Six-Inch Scale Playsets: Five of the Best (2024)

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Their numbers are few, their value and size are massive. Here’s a quick look at five of the best playsets to be made for 1/12 scale.

Six-inch action figures seem like they’re still in this waiting-in-the-wings holding pattern when it comes to the old vehicles and playsets. The 1/18 scale lines embrace the hell out of them, naturally, and the 1/6 scale has made some huge inroads on that territory in the last decade and a half. Whether it be full-blown bases or smaller modular dio-display pieces, both of the “bookend scales” have them at least somewhat represented. The middle scale feels like it has to fight for even the smallest vehicles, and playsets, and well, let’s just say you don’t pass on a 6-inch scale playset, no matter the property, if you come across one.

But, as I said, there have been a few. For this list, I’m just selecting some of the standouts, really in no particular order. I’m also sadly going to skip the “fudgeable” ones, like from the TMNT lines, because nice as they are, they’re really intended for smaller figures.

5. Sectaurs: The Hyve

The Sectaurs figures from the 1980s were an interesting breed that, for the uninitiated, were kind of like a insect-based Masters of the Universe series. The main “gimmick” of this line, in addition to being bigger than the usual figures, were insect steeds that incorporated a glove into the design, so you would basically wear this big ride-on bug on your hand with a figure on the saddle. It was an interesting design, and one that Coleco incorporated into their huge Hyve playset. In addition to the many ladders, trap catwalks, secret passages and the like, there was a giant tarantula-like guardian, which you operated with your hand. There’s lots of sculpted details and features, and it does turn around to a high-tech interior, but that’s a bit more cardboard-y than the rough exterior. If you ever see one of these in the wild, at a garage sale or a thrift store, odds are good it will be missing all kinds of crap, but it might still be worth taking home.

4. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Library

For a brief moment in the 2000s, it felt like everybody was making some 6-inch figure line or another. Diamond had a very successful and long-running line based on the TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but the real standout has to be this simple but nicely done library set. Having a solid two-level design, this set was the perfect display piece to showcase a selection of figures from a particular episode, or just to house the gang in general — it’s spacious enough to hold a good amount of figures, as well as accessories. Sure, the book cases are mostly stickers and it’s probably the least action-y of the sets we’re looking at, but it’s still hard to beat.

3. Palisades Muppet Playsets

It’s hard to narrow down just one of these in particular, but let’s say just these three — the “Swinetrek” Bridge, Muppet laboratory, and the Swedish Chef Kitchen — are so beautifully done and full of playability that, Muppet fan or otherwise, nobody should ever turn down any of these for a half-decent price. I always wanted the Backstage one, but I never came across one.

2. Rambo Savage Strike HQ

A personal favorite, this guard-towered outpost set has lots of great features that I talked about in my Throwback review. Of particular note is that the tower and radio operator post, as well as the gun emplacement and jail cell, can all be used separate from the plastic base, meaning a tower or two can turn any chunk of backyard into a POW camp.

*Honorable Mention: Jakks and Mattel WWE Backstage Playsets

Technically, the wrestling figure lines are more 7-inch scale than 6-inch, but that doesn’t stop any of these sets for coming in handy for a 6-inch collection. The modular Mattel sets (which I also reviewed) are wonderful for the dozens of configurations you can use them in, but regardless of the maker, you are guaranteed to get a slew of garbage cans, barrels, weight room gear, and all kinds of other randomness with any wrestling playset.

1. Castle Grayskull

Whether we’re talking about the 1980s vintage, the 2000s update, or the monstrous Club Eternia exclusive, no 6-inch collection feels complete without a Castle Grayskull. Every version works in play features like trap doors, battlements, jail cells, weapon racks, and even some voice chip stuff for the millennial version. It goes without saying that the Castles Grayskull will always remain the top of the playset lists for any generation.

So there’s five of my favorites, please feel free to add some of yours in the comments below!


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Six-Inch Scale Playsets: Five of the Best (2024)


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