Urban Company Coupons & Offers: Up To 60% OFF Promo Codes (2024)

UrbanClap Coupons, Offers, & Promo Codes On Home Services For May 2024

Category Offer Details
Exclusive Coupon New Users - Flat 10% OFF On All Services
Home Salon Services Up To 60% OFF
Home Cleaning Services Up To 43% OFF
Haircut At Home Up To 40% OFF
Electrician Services Starting At Rs 149
Plumbing Services Starting At Rs 49
Urban Company Coupons & Offers: Up To 60% OFF Promo Codes (1)

About UrbanClap

If you live in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune or Ahmedabad, then it is time you say hello to your brand new service agent. A service agent includes plumber, photographer, physiotherapist, AC repairman, interior designer, etc. Urban company aims to be your one-stop solution for all the services you need or may need in the future. Pick one of the Urban Company coupons listed on the page and get a service you have been postponing due to what we imagine are a variety of reasons.

Exactly as Simple as 1, 2, 3

Booking a service with UrbanClap (now Urban Company) is exactly three steps long. Place a request for the service you are looking for, which will be responded to by Urbanclap’s professional service partners with quotes to get the job done. Chat and pick the service partner you like and get the service delivered at the comfort of your home. You might not have to do extensive googling, ridiculously long phone calls and follow-ups, and above all, no haggling. It will be just an excellent service provided at your doorstep. And add to that an Urban Company promo code from GrabOn, and it will make your day.

Urban Company coupons will help you save instantly. You will get up to 60% on its services. The Flash Sale shouldn’t be missed right now. Just check out the offers in the flash sale to get crazy discounts on not one, but all of Urban Company’s services.

Trusted Professionals at Your Service

The company collaborates with the best service partners in your city to make sure you get top-notch service no matter what you book on their portal. These are trusted professionals who will deliver the highest quality service. The services are guaranteed and you won’t have to make multiple calls and follow-ups. What you get with the site is pure convenience at a budget because the pricing on the portal is reasonably decent. Plus you can even use an Urbanclap referral code to get even more discounted rates for your services.

If you are looking for a similar service provider such as Urban Company, then Housejoy is the one! It offers a wide range of services such as beauty parlour service, house-cleaning, plumber, AC repair, fridge repair, etc. The company also ensures hassle-free service at an affordable price.

So. Many. Services.

UrbanClap offers the most services you can think of booking, which is the best part of booking from them. They have everything from plumbing to microwave repair and from sofa cleaning to interior designing. To list out a few, the company has services listed in AC service and repair, pest control, carpet cleaning, packing and moving, videography and photography, deep bathroom cleaning, housekeeping services, home deep cleaning, carpentry in handyman services. But they also offer personal and health services like birthday party planning, makeup, and beauty services at home, lawyers, and even income tax filing. You will never need another guy for any of these services.

UrbanClap City Offers

Users from all major Indian cities can enjoy grooming, cleaning, mobile repairs, fitness training, and other household services delivered right to the doorsteps using UrbanClap. The cities that Urban Company provides services are as following:

  • Hyderabad
  • Pune
  • Noida
  • Delhi-NCR
  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai
  • Ahmedabad
  • Kolkata
  • Chennai

Urban Company Offers

Need to save on cleaning and salon services? Check out the latest coupon codes for Urban Company here at GrabOn. You will find a plethora of promo codes that you can apply as per the service you want to take. For example, home salon services have more than 50% off right now. You can find the discount code for it at GrabOn.

Latest News

Home Services start-up expands operations in Australia

After experiencing a hit response in India and UAE, the home services start-up UrbanClap launched operations in Australia. Earlier this year, the company raised a series of funding from investors including Tiger Global Management, Steadview Capital, ex-Flipkart CPO, etc. The brand is focusing on starting the home repair and beauty services in Australia and then expand further with respect to the demand.

Get ready for the festivities with #TyohaarKiExpertTaiyari

Gearing up for Diwali? UrbanClap brings #TyohaarKiExpertTaiyaari for the consumers with a whopping up to 60% off on home, wellness, and beauty services. With this campaign, the company is expecting to see a 2.5x rise in demand during the festival season. Do check out the GrabOn page for more UrbanClap coupons.


How can I get discounts from Urban Company?

Urban Company regularly offers coupon codes and other discounts on a variety of products and services. To find the latest offers, head to the ‘Deals’ section or join the email list to stay up-to-date on all of the deals available to customers.

Does Urban Company offer a new user sign-up promo code?

Yes, they offer a flat 10% discount for customers signing up for the first time. This discount is applicable for all products and services offered by the company.

Is there a loyalty program with Urban Company?

Yes, Urban Company has a loyalty program called the Urban Club. This program offers exclusive perks such as 10% discounts on all products, vouchers, and other privileges for its members.

Can I use Urban Company offer codes to get flat discounts?

Yes, you can get a flat 50% off on all products using the working coupons. You can also check the ‘Deals’ section to find the latest offers.

What benefits can I avail under Urban Company Membership?

Starting from reduction in the overall services to getting access to new coupon codes, you can enjoy a plethora of benefits.

How do I know when new offers are available on Urban Company?

Customers can stay updated on all the new offers and promotions by keeping an eye on the ‘Deals’ section. Additionally, they can join the email list to receive notifications on all the offers available.

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Saving on Urban Company’s services with GrabOn.

There are 2 ways you can save on Urban Company’s extensive range of home services. Those ways are:

  1. Coupons: Use GrabOn’s coupons to save on your Urban Company order.
  2. Deals: Select one of many deals that will be applied automatically to your Urban Company order.

Here’s how you can use coupons at Urban Company:

  1. Go to GrabOn’s website and type “UrbanClap/Urban Company” in the search bar. You are at the GrabOn page for Urban Company offers.
  2. Pick a coupon that you can use on the Urban Company service you want. Click on ‘Show Coupon Code’

    Urban Company Coupons & Offers: Up To 60% OFF Promo Codes (2)
  3. When you find the ‘Copy Code’ button, select it to have the coupon code copied to clipboard.

    Urban Company Coupons & Offers: Up To 60% OFF Promo Codes (3)
  4. Select the Urban Company service that you want at your home and add it to the cart. When you get to the checkout bit, click on the ‘Offers, promo code and gift cards’ option. Paste the copied code in the empty box and click the Apply button.

    Urban Company Coupons & Offers: Up To 60% OFF Promo Codes (4)
  5. Your coupon will be applied successfully to the order and you will be able to notice the respective benefits on the checkout menu.

    Urban Company Coupons & Offers: Up To 60% OFF Promo Codes (5)
  6. All you need to do then is pay for the order and await your appointment. You don’t need to leave your home. All can be done with a few clicks on your phone.

The next time you need a massage or a haircut or need something fixed at the house, call Urban Company and get attractive discounts with GrabOn.

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Urban Company Coupons & Offers: Up To 60% OFF Promo Codes (2024)


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