5 cpMint 3 cpMustard seed 5 cpOregano 2 spParsley 4 cpPoppy seed 8 gpRose hips 5 gp



Sweet cicelyTarragonThymeWoodruff

5 sp1 sp1 cp

3 cp4 cp1 sp1 gp1 sp1 sp

Corns(All corns are sold by the pound.)

BarleyBuckwheatChick peasLentilsMilletOatsRice

RyeWheat berries

1 gp5 sp3 gp2 gp7 sp7 sp5 gp7 sp2 gp

Flours(All flours are sold by the pound.)


2 gp1 gp

15 sp3 gp


Aurora's Larder

Dried Fruits/VegetablesApples lb. 1 gpApricots lb. 15 gpBroad beans lb. 2 gpCarrots oz. 1 gpCherries oz. 5 spCurrants oz. 1 spDates oz.

common 5 gpImnescarian 20 gp

Elderberries oz. 1 spFigs oz.

Black Thayvian 25 gpChessentan 7 gp

Green beans oz. 2 splb. 2 gpoz. 5 gpoz. 5 spoz. 30 gplb. 15 gplb. 5 gplb. 3 gplb.

5 sp1 gp5 gp

Green peasMushrooms of BrostOnion ringsPalintrike of CalimshanPeachesPearsPrunesRaisins

Black SelgauntanSaerloonasBerdusk golden

mixed fruitsraspberriesspiced pearsspiced plumsstrawberries

Candied fruits and herbsangelica

Beetroot relishBrandied fruits

cherriesImnescar grapes



5 sp

2 gp5 gp

apricotscarrotscherriescitron from ThayCrimmor pearshoneyed gingermintorange peelsugar-frosted rosemary

CrystallizedMarsember rose petalsgrapesvioletsholly leaves

Moonshae chestnutsin syrup


ChessentanShaarite green


1 gp3 gp4 gp3 gp2 gp


1 gp5 gp5 sp5 sp

10 gp8 gp

50 gp7 sp5 gp

10 gpOZ.

10 gp5 gp

15 gp20 gp

OZ. 5 gpoz. 5 splb.

3 gp10 gp

qt.4 sp1 gp

50 gp7 sp1 gp5 sp


Aurora's Larder

gherkinsgreen beans

mushroomsnasturtium seedsplumsspiced pearssweet onions

walnutsSauerkrautScented water


Vinegaragedblackberrycidermaltrose petalwine

6 sp3 sp5 sp

30 gp1 gp5 gp1 gp

20 gplb. 5 spoz.

35 sp20 sp30 sp15 sp

qt.1 gp5 sp1 sp3 sp3 gp5 sp

Nuts(All nuts are sold by the pound)

AlmondsCashewsChestnutsHazelnutsPine nuts


3 gp20 gp

1 gp5 sp

10 gp15 gp

3 sp

The Spice Cabinet(All spices are sold by the ounce.)


5 gp1 gp

20 gp35 gp15 gp

5 gp



MarsembianDurparian blackMalatran


10 gp6 gp

25 gp30 gp

15 gp30 gp40 gp45 gp25 gp20 gp

Oils(All oils are sold by the gallon.)

Olive oilAlmond oilWalnut oilHazelnut oilSesame oilMixed herb oilSunflower oilSafflower oilRapeseed oil

5 gp10 gp

2 gp3 gp

10 gp5 sp3 sp2 sp1 sp


Neverwinterrose petalparsleySembian lavender




1 sp5 sp3 sp1 gp

20 gp5 sp3 sp

1 gp10 gp

3 gp15 gp35 gp15 gp



Aurora's Larder

5 gp5 sp7 gp8 gp

Jams, Jellies, Curds,Marmalades, and

Fruit Cheeses(All are sold by the pint.)

Buttersappleblackberrypearquincerhubarbspiced crabapple


Fruit cheesesappleblackberrydamson plumgooseberry

Jamsapricot and almondbramblebarberryelderberrygooseberry and elderflowergreengage plumlingonberryrose petalstrawberry


5 sp7 sp6 sp6 sp3 sp6 sp

1 gp2 gp

10 gp10 gp

1 sp1 gp5 sp6 sp

20 gp2 sp5 sp7 sp1 gp5 sp7 sp1 gp3 sp

5 sp4 sp3 sp5 gp4 sp




2 sp5 sp4 sp1 gp

20 gp15 gp

1 gp

4 sp5 sp5 sp

Durable Meat and Fish(All are sold by the pound)


Buffalo, Mazticandriedjerked




Salmon, Damaritesaltedsmoked

SardinesTadjaniTantran finefish

3 gp5 gp7 gp2 gp4 gp

30 gp42 gp

5 gp7 gp

3 gp5 gp

4 gp5 gp3 gp1 gp

10 gp15 gp4 gp

100 gp7 gp



If wine is the nectar of the gods, bread is their staple meal. Every people across Toril has its own bread,from the nomadic Bedine of Anauroch to the exotic folk of Nexal. In my years of adventuring, I tasted

many of these breads, typically without the time to get recipes or even pack away a rucksackful.Therefore, when I began my merchandising business, I immediately set up lines to sell many

of the exotic and wonderful breads I had tasted in my travels. Here they are,with stories (where appropriate) of how I first encountered them.


BLACKBREAD: The sweetest,strongest molasses from Amn is used inour exclusive blackbread. Wastel flour,the finest grind available, forms thebasis for these tasty loaves. After thefirst taste, you will agree that thesedon’t need any topper! Sold in lots offour; sad to say, we cannot split lots.Blackbread, 4 loaves: 10 sp.

CRACKERS:Delightful with teaor other beverages,these crispy tidbitsare flavored withthe freshest herbsand spices from theDalelands. Selectfrom Onion, Garlic,Pepper, or Savory,or if you prefer takethe Gourmet Packcontaining all fourflavors. Crackers,

herb (three dozen per package):5 sp/package.


ELVEN:Another coup formy catalog!Shipped direct fromthe legendary Isle ofEvermeet, this isthe lightest,sweetest,finest-grained breadyou will ever taste.Tales are told of itsextraordinarynutritional values,none of which I canconfirm or deny, naturally. Some evensay a secret cache of its been keepingElminster going these years! I, on thecontrary, can only promise your tastebuds a delightful sensation with everybite! Elven bread: 2 gp/loaf.nutritional values, indeed! This bread acts asdouble-strength iron rations, providing twice thefood value with half the weight (and many timesmore taste!)

FRUITCAKES: Flavored with rum orbrandy from the Pirate Isles of the InnerSea, and studded with dried fruits(dates, citron, currants, raisins, cherries,and more) and nuts (walnuts,

B r e a d s

hazelnuts, and filberts), these makelovely accompaniments to afternoon tea.(Let them age long enough, though,and they also make fine missileweapons, doorstops, paperweights, andballast.) Shipped in a decorative tin,pattern may vary (let us choose for you).Fruitcake: 10 gp, includes tin.

including tin.

GINGER-BREAD: Topquality ginger fromShou Lung givesthis cakelike breadits distinctive flavor.Delicious toppedwith whippedcream or rum sauce.Shipped in areusable tin, withmy company logostamped on the lid.Gingerbread: 1 gp,

HARD-TACK:Although I cannotconceive whyanyone wouldwillingly partake ofthis dry, bland,flour-and-water,unseasoned biscuit,apparently there are those among mycustomers who became fond of themduring their time at sea. For those whowish to relive those days of glory (andscurvy) I offer this dubious culinarydelight. (I use the term loosely.) Stockup. It won’t quickly go bad.Hard-tack: 10 cp/dozen.


NOODLES:On his last trip toKara-Tur, Volo (aperipateticacquaintance ofmine) happenedupon severalvarieties of noodlesfar superior to thosewe enjoy here athome. Kozakuranudon, fat, white,and long, aredelicious in a brothwith bits of cookedegg and onion.Soba, fine, thin,vermicelli-likebuckwheat noodlesfrom Wa, are servedthere in broth madefrom, of all things,green tea! Beancurd noodles fromShou Lung aremade from aprotein-sourcecalled “tofu,” acurd of soybeanorigin; they arelong, fine, andnearly transparentwhen cooked, andquite chewy.Ramen, anotherthin noodle, is verycurly and cooks inmere minutes. Weoffer all of these, inconvenientone-poundpackages. Theyhave been dried under carefullycontrolled conditions, and are


guaranteed to please. All varieties arepriced per pound; order in 1-poundincrements only, please, as we cannotsplit packages. Udon, soba, bean curd,or ramen noodles: 15 gp per pound,includes shipping direct from maker.

SOURDOUGH:A curiousconcoction from thePirate Isles of theInner Sea, thisbread is made witha bit of dough fromthe previous batch,left to “go sour” inorder to leaven thenext batch. It has apleasantly heavyconsistency, and ahard, flaky crust.

Sold in 2-lb round loaves, wonderful foruse as trenchers at your next feast. (Sliceoff the top, scoop out the inside, anduse the “bowl” that remains instead ofyour good wooden ones! The leftoverbread is fine in bread puddings,stuffings, and the like.)Sourdough, 2-lb loaf: 15 sp.

TARTS: Delightful little pastry shellsfrom the bakers of Waterdeep, favoritesof Piergeiron Paladinson! These areabout a palm’s width across, and areshallowly curved to hold jam, lemoncurd, mincemeat, or whatever savoriesor sweets you care to serve in them. Sold

by the dozen, shipped in specialwooden crates to minimize breakage.Price includes crate and shipping.Tarts: 15 sp/dozen.

TORTILLA: Mynewest discovery,from the land acrossthe sea known asMaztica! A nativegrain called mayz isground betweenstones, and thecoarse flour thatresults is baked onhot stone“griddles.” The flatbread can be eatenplain, sprinkledwith cinnamon and a bit of sugar (if youare lucky enough to have such a thing!),wrapped around spiced, cooked meat,filled with spiced beans and baked in acheese sauce . . . I have even heard ofpeople who cut the tortilla into smallerpieces and fry them in deep fat or oil,rendering them crispy and crunchy!Shipped direct from the Temple ofHelm at Ulatos; a percentage of thesales goes to the temple’s efforts to aidthe natives with medical andeducational efforts.Tortillas, 2 dozen: 25 gp, includesshipping.


Cheese Shop

The cheeses of Faerun are as diverse as its cities, and range from the common “holed” cheeseof Waterdeep and Cormyrian Cheddar to the spicy Chessentan Lotus and the exotic (and addictive)

Luiren Spring Cheese. A quick tour through the various cheeses available in the Realms is aculinary tour of the peoples and cities that we trade with.

Cheese is an excellent foodstuff for a long trip or extended visit. It stores well, travels without unduespoilage, and excites even the most common meal. It is equally well-suited to the winter meal by the

hearth and the spring caravan trip. Cheese makes a perfect welcoming gift or parting memento.Cheese is sold by the 1 pound loaf or wheel or the 100 lb whey, unless otherwise noted.

Buy in bulk and save!

ARABELLANCHEDDAR: Themost popularcheddar cheese ofthe Sea of FallenStars, this sturdy,orange cheese is thedefinitive cheddar

from the Dragon’s Mere to the bordersof Thay. I order only the best of thischeddar, made in Arabel and shippedfrom the port of Suzail. CuredCormyrean cheddar travels extremelywell, and is the adventurer’s choice independable cheeses; Arabellan is thebest of the entire breed. Available in1 lb wheels (4 sp) or 100 lbs circularwheys (35 gp).

CHESSENTANLOTUS CHEESE:A novelty cheesepopular inChessenta and theold empires thatcrouch on thesoutheastern side ofthe Sea of Fallen Stars, Lotus Cheese ismixed with flower petals. Roses andhoneysuckle are commonly used, butafter long experimentation Lotus petalshave proved both the most exotic,attractive, and long-lasting of theChessentan cheeses, and I’m proud tooffer it here. Available in 1 lb

torus-shaped wheels (6 sp) andsimilarly-fashioned wheys (55 gp).

DEATHCHEESE: A deadlylittle number fromthe swampsbordering Sembiaand Cormyr, ittakes its name notfrom its effect butfrom the creature it comes from—thedeadly catoblepas. This creature can killwith a glance, and the cheese is reputedto come from the services of blindmonks who locate their herds by senseof smell. Actually, out of workadventurers are pressed into service toherd and milk these creatures, and themonks do the actual production. A softcheese with a red paraffin rind,catoblepas cheese is a rich, delicateaddition to the dining table, exotic bothin its taste and the method by which itis acquired. Available (obviously) onlyin 1 lb loaves, marked with a stylizedimprint of a catoblepas (5 gp).

DAMARITE RED: Bloodcheese fromthe lands of the Bloodstone, Damarite ismade of goat’s milk, giving it a sharper,heartier, more pungent tang. Thecheese travels well in its heavy, blackrind. Not recommended in largequantities, Damarite Red provides that


Cheese Shop

excellent accent of asnack cheese.Available in1 lb wheels (5 sp) or50 lb oblong wheys(20 gp).

ELTURIAN GREY: A heavy, whitishsheep cheese with black veins, ElturianGrey is also known as stonework ordwarfcheese. Despite such dauntingnames, the premiere cheese of Elturel isa tasty, pungent treat. I keep ElturianGrey in my own larder, and spring it onunsuspecting guests who complainabout the trade cities. Now that theword of the delightful flavor of ElturianGrey has gotten out, a number of theother trade cities are producing theirown versions. These tend to use cow’smilk instead of goat and are sold undersimilar names (Elturel Grey, ElturelGray, etc. . . . ). Aurora’s only offers theoriginal Elturian Grey. Available only in1 lb loaves (6 sp).

FARMER’S CHEESE: Also called potcheese or cottage cheese, Farmer’sCheese is a simple cheese, little morethan aged milk strained through acheesecloth sieve and drained of most ofits whey into large curds. Popularthroughout the small farmingcommunities of the Realms, it is usuallymade and consumed locally, as it doesnot travel well. An order of Farmer’s


Cheese from Aurora’s will result indelivery of the freshest cheese possible,regardless of location. Serve it with saltand pepper for a light meal, or addcream for a rich side-dish with supper.Available wrapped in muslin in 1 lb lots(3 sp).

GREENCALIsh*tE:Sample at your ownrisk, for themanagementaccepts noresponsibility forthose who thinkthis just another cheese. The Calish*tesmix ground curry in with their cheese asa preservative and flavor-enhancer. Andwhat flavor it has! Many a northernbarbarian has been brought low bygrabbing a hunk of Green, thinking itan ordinary cheese, and biting in. Thecurry gives Calish*te its radiantaquamarine hue as well, serving as awarning to the uninitiated. Available in½ lb loaves (4 sp), but special ordersmay be made through your localstation.

LUIRENSPRING CHEESE:Also callingHalfling’s Cheese,mind cheese, orcheeeeese, thischeese is availableon a limited basis in

Waterdeep only, and then only with theexpress written permission of LordPiergeiron, Khelben Arunsun, or thepatriarch of an established temple.While not the most pleasing of cheesesto the human palate, its effects on

Cheese Shop

halflings is markedly different, inducinga state in them similar to strong wine.Pungently aromatic and soft, it isnormally eaten as an aperitif, thoughrecipes for fondues and pasta do existwhich are palatable to humans. In smalldoses it is less dangerous, but bring anotarized note before even thinkingabout buying some. Available by thehalf-pound loaf ONLY, and ONLY inWaterdeep station, (40 gp).Luiren Spring Cheese: Has no effect on any otherraces than halflings. Effect of 4 oz. amount onhalflings: -2 on all proficiency checks andcombat rolls, -20% on all thief abilities. Effectof ½ lb or more; as above, plus saving throwversus death or unconsciousness for 1-10 turns.Luiren Spring Cheese causes strong cravings, andthe halfling eating it must make a ConstitutionCheck to avoid this effect. Failure indicates needfor additional cheese within 24 hours, or else thehalfling loses half hit points and suffers painfulcramps and hallucinations. USE WITHCAUTION.

MIST CHEESE: The Loudwater Valeproduces some of the richest cheeses inthe North. This soft white cheese iscalled the Ethereal Cheese by the elves,for if sliced thinly it becomestranslucent while retaining all of itssucculent bite. Mist cheese owes muchof its appearance and taste to itsripening in nearby caves, and theunique taste of Mist has never beenduplicated elsewhere. Truly a tastedelight! Available only in 1 lb loaves(2 gp).

storing unshelled nuts—they mix theminto their first-rate cheeses. The nutcheeses of the north are rich, hardcheeses, worth trying in their own right.Hickory nuts, walnut, and chestnuts areground and mixed throughout thecheese, and the entire wheel is left toripen. A variety is available, so if youwant one from a particular town, say soon the order, otherwise we’ll send you amixed lot. Variety is the spice of life!Available in 2 lb wheels (1 gp) or 100 lbelliptical wheys (50 gp).

PEPPERCHEESE: Much asthe North prizes itsnut cheeses, Tethyris known for itsspice cheeses, andbest known for itspepper cheese,which mixes southern spices in with amixture of goat and cow cheese to forma tangy, supple concoction. The leatheryrind is dotted with peppercorns to givethe cheese a unique appearance. Thepepper and other spices give the peppercheese its own unique flavor, perfectwith southern dishes. Available in 1 lbloaves (5 sp) or 100 lb wheys (45 gp).


NUT CHEESES:The cities of thesavage frontier,includingSilverymoon,Mirabar, andSundabar have aunique way of

Cheese Shop

TURMISHBRICK: A crumbly,square burgundycheese made withthe heavy red winefound in theregion. The wineitself travels poorly,

but when mixed into the cheeseprovides a sweet concoction that ispopular as far north as Neverwinter.Made in great platters, the Turmishbrick is ripened and carved, and eachloaf is wrapped in red wax, giving thecheese its common appearance.Available in 1 lb rectangular loaves(4 sp) and 100 gp cubic wheys (35 gp)

VILHON BLANC: A light reddishcheese which gains its color andcomplexion from the lighter winesmixed in during initial straining. Vilhonis a delicate cheese in comparison withTurmish brick, which uses the sameprocedures but a heavier wine. VilhonBlanc is rarely found beyond the Sea ofFallen Stars, as the cheese is usuallyconsumed locally, and rarely makes itbeyond Sembia. Through specialarrangement with the Thousand-HeadsTrading Coster, I’m able to offer Vilhonto our consumers at all stations. Give ita try, and you’ll be rewarded with asweet, delectable cheese. Available in1 lb loaves (6 sp)—special ordersavailable for larger wheys—contact yourlocal station for more details.


WATER-DHAVIAN : Alsocalled eyed cheese,holed cheese, orarrow-shot, thispale cheese has asharp, tangy bitewhich would makeit instantly recognizable without itsunique appearance. A popular andcommon cheese in the City ofSplendors, it is found both in the mostcommon bars and on the richest tablesof the nobles. Remember, I sell cheeseby weight, not volume, so you aren’tpaying for the holes! Available in1 lb wheels (4 sp) or 100 lbs oval wheys(35 gp)

YAK BUTTER: Actually a softcream cheese made from yak milk, yakbutter is found from the Spine of theWorld to the Hordelands. Yak butter ismild and delicate, but has morecharacter than most cream cheeses, andis excellent with blackbread or elvenloaves. I promise to deliver the freshestavailable yak butter to our customers,but the best always comes in the spring,after the first major thaw. Available in1 lb earthenware containers (4 sp) or100 lb wooden tubs (35 gp). Weight ofcontainer is not counted in final weight.

Wines and Ales

Elminster once said, “The heavy wisdom that sorrow teaches is lightened by the pint,and lost by the gallon.” For all the insight in this typically pedantic Elminsterism,

I’ve more than once seen the old mage well into his cups.Of course most of us rely upon distilled fare not for its deleterious effects,

but for the mere quenching of thirst. Unless one dwells in Vaasa, the High Moor, or the glad hallsof Evermeet, water consumption has proven consistently dangerous to health, as well as producing what

the dwarfs term “sloshtomach.” By contrast, a strong, almost impenetrable ale scours the palate,pleases the stomach, and lightens the head for philosophical debate.

And what ale does in two swallows, wine does in one.As you will see in the next few pages, I am committed to offering a wide variety of distilled fare,

with selections suitable for most any palate and purse. I caution that a wise drinker willengage in philosophy but avoid driving beasts of burden.

Purchasing SizesDespite Elminster’s fables about somefaraway land where even the mostcommon of drinks are sealed and sold inglass bottles, I can offer only thosestandard containers adopted byvineyards of Faerun. All of the beers,wines, and other products here are to befound in sizes and packages like these:

Hand keg: 12" long and 8" incircumference, the hand keg weighsabout 10 pounds and carries roughly2 gallons of liquid.Cask: This small barrel is roughly 2'long and 18" in circumference, caskscarry 12 gallons of wine or beer.Barrel: Generally 3-5' long and as widearound as a healthy man’s shoulders,barrels are the most common containerfor transporting liquids. Barrels hold30 gallons.Butt: 100 gallon butts are roughly 6-7'long and wider than a man, a standardpurchase size for well-to-do manors,estates, and small castles.Tun: Generally mounted into the wallof taverns with a tap directly into it, atun holds 250 gallons.


Wines and Ales

Ales & BeersNearly every dale,village, town, andcity in Faerun has abrewery that makesa local concoction ofvariable quality andentertains aparochial following

among its patrons. But the brews I offerare easily transported or of the finestquality, which makes them worth thetime and effort. Though I cannotpersonally vouch for the taste andjudging of these brews (my palateprefers wines, though a sip of Luiren’sBest is a wonder with a bit of nutcheese), my staff vouches for, and dipsinto, them all. Clearly I can’t stockevery brew: selections not offered arelimited by travel, supply, or demand.

BITTER BLACK: This hearty stoutfrom Arabel is one of that city’s majorexports, and deservedly so. Best servedat cellar temperature (Arabellans sniff atany other way of serving this drink), thestout is heavy and is jet black with adark brown head of foam.Hand keg, 3 sp; cask, 2 gp;barrel, 5 gp; butt, 15 gp; tun, 30 gp.

DRAGON’S BREATH BEER: ASembian brew of strong, harshtemperament, Dragon’s Breath is oftenserved with a platter of dark rye breadand death cheese. Hand keg, 12 cp;cask, 6 sp; barrel, 2 gp; butt, 6 gp;tun, 10 gp.

ELMINSTER’S CHOICE: This isamong our more popular brews, madeand shipped from Immersea. Whetherits name is authorized by the old dear

himself or is just a marketing ploy (thewisdom of this is questioned: any whoknow the old wizard knows he drinksanything this side of gorgon’s milk),this dark beer, cloudy with yeast andhaving a heavy head, is of standardquality. Its bitterness leaves a smokyaftertaste, and is preferred byadventurers around the Wyvernwater.Hand keg, 14 cp; cask, 8 sp;barrel, 2 gp; butt, 7 gp; tun, 15 gp.

GOLDEN SANDS BREWS:Southern brews, including theseCalish*te beers, are rare, interesting,and lighter drinks called lager. They arelighter in taste, color, and weight andhave more effervescence. Golden sandsbrews come in varying types, each withdifferent additives to alter the taste ofthe base lager. These are available onlythrough ports at Baldur’s Gate andWaterdeep, though we will attempt todistribute to a wider clientele in thenear future. Prices for all golden sandsbeers are the same: Hand keg, 2 sp;cask, 1 gp; barrel, 25 sp; butt, 8 gp;tun, 16 gp. The following are thevariants of this Calimport brew:Golden Sands Basic: Unadulteratedlager with no added flavorings afterbrewing. It has a pale yellow color,white foam, and light bubbles.Golden Sands Gold: The basic brewspecially fortified with extracts fromcacti and nettles, giving the beer asharp, more bitter aftertaste and itsdeeper golden color.Golden Sands Orange: Braced withflavor of orange and currant, thisunique lager has an acidic aftertaste,but is sweeter than the basic lager.


Wines and Ales

IRIAEBORAN NORTH BREW:This local brew is best appreciated byless-refined palates than my own, but ispassing fare for tavern or homeconsumption. This dark amber liquidhas a harsh, bitter aftertaste (sold byIriaeboreans as “the bite of the northwinds”) that is, for many, an acquiredtaste. The product, when initiallybrewed ten years past, was placed in anyempty barrels ordered from the city; thispractice stopped in order to increase theplummeting orders of the cask trade.Hand keg, 9 cp; cask, 5 sp;barrel, 12 sp; butt, 4 gp; tun, 8 gp.

LUIREN’S BEST: Brewed by theSmokardin clan of coastal Luiren, thishefty stout is as black as ink and nearlyas thick as the snows of the Spine of theWorld. Possessed of a sweet flavor and afrothy head, this halflings’ brew lives upto its name. Found easily in Luiren,Halruaa, and the Shining South, it israrely transported north aside from itslimited exports to my outlets in Sembia.Hand keg, 3 sp; cask, 2 gp;barrel, 5 gp; butt, 15 gp; tun, 30 gp.

OLD ONEEYE: This beer, itscontainers stampedwith a brand of acyclops’ head, isbrewed inLlorbauth on thesouthern coast of

the Deepwash, just north of theThornwood. The local brewer, a retiredhalf-elf fighter/mage named AranethIdogyr, learned the recipe from a cyclopshe met and, strangely, befriendedduring the local Goblin Wars of1358 DR. This relatively new brew is

akin to the lagers of Calimshan—lighterand less opaque than the standardstouts of the North, but with a higheralcohol content. Old One Eye’s fiery redcolor comes from its secret brewingprocess. (Rumors mention pepper andother minute spices in the grain mix.)Its odd “hot” aftertaste makes this beera one-of-a-kind drink. It is gainingquite a following among the locals andadventurers south of Cormyr, and tavernkeepers like it for its long life and easeof travel. Hand keg, 15 cp; cask, 1 gp;barrel, 3 gp; butt, 7 gp; tun, 15 gp.

SHADOWDARK ALE: This frothyale is almost sinister in appearance, withpale yellow foam atop a cloudy brownbubbly liquid. Despite a dauntingdemeanor, this ale is excellent, with alight bitter taste. Brewed inShadowdale, this ale travels easily and isfound as far away as Luiren; manyadventurers who first tasted this finebrew at the Old Skull are glad to haveits familiar taste in any major city’staverns. Hand keg, 17 cp; cask, 1 gp;barrel, 35 sp; butt, 9 gp; tun, 18 gp.

“SUZALE”: This fine-quality ale isspecially prepared by the royal brewer ofthe House of King Azoun IV of Cormyr.Though its proper title is Purple DragonAle, the name listed is its most commonappellation. First brewed for the royalservants and household of the PalaceRoyal, Suzale will now spread its nuttyflavor throughout Faerun.Hand keg, 3 sp; cask, 2 gp;barrel, 5 gp; butt, 15 gp; tun, 30 gp.


Wines and Ales

TANAGYR’ S STOUT: This productis one of few exempted from tradeembargoes against Zhentil Keep: aheavy, pitch-black stout with a low, richmalt flavor—the richest, smoothest,headiest drink this side of Evermead.This drink has long been limited to theMoonsea region, but is expanding itstrade farther south, using unmarkedbarrels to avoid the stigma of its pointof origin. Hand keg, 35 cp; cask, 25 sp;barrel, 6 gp; butt, 20 gp; tun, 50 gp.


CRACKER: Thiscider, derived fromlocal pressings ofwindfall apples, isavailable in bulk.The nature of localpresses leads to a

heavy sediment, and the cider should beallowed to settle for at least three daysafter it arrives at its final destination.Stronger than an ale but weaker than agood wine, this is a robust cloudy drink.Hand keg, 1 sp; cask, 4 sp; barrel, 1 gp;butt, 35 sp; tun, 8 gp.

PURPLE HILL CIDER: Thisclarified cider, prepared in Myratma,comes from a mixture of apples andaccent fruits (cherries, plums, quinces,gooseberries) from the Purple Hillsorchards of Tethyr. By carefully coaxingfurther fermentation of the cider must,the vinters have produced a fine, fruitycider with the punch of a strong wine.Hand keg, 4 sp; cask, 2 gp;barrel, 5 gp; butt, 15 gp; tun, 30 gp.

VILHON CIDER: Made in Nimpethon the south shores of the VilhonReach, this heady cider is strong in itssweet flavorings of apples, cherries,blueberries, and pears. An exquisitecider, it is best served piping hot withcinnamon or cloves. Hand keg, 5 sp;cask, 25 sp; barrel, 7 gp; butt, 20 gp;tun, 40 gp.


DRY: This fine redwine is very dry andshould be served atcellar temperatureto best exhibit itswoodsy undertonesand slightlyberrylike taste. Cask, 25 sp;barrel, 6 gp; butt, 20 gp; tun, 48 gp.

BERDUSKAN DARK: Berduskandark wine is a heavy, sweet, and burningwine. It is very dark in hue, almostblack, and high in alcohol content. It ishighly prized by some across theRealms. Once Berduskan dark wasbottled in a cooperative effort of guildsin Berdusk. After a falling out betweenthe Vintners’ and Alchemists’ Guilds,the wine became available in thecontainers found elsewhere in Faerun.Hand keg, 14 gp; cask, 24 sp;barrel, 60 gp; bottle (when available),12 gp.

BLOOD WINE: Blood wine, aproduct of Aglarond, has a heavy bodyand deep-red tone. The taste is lush andfull, with a slight afterbite. The winecomes from a shriveled variety of grape


Wines and Ales

that grows on twisted vines, grapes saidto be possessed by the dead whoenacted petty cruelties upon otherswhile they lived. True or not, bloodwine has a distinctly heavy flavor.Hand keg, 15 sp; cask, 4 gp;barrel, 10 gp; butt, 30 gp; tun, 70 gp.

CLARRY: A blend of table winessweetened with honey and spices, pinkClarry is a treat for any special occasion.Hand keg, 4 sp; cask, 2 gp;barrel, 5 gp; butt, 14 gp; tun 35 gp.

EVERMEAD: Evermead is the elvenmead—the one against which all othermeads (and any other drinks) arecompared. A sip is reputed to be a tasteof the higher planes themselves. Madeaccording to closely guarded traditionalmethods in Evermeet and allegedly agedfor hundreds of years, very few kegs ofEvermead ever reach non-elven hands.Outside of Evermeet, Evermead can bebought only through direct contact withme. Hand keg, 50 gp; bottle, 30 gp.

FIRE WINE: This thick, dark,almost black wine made in the OldEmpires is named for the fire it createsin one’s belly. Fire wine is an extremelystrong and spicy wine, reputed to havemedicinal qualities. Hand keg, 38 cp;cask, 18 sp; barrel, 46 sp; butt, 15 gp;tun 38 gp.

MEAD: Mead, a delicate, slightlysweet wine made from honey, is slow toferment and in scarce supply comparedto grape wines or those of other fruits.Mead-making is an art, and the vintnermust be careful to neither over-yeast hismead, making for a foul taste, nor allowit to grow too hot or cold, killing the

yeast and forestalling properfermentation. The mead offered here isthe finest found in the Northlands, asthe honey comes from the fantastichoney bees that inhabit the gardens inNeverwinter. Hand keg, 25 sp;cask, 6 gp; barrel, 20 gp; butt, 48 gp.

SAERLOONIAN SPECIAL VAT:This pale red wine leaves a tingle on thetongue. While the recipe forSaerloonian Special Vat is rumored to beover half raspberry and strawberry, withsome grains added for smoothness andbody, many claim this stable anduntiring wine’s full-bodied tones comefrom the special fermenting and agingprocesses used to make it.Hand keg, 6 sp; cask, 28 sp;barrel, 8 gp; butt, 23 gp; tun, 56 gp.

SAERLOONIAN GLOWFIRE:A pale chartreuse wine renowned for itsfaint luminescence. Glowfire is neithersweet nor very dry, and has a tastereminiscent of summer breezes andpears. Hand keg, 5 sp; cask, 26 sp;barrel, 7 gp; butt, 22 gp; tun, 54 gp.

SAERLOONIAN TOPAZ: Topaz’syellow-amber color is what lends it itsname. It is slightly dry and has a nuttyquality balanced by bold fruitovertones. Hand keg, 48 cp; cask, 2 gp;barrel, 5 gp; butt, 17 gp; tun, 42 gp.

UNDERMOUNTAINALURLYATH: A surprisingly sweetwhite wine with a slightly nuttyaftertaste, this wine is a rare and limitedannual acquisition. Its wonderful tasteand full body are further enhanced forromantic evenings by its prominentsilver and green luminescence; it is


Wine and Ales

stored in ceramic bottles and kegs toprevent its light from fading duringtransport. Without contacts to its secretcreators, one cannot even buy morethan a hand keg from Skullport, its portof origin. Although my Waterdhavianbuyer will not divulge the location ofthe winery within Undermountain’sconfines, I have translated the elvishname of the wine to mean “Best of theTemple.” Ceramic bottle (1 qt.), 5 sp;hand keg, 30 sp; cask, 8 gp.

WESTGATE RUBY: A bold crimsonwine with a slightly acid inclination, myWestgate Ruby is ideal for consumptionwith a hearty stew or beef.Hand keg, 3 sp; cask, 13 sp;barrel, 3 gp; butt, 10 gp; tun 25 gp.

WINE, SPICED: Spiced wine, ourbest from Calimshan and Tethyr, is ataste treat and a sovereign remedy formany ailments, including nausea,cough, and huskiness of the throat.Raisin, cinnamon, fennel, anise,nutmeg, and clove varieties areavailable. Raisin, fennel, cinnamon:hand keg, 4 sp; cask, 2 gp; barrel, 5 gp.Anise, nutmeg: hand keg, 5 sp;cask, 25 sp; barrel, 6 gp. Clove:hand keg, 6 sp; cask, 3 gp;barrel, 7 gp.

WINE, TABLE: This good wine,red or white, is available in bulk asprovisioning for a tavern, castle, ormanor. I am able to supply it cheaply asshipping costs are kept to a minimumdue to numerous local suppliers.Though this wine supplies a merryevening and is unfailingly tasty, I cannotvouch for its even and consistent qualitydue the nature of local suppliers.

Hand keg, 3 sp; cask, 12 sp;barrel, 25 sp; butt, 8 gp; tun, 20 gp.

WINTER WINE: This unusual wineindigenous to the North is apurplish-blue hue, often leading tojokes that the grapes that go intomaking it “caught a chill.” This is quitetrue, as the grapes are allowed to freezeon the vine. They are then harvestedand crushed while still frozen.

Winter wine is very strong and sweet,and is usually served in small quantitiesas a dessert. The Chessentan berries thatgive it the blue tinge also lend it aunique spicy tone. Hand keg, 7 sp;cask, 33 sp; barrel, 8 gp; butt, 26 gp;tun, 65 gp.


E x o t i c s

Among my favorite offerings, each of my exotics comes from a distant land and a fascinating people.More than any other section in my catalogue, this list of exotics showcases the finest and oddest productsof Toril. In my journey to Maztica, I discovered that the Nexalan product tabacco (or tobacco) is far and

away superior to our pipe weed. When questing through Shou Lung, I learned to appreciate the wondersof their candies, which have a subtle sweetness that can be more satisfying than the overwhelming flavor

of Selgauntan candy. Perhaps the exotics I offer here will allow you to relive your own journeys,or perhaps awaken in you a hunger to travel to these distant lands.

CHILIS:Withoutcomparisonthroughout Toril,this spice can becompared mostsimilarly toMalatran pepper,

though much greater in bite to thetongue. These Maztican spices can easilyconceal the flavor of even the worstmeat. We offer these as strings of wholedried pods or ground spice.(100 gp/lb whole; 20 gp/oz ground)

CIGARS: Made from the rolledleaves of Nexalan tabacco (somethingnever possible with pipeweed), the cigaris an indescribable smoking pleasure.Rich and pungent, these are among thelatest fashion of those returning fromMaztican shores. (10 gp each)

COCOA: This Maztican product hasbecome quite the rage among thewealthy of Calimshan with little shopsdevoted entirely to the drink nowopening. Mixed with water in theMaztican manner, the powder forms a

bitter and stimulating tonic, reputed torestore energy and romantic prowess.(100 gp/lb.)

COFFEE:Though longfamiliar in the landsbeyond EasternShaar, this beveragehas gone all butunrecognized in thenorth. The driedbeans are imported at great expensefrom distant Durpar and then carefullyroasted and ground. Infused in hotwater, coffee brews a stimulating tonic,excellent for combatting weariness andenhancing mental acuity. (50 gp/lb.)

fa*gARA: This spice comes from theforbidding interior of T’u Lung wherefew western travelers, save myself, haveventured. Similar in size and flavoringto peppercorns, fa*gara possesses theunique addition of a mild tinglingnumbness. So powerful is the effect thata little will serve for even the largestdish. (100 gp/lb.)

GARUM: I first became acquaintedwith this salty sauce of fermented fishand other flavorings in the jungles ofMalatra, where it was used to add tangto all manner of dishes. Now, using arecipe brought back from the far reachesof the east, I am able to offer this


E x o t i c s

superior condiment for use at yourtable. (10 gp/gal.)

KETJAP: From the eastern landsbeyond Durpar comes a new flavorwonder. There in the kitchens of caliphsand viziers, the chefs of Durpar createda new condiment using the exotic newfruits of Maztica. Now, for the first timein the west I offer the results of theirefforts—ketjap. This thick, spicycondiment is the perfect addition togrilled and roasted meats, adding flavorto an otherwise plain meal. (20 gp/pt.)

LITCHI FRUIT:Served to emperorsin the courts ofShou Lung, thisunusual fruit is notavailable in theWest. I offer thisrare fruit in two

forms; dried, so that it is not dissimilarto Imnescarian dates, and preserved insyrup, so the fruit retains all its tendersweetness. (50 gp/lb dried;10 gp/pt. preserved)

LONG BEANS: This tender-poddedvegetable grows rampant in Maztica andis used in households rich and poor.Sweet and crisp when fresh, the longgreen beans can also be dried or pickledfor nutritious winter fare and in thisform brought back to Toril. I haveimported both varieties and now ampleased to be the first to offer thiswonder of the new world. (Dried beans100 gp/lb.; pickled beans 10 gp/qt.)

POTATO: Far superior to thenorthern root that bears the samename,the Maztican potato (or batata) is larger,firmer, and stores better. Trial plantingsindicate the plant grows well in poorconditions, an asset for every farmerwith small acreage. From my freshtubers and rootstock you can propagateyour own garden. (20 gp/lb. rootstock)

RICE CANDIES: Imported fromdistant Shou Lung, these candies arecertain to appeal with their gelatinouschewy texture and tart flavor. Flavoredwith essences of exotic fruits andflowers, these will certainly appeal toyoung and old alike.(100 gp for 100 pcs., assorted flavors)

SOYA SAUCE: Since bringing backthe secret of this sauce from distantShou Lung, Aurora’s Authentic SoyaSauce has graced the tables of kings andprinces, enchanted by its unique flavor.Not wishing to deny its wonderful flavorto any valued customer, I have nowmade soya sauce available to everyone.Order today and discover what wondersit does to soups and stews. (15 gp/qt.)

TABACCO: Dark and sweet-scented,this Nexalan leaf can be used for thesame purposes as common pipeweed.However, there all comparison ends, for


E x o t i c s

pipeweed cannot match the rich, fullflavors of true Nexalan tabacco (ortobacco). I sell only the finest tabacco,imported directly from Nexal andpacked in sealed pots to retain all itstrue flavor. Every pot comes with acomplimentary churchwarden so thatyou need not delay your enjoyment.(100 gp/lb.)

TEA: In my travels to the outlyingparts of Shou Lung, I had thepleasurable opportunity to becomefamiliar with refined practice of teadrinking. Similar in concept to ourherbal infusions, the Shou have raisedtea drinking to a fine art. Throughspecial arrangement, I am now able tooffer a variety of Shou teas, invigoratingand yet soothing at the same time. PaleJade is our most popular variety, subtlein flavor and color, while for those whoprefer a stronger taste, Earth Dragon’sEye will satisfy. (Pale Jade: 20 gp/lb.;Earth Dragon’s Eye 50 gp/lb.)

TOMATO:During my journeysin Maztica, I hadseveralopportunities totaste this uniquecrop fresh-picked.While this delicatered fruit cannot survive the long journeyacross the ocean, it can fortunately bedried, which only intensifies thesweetness of its flavor. Packed in oils,dried tomato can be used in soups,salads, and candies. (10 gp/pt.)

VANILLA : Words cannot describethe delicate flavors of this wondrousspice, certain to become a favoritethroughout all Toril. From the deepjungles of Maztica comes this strangebean of exotic orchids, hand-picked bynatives of those distant lands. I importonly the finest beans, sealed inindividual vials to preserve the delicateessences. (100 gp per bean)

Additional ExoticsBlack walnutsButternutsCoconut


Ground artichokesGroundnutsHickory nutsJujubesLong pepperLotus fruit, driedManioc flourMaple sugarMyrobalansPaprikaPecansPimentoPineapple, driedPumpkin seedsSasparillaScented geraniumTamarind pulp

lb. 100 gplb. 200 gp

lb. 50 gp1 10 gplb. 200 gplb. 30 gplb. 200 gplb. 30 gpoz. 100 gplb. 70 gplb. 250 gplb. 75 gplb. 50 gpoz. 30 gplb. 150 gpoz. 40 gplb. 300 gpoz. 20 gpoz. 10 gpoz. 50 gpoz. 100 gp


Wilderness Gear

For every bejeweled city of Toril, there are a thousand square miles of wilderness.Those bent on adventure will find themselves more often than not among the trees and grasses insteadof the streets and buildings. Our compact wilderness gear can provide adventurers a home in most any

environment without encumbrances that stop adventurers in their tracks.What could be more comforting to the wayfarer than a sturdy tent to turn the chill winds ofIcewind Dale or the insects of Chult? Many times on my adventures I longed for such helps.


One of the mostimportant parts ofany adventurer’sday is restful,healing sleep.Staying warm anddry is essential to

getting a good night’s rest, so we offer aspecial adventurer’s bedroll that is easyto tote, yet durable and heavy duty. It isdesigned as a sack that is long enoughto hold a human, with special eyehooksdown one side for quick entrance andegress. The bedroll is multi-layered,with an outer layer of soft leather forwaterproofing, and an inner layer offlannel cotton from Maztica for warmthand softness. In between, loosely spunwool padding creates a layer ofinsulation for superior warmth. It willkeep you warm on some of the coldestnights, and you won’t lose any sleepover the price—just 20 gp. For thewarmer climes, we also offer a thinnerversion, without the wool padding:

17 gp.

CANTEEN, WINESKIN, FLASK:Keep plenty of fluids handy whenyou’re on your own in the wildernesswith our collection of skins andcanteens. We offer a basic one gallonwater- or wineskin, made of sheep’sbladder (8 sp), as well as a larger threegallon skin for you really thirsty folk

(2 gp). We also would like to tell youabout a new item, a personal canteen.This is a stoppered wooden tank, linedwith sheep’s bladder and covered inthick wool. It holds one-half gallon, butwill keep your drink cold longer. Ahandy shoulder strap is attached for easycarrying, and it is better protectedagainst bursting if dropped. This niftydevice is available for 5 gp.

CLIMBING GEAR: If you’re goingto be doing some seriousmountaineering, you’re going to needsome serious equipment. You may pickand choose from the list below, orpurchase a special package that providesa typical set of gear for one person.

down. 15 gp each.

ASCENDERS:These are specialhand grips that willroll one direction(up) on a rope, buthave a pinchingbrake, to keep themfrom sliding back


Wilderness Gear

CARABINIERS:These are simplyclosed clips that canbe used to hooktogether items, likea looped knot in arope to an eyelet ona spike. 10 gp each.

DESCENDERS:These are also calledbrake bars, and areused to halt aperson who issliding down arope. The rope iswoven into five orsix crossbars, and adjustments to thelevel of friction can be controlled duringdescent. 15 gp each.

his rope. 20 gp/set.

HARNESSES:These are specialstraps that wraparound the legs,trunk, andsometimesshoulders, to keep aclimber attached to

ICE AXE: This isused to climb slicksurfaces, like iceand hard snow.10 axe is equivalent tohorseman’s pick exceptfor weapon proficiencies;military pick cannot substitute for an ice axe inclimbing

PULLEYS: Apulley will help liftheavy items withrope by increasingleverage, and willalso let items rollacross horizontallytied ropes (across achasm, for example). 15 gp each.any adventurer with Mountaineering proficiencyshould have these items to use his proficiency;DMs not using proficiencies may assign a +10%to climbing success rates (DMG Table 65)

FIREGRATE: When you’ve come tothe end of a long hike, and are ready fora hot meal, this miniature firegrate isperfect. It is a simple iron rack, about6 inches by 12 inches, with a set ofhinged legs on both ends. Simply swingthe legs away from the rack, and it lookslike a table, ready to hold your cookpotwhile it stands over the fire. Includes aniron prod for moving hot pots. 3 gp.

HAMMOCK :On thosecomfortable nights,when it’s not toocold, you can tieyour hammock upbetween two trees.Woven from hemprope, this sturdy sleeper comes with adrawstring carrying satchel. Also goodfor keeping packs and food up off theground, away from scavengers. 5 gp.


Wilderness Gear

HORNS: Don’tever get lost whenseparated from yourcompanions, again.With theseminiature horns,you can signal yourposition easily, to

be found, or to let the group know thatit’s okay to follow. Set up simple codes,and keep your group on track. 4 gp fora set of five.

INSECT NETTING: The jungles ofChult are teeming with biting insects,but it’s too hot to sleep in a bedroll in atent. Use this material to set up acanopy to protect yourself from constantaggravation, without losing the benefitof the breeze. The net is made of silk,so it’s very light in your pack. 300 gp fora section 10' by 20'.

MESS KIT: Now, all of your eatingutensils are in one, easy-access kit.Inside a small cooking pot is packed acollapsible leather cup, a plate, a spoon,and three stoppered seasoning vials in apadded leather pouch. A small leatherstrap keeps the lid on the pot duringtransport. 8 gp.

POLES: Most of the time, you cancut saplings for your tent or netting.But what if you’re above the timberline,or on the tundra? Take along sometelescoping, collapsible poles, just incase. These are made of steel, but wellworth the price of 20 gp for a set of six.

RATIONPACKS: This ishandy when youdon’t have time tostalk and kill yourown food in thewilds. Each meal iswrapped in waxed

parchment, then wrapped in sackclothand tied with string. There are a varietyof combinations, but each meal includesa hard roll, a slice of dried cheese, somedried fruit, some seasoned jerky, andsome sort of tuber or root vegetable,like a potato or turnip. These mealsusually last for at least two weeks. 10 gpper week’s worth.

REPELLENTS,HERBAL: Keepinsects away fromyour campsite withthese specialrepellents. We havecandles with oil ofcitronella that willchase them away (3 gp for a dozen), or aspecial oil of pennyroyal, which can berubbed on exposed skin to keep them atbay (5 gp for a flask, 50 uses).


Wilderness Gear

of leather it’s 1 gp.

RUCKSACK:This is a smallerversion of thetypical backpack,and can be used asan auxiliary pack foradditional items. Itcan be carried overa shoulder, or wornaround the waistlike a belt, andcomes with a specialbuckling strap forthis purpose. Made

STAKES: As with poles, sure you cancut your own, but not if there’s nowood. Our stakes are made ofhigh-impact steel, so you can drivethem into almost any surface (ice, rock,etc.). A set of eight stakes is 30 gp.

STRAPS: No one ever seems to haveenough straps. I find that I’m alwayswishing for one more strap to attachanother item to my pack or belt. Wehave a full range of lengths to choosefrom, or, we will sell a special strap kit,where you get a coil of leatherstrapping, and twenty-fiveself-tightening buckles. You cut thelengths you need. Short straps sell for7 sp for a dozen, 12 sp for medium, and1 gp for long. The kit is 2 gp.

TENT: Shelter is one of the mostimportant things we need, as creatures,to survive. This two-person tent is madeof durable canvas, and includes hemprope, wooden stakes and poles. This

tent costs 8 gp, or you can purchase ourbigger six-man tent for 20 gp.

TINDER &FLINT: We like tocall these our“instant firestarters.” Eachstarter is wrapped inoiled cloth, andcontains wood

shavings and a briquette of charcoal.Just touch it to a spark, and it’ll do therest. 3 gp for a dozen.

WALKINGSTICKS, STAVES,CANES: I reallyadore this collectionof ornamental anddecorative walkingaids. We offereverything from abasic walking stick(3 sp), to a fullycarved ash staff(8 gp), to silver andgold carved caneheads, some setwith gemstones (prices vary). If you justwant to go hiking, cut down a sapling,but if you prize fine craftsmanship,you’ll want to get our entire collection.Yes, we will special order personalizedcane handle requests.


Wilderness Gear

TransportationBIT AND

BRIDLE: Anyhorseman will tellyou that thedifference betweena good bit andbridle and a poorone is a stiff neck,

an aching back, and a bad temper. Ourhorse bridles work well both for longjourneys and for high-speed chases. Thisbridle has double checks, a quirt-lengthend, a padded crown piece and doubledchafe. Without bit: 13 sp; with bit:15 sp; blinder bridle and bit: 2 gp.provides +1 to Land-Based Riding proficiencywhen used with saddle

HARNESS: Leave behind theplowman’s trappings—our light andsturdy harness can add miles to a horse’sendurance and speed to its gait.Suitable for heavily loaded wagons andfine carriages alike, this harness has astuffed-bottom pad, blacked Ordulanleather traces and lines, heavily foldedbreeching, comfortable breast straps,and a blinded bridle. Available insingle (3 gp) and double (5 gp) horsedraws. We also supply four (9 gp),six (15 gp), and eight horse draws(22 gp), though they must be specialordered. Meant for horses 1,250 lb orless. Larger harness for horses up to1,600 lb cost half again more.

HORSE BLANKET /HOOD:Some of the nicest spots in Faerun areunder ice for most of the year; in othersthe summer never ends. Those whoadventure to such spots will want ahorse blanket and hood to protect theirmounts from wintery blasts, and a flynet for turning back the biting bugs ofsummer. Our blanket and hood (3 gp)attach together, but can be separated formore temperate climes. Both are madeof thick wool to keep the horse as snugas a lamb. Our fly net (2 gp) is made offine leather for durability and includestassels to warn off even the nastiestbugs.important to care of horses in these climates;effects of nonuse are DM’s option

OARS AND PADDLES: An oldsaying from the Pirate Isles goes, “Theoars in me lifeboat’s worth their weightsin gold.” But we don’t charge thatmuch. Our paddles and oars come in5 ft (1 gp) and 8 ft lengths (2 gp). Wealso sell oarlocks (1 gp/pr) that canaccommodate any of our oars.

SAILCLOTH: Since the opening ofthe magnificent shores of Maztica,sailcloth has become a criticalcommodity. After a hundred voyages tothe golden lands, we have learned whatmaterial best withstands the rigors ofsun and rain, the sea and its thousandleviathans—even the torches of generalslike Cordell! We offer that


Wilderness Gear

double-thick, clay-steeped sailcloth in15-yard widths at a price of 1 gp/sq yd.

SADDLE,BLANKET ,STIRRUPS: Thosewho think saddlesuncomfortable havenever ridden a horsebareback. Oursaddle (10 gp) is farfromuncomfortable,made of the finestblacked Ordulanleather, withelegantly tooled

fenders, a single-cinch strap, and afourteen inch tree. Includes straps forthe addition of saddlebags. The saddlerests comfortably upon our contouredsaddleblanket (2 sp).adds a +1 to Land-Basedusedwith bit and bridle

Riding proficiencywhen

SADDLEBAG: Though some riderslet their mounts chafe under a load ofbags tied sloppily together, others wiselyuse our saddlebags. These saddlebagsare joined by a double-thick and doublewide leather strap that spares the beastthe pain of binding ropes. Each bag canhold as much as one rucksack, spreadingthe weight in kind fashion across theanimal’s hindquarters. (2 gp)

SLEIGH: You'll not find a wealthywheelwright north of Neverwinter:wheels either mire in the northern snowor slide helplessly across the ice. Cutters,on the other hand, are another matterentirely. In our sleigh, you can travelnorth of Icewind Dale until your horsefreezes before you will get mired insnow. All of our sleighs have hardwoodrunners plated with steel, canted framesfor stability, broad footboards, and aleather-padded seat. We offer bothtwo-person (200 gp) and four-person(300 gp) can pull its normal capacity load across iceand snow at ½ normal movement rate; horse cantrot but not gallop

SKATES:Strapping blades toone’s feet and thenpropelling one’s selfat high speedsacross a thin andprofoundly slickfield of ice thatoverlies a bottomless and near-frozenlake sounds like a bad idea to me.Nevertheless, skating is all the rage inthe north. We offer strap-on skates(3 gp) that can turn any stiff-soled


Wilderness Gear

footwear into instant skates. We alsooffer skates in the typical shoe sizes:gnome for 7 gp, halfling for 8 gp,elf for 9 gp, and human for 10 gp.(new) Skating proficiency takes 1 slot in generalgroup—(Dex/0); nonproficient move at ¼ speed

SNOWSKIS:One way to makeyour way acrosssnow-coveredwastelands is to skicrosscountry. Wesell sets of these skisfor all sizes ofcreatures. They aremade of oak, andhave special leatherstraps to wraparound your regularboots. 15 gp with a

pair of poles for balance (20 gp forcreatures larger than man-sized).(new) Skiing proficiency takes 1 slot in generalgroup—(D/0); non-proficient must move at ½speed downhill on these skis; provides base moveof 36 and requires a Dex check to keep balance;failure does 1d6 dmg and 5% risk of bone fracture

WAGONS AND CARTS: Almost assoon as humans and demihumans beganshifting their burdens to the backs ofanimals, animals began shifting theirburdens to carts and wagons. Our cart(30 gp) has rugged runners, a solidwooden wheel, and a steel axle. It cancarry up to 250 lbs of material. Forheavier loads, our wagon (80 gp) works

perfectly with our team harnesses. Thewagon can hold up to 4 tons ofmaterial.

WHIP ANDQUIRT:Unpleasant thoughit may be, whipsand quirts aresometimes necessaryto move a stubbornteam or mountforward. Our whipis 20 feet long,reaching even to thefirst pair of horsesin a six-horse team.Our quirt fitscomfortably in the hand and can spurany horse on to greater speed.horsewhip: Wt 2; S M; Typ —; Spd Fctr 8; Dmg1d3/1d2quirt: Wt 1; S S; Typ —; Spd Fctr 5; Dmg1d2/1d2


Priest in a Poke

Of course, true healing comes only by the gods, and gods are notoriously clannish about whom theygrant powers to (read “priests”). Occasionally, parties must embark on adventures without a healer in

the company, due to either a dearth of priests or a dearth of priestly courage.Therefore, I offer the following healing devices, grouped under the whimsical title “Priest in a Poke”

because they are too crude and painful to ever be used by a priest-toting company.Crude and painful, yes, but occasionally life-saving too. In addition to offering the stock supplies such asbandages and splints, we stock tools smuggled from the dark land of Thay, whose inhabitants are moreoften interested in killing than healing. Though I cannot vouch for the healing effectiveness of any of

these items, they remain popular among those desperate folks who travel priestless.

BANDAGES: Stanching blood canbecome a full-time occupation foradventurers of all types. Our fluffywhite gauze comes from a Maztican cropand soaks up blood like a sponge. Weoffer the gauze in 1 inch squares(100: 2 sp) as well as 2 inch wide strips(50 yd roll: 1 gp).to stanch blood per “Hovering on Death’s Door”rule in the DMG; requisite for use of Healingproficiency

B A L M S :In the absence of apriest or paladin,party members willpour just aboutanything down anopen wound. Ourbalm kit isconstructed inScornubel andweighs only3 pounds. Itcontains manywell-known salves:

lemon juice (8 oz), lotus-blossom nectar(8 oz), onion juice (3 oz), pitch (8 oz),

sea salt (8 oz), snake dung (2 oz),tea leaves (4 oz), vinegar (8 oz), andwood alcohol (7 cp/5 oz vial). (10 gp)wood alcohol adds 1 hit point; lotus-blossomnectar, pitch, tea leaves, and vinegar have noeffect; lemon juice, onion juice, sea salt, andsnake dung subtract 1 hit point

CRUTCHES:Once a leg isstraightened andsplinted, the nextpriority isambulation. Weoffer sturdyhardwood crutchesin two sizes—demihuman (3')and human (4'6").(Elves should orderhuman size.) Eachof these sizes is inturn variable by the addition of woodarmpit rests of varying heights. Whenordering, please specify the size of thecrutch and the height of the armpit rest(in inch increments). Demihuman:4 gp; human: 6 gp; armpit rest(all sizes): 1 gp.allows characters with one wounded leg to move at½ movement rate; two wounded legs moves 1/6regular movement (at DM’s discretion)


Priest in a Poke

CRANIALDRILLS: Despitetheir immateriality,headaches andmadness can bepersistent andtorturous. I havefound that a mugof ale and a goodsong can cure mostof them, but othersswear by the effectsof cranial drills. Icarry only one type

of this suspiciousapparatus for drainingcranial pressure—a drill with sturdy ironconstruction and a gnomish ratchetmechanism. Though I doubt the trueusefulness of such drills, I am told theycan be occasionally effective. Even so,they should only be used by skilledsurgeons (or joiners). Can also be usedon wood. (10 gp)½ Dex check required to keep from killingpatient; after roll percentiles—1 to 40 lowers Int 2points, 41 to 70 lowers Int 1 point, 71 to 95 hasno effect, 96 to 100 relieves symptoms

HERBALMEDICATIONS:When a priest’shealing touch ismiles distant, thehealing touch ofnature may aidthose with illness,injury, or madness.We offer a casecontaining witchhazel extract (8 oz)for bruises,marshmallow-comfrey oil (12 oz) for burns, dandelionjuice (6 oz) for warts and corns,horehound tea (4 oz of leaves) for the

croup, garlic powder snuff (2 oz) fornasal ailments, rose hip marmalade(12 oz) for sore throats, marshmallowroots (10 dried) for abscessed teeth, redclover (3 oz) for trench foot, conserve ofcowslips (10 oz) for madness. (10 gp)each has a 20% chance to work in one applicationexcept conserve of cowslips, whose effect liesentirely with the DM

HOOKS AND PEG LEGS: Quitepopular among our seafaring clientele,hooks and peg legs are said by pirates to“werk compensatorily by grantin’ inflair what they takes in facil’ty.” Wesupply demihuman and human sizes,with the latter costing half-again morethan the list price:

DemihumanHooks CostSteel 3 spBrass 9 spSilver 9 gpGold 95 gp

DemihumanPegs CostWood 7 cpSteel 7 spIvory 2 gpBrass 18 spSilver 18 gpGold 170 gpHooks: Wt 1 lb; S S; Typ P; Spd Fctr 2; Dmg1d4+1/1d4+1; not magical when bought

KNIFE KIT: At times, the only wayto reach an ailing organ is to carve upwhat lies atop it. Though I do notcondone such probings, I cannot denythe stories of their occasional success. Ihave also, heard of many deaths. But,for those few who might be saved, our


Priest in a Poke

knife kit includes 7 knives, 2 shears,5 clamps, 3 sponges, 2 lenses, 10 curvedand straight needles, and a spool ofcamel-hair thread—all you need tomake quick work of any surgery. Werecommend an unconscious patient.(10 gp)on a case-by-case basis for internal illness, the DMdevises a brutal series of ½ Dex, Int, Wis, andCon (nausea) checks and requires a point-by-pointstatement of intention by the “surgeon”; DMdecides success

LEECHES: What a medicine cannotcure a good leech sometimes can. Wesell live leeches by jars of approximately10. I’ve known leeches to be used foreverything from colds to lycanthropy,with unpredictable results throughout. Ionce traveled with a fellow sochronically ill that he set a leech tonibbling every evening and put it awayagain every morning. (10 gp/jar)10% chance for placebo effect if patient expectscure; worthless against lycanthropy

LIMB ROD: Sometimes encounterswith ponderous monsters leave anadventurer’s limbs bending in all thewrong places. Unless a priest is on hand,those bones may mend incorrectly, if atall. With this gnomish contraption,however, a snapped bone can bepopped back into place, ready forsplinting. Merely place the affectedlimb in the adjustable frame and turnthe crank attached to the hand or footuntil the bones snap in line. Then useour splints to set the limb. (8 gp)½ Dex check allows realignment, failure adds 1d4points of damage

SAWS, AMPUTATION: Manywarriors fear gangrene more than thesword. When “the rots” sets in, theonly recourse at times lay in drasticmeasures. We stock saws for amputatingfingers (3 gp), arms (5 gp), legs (10 gp),and trunk sections (13 gp) as well as


Priest in a Poke

special joint cutters (7 gp) and snips(5 gp) for removing soft, fleshy parts.Our artisans in Procampur assure us thatthe keen teeth of their blades areperfectly sized for the limb type to beremoved. Note that tourniquets andplenty of absorbent gauze should beon-hand for this procedure. These sawsare best used upon drunken subjects.can halt rot grubs, mummy rot, etc.; ½ Dexcheck to apply tourniquet; finger saws cannot beused as weapons; other saws have weaponpotential only on sleeping or drugged foes; Saws:Wt 4 lb; S M; Tp S; Spd Fctr 10; Dmg 1d6/1d6;Snips: Wt 3 lb; S S; Tp S; Spd Fctr 7; Dmg1d4/1d4

SPLINT SET: Adventures quicklylose their spice when broken limbsresult. Our splint set weighs only4 pounds, fits nicely in a pack, andcontains all the leather straps and spruceboards you need for complete splinting.

(4 gp)best used with limb rod; for those withoutHealing proficiency, requires ½ Dex checkrequired for proper application; failure does 1d4points damage



No trail is easyupon the feet—most producecallouses, cuts,blisters, bulgingveins, and even flatfeet. For those whosuffer from theseailments, we stocktrail boots. Theseingenious bootscontain sandpaperto rub away

callouses as you walk, plumes to tickleyour feet into arching, and silk pads toabsorb the shock of the trail. These allreside upon a hardwood sole thatprevents the monotonous flexing offragile foot joints, and thick leatheruppers. Comfortable though they are, Ifind myself incapable of motion whenwearing them. The gnomish cobblerwho makes them, however, gets aboutquite easily despite his injured back.

(5 gp)Wt 5 lb; slow movement by half; -4 to Dexwhen worn; each five days of wear temporarilyreduces Con and Str by 1 due to back pain

TOOTH WRENCH: Why botherwith the torture of strings and slammingdoors when you can pull a tooth the safeway? With this tooth wrench, a strongperson can rip out even well-rootedmolars. Developed by craftsmen ofThay, this ingenious device clamps inplace and can pry against the opposinggum for extra leverage. (5 gp)combined Str roll must equal patient’s Con toremove tooth; patient rolls ½ Con to remainconscious

Priest in a Poke

TOURNI-QUETS: A must forthose who planquests againstdragons, beholders,or otherlimb-swallowingspecies, tourniquetsare light-weight andeasily applied. Ourtourniquet cloth isdurable andabsorbent linen,and our tourniquet

bar can easily be strapped in place aftertightening. (1 sp)for those without Healing proficiency, ½ Dexcheck is required for proper use; improper use failsto stop bleeding

THERIACA:An antidote formany poisons,adventurers oftencarry theriaca alongby the jarful. Weoffer an 8 oz metalflask, perfect for therail. (5 gp)50% effective against class A, B, G, H, and Kpoisons

WO U N DPACKINGS:Wounds may besealed in ways otherthan bandages. Weoffer gum, resin,tar, and wax, eachin 4 oz quantities

and each for 1 sp.application promotes as much infection as itprevents—no game effect


DaRoni's Workshop

In the wilds outside of High Horn lives a peculiar gnomish hermit named Nadul DaRoni.Hermit though he may be, he does not live alone:

his sprawling hermitage is peopled with ramshackle devices of wood and metal,massive and wobbly worktables, racks of unidentifiable tools, and countless bits of curled parchment,

which are piled up like snow across everything. Madman, perhaps; genius, perhaps;annoying, most definitely. He cornered me once at an affair Elminster was hosting in Shadowdale

and all but demanded admittance to my catalogue. At first I refused him outright,but after continual pestering, I finally took a look at his manuscripts, and was amazed.

My curiosity landed me a week later in his workshop where I was subjected to endless anecdotes andtheories from the dear old creature. At last, I said that if he were to write up some of his inventionsfollowing my format, I would allow him five pages. Next month I received a package with 97 such

pages, and have since narrowed them down to a dozen or so.At the outset of this section, I believe it only fair to warn buyers that they must beware of this

merchandise. These machines are as untrustworthy as they are peculiar, though all of them smack of agenius little encountered in our world these days. Note that all the items here must be special ordered,

with listed prices only vaguely reflecting what Nadul DaRoni will end up charging.And finally, the tight-fisted buyer may as well pass over this section entirely.

Remember, too, his Common is not well developed.

MechanismsClockpieces: It is the mechanisms of time

that make kings kings and mortals mortal. Wemark time by looking at the sun�s perpetualmotion; we watch tides moving with behemoths'rolling slumber on the sea floor; we see stars intheir skating watches pass the night.

So I think how other things�not only the sunand sea and stars�move with reason in time.Hourglasses use sand through a hole to mark timeand time candles use burning of wax. But sandgrains have different size and fires have differentheats. Things made by thinkers can be moreexact.

So I built clockpieces of springs and gears andmetal-tooled wedges to make true time machines.Some have winders and others have pendula, sotell me what you want. From 75 to 230 gp.all timeclocks lose 1 hour per a number of days equal to the costin gp


DaRoni's Workshop

Furnace Wagon: A man sees an ox andknows it has greater strength than he, but lesserwisdom. He uses wisdom to put his burden on theox. Even more powerful than the ox is theelements�earth, air, fire, and water. Theelements support the ox and the man. Man isfar wiser than the elements. So I try to make awagon to put the burden of man on the elements.

My furnace wagon (150 gp) has a hot fire onit stoked by coal and a man. The fire�s heatpushes the air through the shaft and turns thefan blades. The fans are geared low so they turnmany times to move the wheel a little. Worksvery well down hills.can move its own weight, plus a 200 lb cargo (coal) and a200 lb passenger at a rate of 4 across level ground; must bepushed up slopes greater than 5 degrees; consumes 200 lb ofcoal per 8 hours; has 10% chance per hour 4 spontaneouslycombusting


Hand Wagon: Some say my furnace wagonis too dangerous, but I only heard of one personwho burned to death. So, if you don�t have an oxor ass and fear of death by fire but still want awagon, I have a hand wagon.

Men are poor beasts of burden, with two legsrather than four and the fear of tipping overalways there. I didn�t want a walker before thewagon to hold his own weight and pull thewagon�s and not stumble. So my hand wagon hasthe rider sit comfortable and pull on loops, usinghis weight to pull his weight. The work is like pulling himself from a seat, over and over forhours.can propel own weight and driver�s weight at ¼ driver�s str inspeed and for driver�s Con in rounds over level ground; extrapassenger up to 200 lb halves speed; must be pushed acrossbumpy ground or up inclines more than 5%

DaRoni's Workshop

Instruments, Mechanical: The art of musicis most strange and not convenient. Sculpture,painting, and architecture last when the artist�shand leaves the substance, but music stops if theartist�s hand is stilled. So I ask myself how tomake the timely music last, and I think ofmechanical instruments. I put gears and leversand springs to make music and not fingers. Thisway a song stays when the bard leaves or thebard can play other instruments along with it.

Drum: This mechanical drum (40 gp) has foursticks on pivots that strike the head and return.A turning cylinder has gouges out of its roundedge to trigger the stick. Has different cylinderfor different music (8 gp each) and cylinder canbe wound up on a spring to turn moderate inspeed or turned by hand for fast or slow speed.

Violin: The catgut rolls over the strings whenthe crank turns, and the strings go up and downto make different notes with levers inside thesoundbox. The violin (95 gp) has different mastercranks (20 gp each) per song.

Yeoman�s Fiddle: A crank makes the wheelcovered with rosin go around against the strings while a set of gears presses the keys. Theyeoman�s fiddle (75 gp) can crank or have aspring wind it. It has different wheels for differentfolk songs (15 gp each).use of one of these instruments by a bard in a marketplaceattracts much attention, bringing 3d4 gp, per hour of play; allmechanical instruments have a 10% chance of malfunction perturn


DaRoni's Workshop

Light Splitter: All creatures of day seeklight and fear dark. A gnome on a hill can scarea giant below if his shadow is tall over thegiant�s head. A bird above a clear lake passes ashadow in the bottom as great as the leviathan.Water and glass make shadows big by the waythey are shaped, and distance spreads shadowsfar.

So I ask myself how to make a machine thatmakes small shadows big? My light splitter(25 gp) lets candle light go through a glass tostraighten it, then past a colored glass stencil,then through another glass, then to a wall.Makes the shadow of the stencil upside-down onthe wall. The stencil can be cut to look like aman, orc, horse, whatever.useful for creating diversion or nonmagical illusion; focuses up to30 feet away; saves per wood or glass, whichever is worse

Telescope: The light splitter sends out light;the telescope brings it in. With a glass in a tube,things that are dim are bright, and things thatare far are close. Works like two magnifiers puttogether. The tubes pull apart and you can seefar things. The tubes push together and you cansee close things.

Useful for looking at the heavens and the starspainted inside of them. Good too for thewanderers in the firmament and for the moon tosee the creatures there. Helps commanders at backof army to see what happens at front. Comes withstand for 70 gp.quadruples distance and detail of vision at ranges over 100 feet;allows study of moon�s surface and planetary appearance


DaRoni's Workshop

Flight go to the ether.

All people everywhere dream to fly, except maybedwarfs, but they may not dream at all. So Istudied the flight of birds to learn what they doto fly so nice. I looked too at the clouds andwinds and storms to see what makes them move inthe sky. What I come up with is here and Iswear all of them work some, if the flyerpractices.

So I made the air screw (75 gp) I show here.By turning the crank with your feet, the screwstarts spinning in circles above the device andmakes a great wind. Will then lift straight offthe earth into the sky. Can�t get to the ether, calculate probability of failure per round, subtract str andDex from PCs weight [e.g. 120 lb - (Str 14 + Con 16)= 90% chance failure per round]; if successful, can rise 10feet/round; regular falling damage applies for failure; magic thatalters weight, Str, or Con affects flight through formulaAir Screw: I come up with this idea when

I was watching a big whirling storms at sea. Awater spout grew up from the sea and started tosuck the water out into the ether. I thoughtmaybe if I make a spout like that, I could also


DaRoni's Workshop

Doubles Wheel: I am fishing on the lakeby my house when I see two dragonflies flyingwith tails joined. Then two more, these with oneon top of the other. So I watched and saw howthey all liked to fly that way; I thought I shouldmake a machine that would let two people flytogether.

First I tried the air screw, but another personbelow the screw caught too much wind. Wepumped harder and harder but to no use. Theframe broke. The whirling part hit my assistantand so he left. I gave up on the screw. I wentback to the dragonfly.

I put two wings on each side, like for thedragonfly: two men could make more force. The

wings have a pivot over the wheel and a hinge toa coarse screw. One man sits on each side,strapped to the frame. The heavier man steps andpulls on the wheel and the wings go down. Thelighter steps and pulls and they go up. (95 gp)chance of failure per round equals average weight minus averageStr and Dex [e.g., (130 lb + 90 lb)/2 - ((Str 16 +Str 14)/2 + (Con 13 + Con 17)/2) = 80% chance offailure per round]; when successful, can rise 20 ft per round andmove at 15; regular falling damage applies for failure; magicalalteration to weight, Str, and Con apply


DaRoni's Workshop

Heartland Flier: I wished to make also aflier that lets one man fly alone, like the birdsdo. Lie prone on the heartboard with feetstrapped into the stirrups in back and handsstrapped to stirrups in front. Push the right footand sweep with arms to draw wings down. Pushthe left foot and extend arms to draw wings up.(45 gp)chance of failure per round equals weight minus Str, Con, andDex [e.g., 120 lb - (Str 10 + Con 16 + Dex 14)= 80% chance of failure per round]; if successful, can rise25 ft per round and move at 15; regular falling damage appliesfor failure; magical alteration to weight, Str, Con, and Dexapply

Tentfall: Any man who has a linen tenttwelve yards square and twelve in depth, he cancast himself off of any great pinnacle and fallwithout harm. I used this tentfall many timeswith no harm.10% chance of failure, checked once; requires Str check to holdon; falling damage applies


DaRoni 's Workshop


Architectural: I have made sketches of themost important buildings in Faerun. Aurora willduplicate these by magic for any personinterested. Cost is 1 gp per sketch, some more. Ihave Caer Corwell, Caer Allisynn, the IvyMansion, the Tower of Ashaba, Valjevo Castle,Redstone Castle, the Temple of Bane, CastleKilgrave, High Horn Keep, and others.if DM wishes to allow purchase of one of these, see theFORGOTTEN REALMS® Atlas

Biographical: I draw portraits (30 gp).Aurora, King Azoun IV, and Elminster arehere. I can sketch you. Come to me or give yourname and location�I might come near.DM�s discretion as to how much time passes before DaRonicomes to town (if at all)


Biological: Much can be learned of theworld�s outer workings by looking at what it�sdoing on the inside. I have done so. King AzounIV of cormyr has agreed to let me dissect thebodies of enemy dead. My sketches show all thesystems of the body: skeletal, muscular,ligamentary, visceral, vital, lymphatic, sanguine,auditory, optic, olfactory, and palatal. Thesketches show theory for working of all systems.The sketches also have studies to balance the fourhumors�blood, phlegm, choler, and black bile tothereby correct saguine, phlegmatic, cholic, andbilious natures. Aurora will reproduce. Allsketches 4 gp per page. Some more.

DaRoni's Workshop

Warfare For King Azoun IV I built my great crossbow.He has not used it in battle. In tests it razedwalls 3 feet thick and smashed solid towers. It isrolled on six wheels and holds a straight trunk30 feet long by 2 feet wide. Pine works best,stripped of branches. Dry needles make a slick bedfor launching. It must be staked into the ground

Crossbow, Great: Most sieges are easy tobegin and hard to end. I thought to myself:What siege weapon could break a fortress? whatsiege weapon could break down a castle door? orfell a tower? or smash a wall to rubble? And Ithought: what heavy thing could impact to dothis? A boulder? a small brick building? a familyof giants? These things are thrown easily by agreat catapult, but arc too highly and tumble toooddly to be accurate. I thought: perhaps a tree,if shot like a quarrel, would do such damage.

before firing. None should stand in front.1250 gpstructural saving throws for great crossbow: hard stone 14, softstone 16, earth 17, thin wood 20, thick wood 18; requires 4horses and 4 men to pull/guide, 8 men and 4 horses to load;does 10d10 + 50 damage to anyone hit


DaRoni's Workshop

Guard, Casem*nt: I was in a castle whereorcs jumped up on the casem*nts and raged at us.I thought how to stop orcs from climbing thecasem*nts. I made this machine to sweep thecasem*nts with steel blades. They climb atop thecasem*nt and lose their legs and fall back on theothers. I can build one for you�300 gp.

Foil, Ladder: Some places have battlementsand I thought: how do I stop the orcs fromclimbing ladders to the battlements? I made thismachine for tipping ladders. You wait for theshout on the wall, then pull. I�ll make one for250 gp.

Hurler: This greatmachine hurls rocks. Itis 10 feet high andthrows rocks faster thanan arrow. The weighttwirls the rod where thesling is. It hits thegrounds to release therock. The rock can beup to 20 lb. Buy onefor 15 gp.Hurler: wt 20 lb; S L; Typ B; Spd Fctr 15; Dmg1d10/1d10; ROF 1/3; Hit Prob -3; only useful whenstaked to ground

Missile Thrower: Here is a machine forone man on a wall to fight like twenty. He usesspecial tongs to put a rock or ball of iron in thecup, then hits it with a mallet. A castle withthese stands good on first strike. They arereloaded quick in battle. The ball or rock canweigh up to 25 pounds. I make them in groups ofeight for 180 gp.Missile Thrower: wt 125 lb; S L; Typ B; Spd Fctr 15; Dmg1d10/1d10; ROF 8/2 with 2 rounds to reload; Hit Prob- 3; only useful when installed in castleworks


DaRoni's Workshop

themselves in battle and how to use their great larger in 10 foot radius; must move at rate of 45 to function;

strength.warhorses must be trained for 6 months to use; on natural roll of20, jams and must be stopped and detangled for 2 rounds

Then I saw the men out working to harvestwheat and I thought of this scythe wagon. I have


Scythe Wagon: I sit and watch warhorses two types: one with blades in front and one withrun into battle and I feel sorry. Their eyes and blades in back. The blades are ten foot and verybrains are in front, their throats are showing, sharp. They spin from the wheels of the wagon.their hearts are wide open. Even if they have when they hit somebody, he says REEEEP�barding they still have no weapons to use. The what just happened to him. Front: 75 gp;horse, too, is ten times as strong as the man who Back 60 gp.rides and swings his little tiny sword. So I think Scythe Wagon: wt 650 lb; S L; Typ S; Spd Fctr 7; Dmg

to myself how to help warhorses fight for 1d10/1d10; Hit Prob. +5 bonus for everything M size or

DaRoni's Workshop

Wagon, Armored: I once saw a king try Provides AC 0 when upright; moves as top speed of 24; wt

to get into his castle past a village crowd. They400 lb; requires 25 points of Str to turn over

set on him with only tools: scythes, hayforks,flails, cudgels. He wore full plate mail and his

Wagon, Flailing: Once I made my scythe

horse had full barding. Both died in thirty feet ofwagon and my armored wagon, I thought to make

entering the crowd. They cut of his head and putsomething that joined the two. That way the

it on the pub sign. I wondered if somebody couldwagon couldn�t be turned over so easy. So I came

be safe going through the crowd.up with these two wagons. One has maces

So I made this armored wagon. You sit underattached to the chains and one has morning

it and turn the cranks on the sides to make thestars. 90 gp

wheels roll. It goes fast on roads or smooth land.provides AC 1 when upright; top speed of 22, mud move at 18to function; wt 440 lb; with successful attack does 1d6 to

Sheds rain. Should still have lots of armored creatures in 4 foot radius; on natural 20, stalls for 1 round;

knights with you. Don�t let them turn it over. takes 25 points of Str to turn over

250 gp.


DaRoni's Workshop

Water ToolsAqualker: Believe

it or not, there arespiders who can walk onthe water. I saw thisand thought how tomake me walk on thewater like does a spider.So I made my Aqualker,with these cone-shapedpads for the feet androds for the hands withpads at the bottom. Lets

you not sink. Works better for light people. Youbetter not use it in rivers or oceans. 8 gpsupports up to 150 lb; works only on still water; allows move at1/6 normal peed

Diving Hood: Ithought of how theleviathans swimunderwater and spouttheir air above them. Ithought if I could breathemy air like they breathetheir air I could moveunderwater too. So Imade this diving hood.The top floats on thewater and the tube goesdown to a mask you wear. It doesn�t help yousee, but does help you breathe. Best if you putrocks in your pockets and wax in your ears.25 gpallows descent to 20 feet; wearer can move at ¼ normalmovement rate

Underwater Boat: I saw a boat be stoveby a whale. The men on it shouted and shakedtheir fists and threw harpoons, but the whaledived. I thought if I could make a boat to travelunderwater it would help. So I made this. Withair and driver and sandbags, submerges. Let outsand to surface. Moves well with flippers on back.if operator weighs over 220, will not surface; moves at ½regular movement; air lasts equal to operator�s Con in rounds;10% chance of leak�check once per outing

Water Screw:I wanted to have wateron the second floor of myhouse. So I made thisscrew to bring water upfor me. I crank it30 times and have5 gallons of water up ontop. Works well forfilling hot oil containerstoo�works for anyliquid. 75 gp


AD&D - Forgotten Realms - Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue - [PDF Document] (2024)


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