I Used RoC Skincare Exclusively for 1 Week, Here Are The Results (2024)

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Getting to try new skincare products is simultaneously one of the most fun and scariest things to do. My skin is very dry and sensitive — not just my face, but my whole body. We’re talking a long list of acne, body hives, heat rash, scaly texture — all the things — have been known to frequent my skin when a product (or lifestyle) doesn’t agree with it. As you can imagine, it’s not super fun.

What IS fun is finding new habits and products that work — the kinds that not only don’t aggravate my skin any further, but also actually help heal and nourish it. When I had the opportunity to try out RoC® Hydrate + Plump Serum Capsules (pronounced “rock”), plus a few other products of theirs that help with moisture, I was all over it.

I Used RoC Skincare Exclusively for 1 Week, Here Are The Results (1)

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When I saw my before and after photo, I was actually quite shocked (yes, I featured it in this post even though it totally looks like a couple of scary headshots. Keep scrolling to find them, if you dare).

For one week I used three products from RoC® –
MULTI CORREXION® Hydrate + Plump Serum Capsules
MULTI CORREXION® Hydrate + Plump Eye Cream
MULTI CORREXION® Hydrate + Plump Moisturizer with SPF30

To take it a step further, I used nothing else. I stopped all my normal skincare routines, (gulp) which was a bit nerve wracking for someone who has an extremely curated, multi-step process for both morning and night. But I wanted to give these products room to do their thing so I could see what they were capable of.

RoC® Features Hyaluronic Acid For Visibly Plump Skin

I’ve been aware of hyaluronic acid for a while now. I’ve been trying it in various products, and loving and hating different ones. When I read that RoC® had a new product called Hydrate + Plump Serum Capsules featuring their fastest-acting Hyaluronic Acid where 100% of women (!) had visibly plumper skin, I was INTRIGUED. I mean, to say the least.

I Used RoC Skincare Exclusively for 1 Week, Here Are The Results (3)

Roc® Hydrate + Plump Serum Capsules are the cutest little things, and totally make me feel as though I’m getting a fancy spa treatment every night. The capsules have a carefully measured dose for maximum plumping power and are 100% biodegradable (love that). They are paraben-free, fragrance-free, and come with no fillers or preservatives (love that even more). You simply twist the top off of a capsule and smooth the serum over your face and neck.

If you’re not familiar with hyaluronic acid, it’s actually a substance that is already naturally occurring within our own bodies, acting as a cushion and lubricant. Just like collagen, the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in our bodies decreases as we get older, which is why dermatologists and brands love using it and recommending it for our skin products!

I prefer to squeeze the capsule directly onto all the main surfaces of my face and then rub it in (not to miss the little bit that may have been stuck in the top cap I twisted off; I don’t like to waste it)! It’s gloriously hydrating and silky smooth. I used this every night for a week, and although it’s branded as a nighttime product, you could totally use this to start the day, too.

The eye cream comes in an aluminum tube, which is always my FAVORITE for any cream or skincare that you need to squeeze out. I love being able to fold up the ends and really get every last drop out once you’re nearing the end of the product.

RoC® Hydrate + Plump eye cream has caffeine and peptides (a string of amino acids which helps build collagen, among other things) in addition to hyaluronic acid…basically a lot of good stuff. I used it every morning and night for my one-week trial, dotting it all around my eye and tapping it in.

A product I judge the harshest is a daily moisturizer, and I was pleasantly surprised with the moisturizer in RoC®Multi Correxion® Hydrate + Plump line. One pump of the bottle provides a generous amount to cover your face and neck. It came out thick, but went on surprisingly light and melted into my skin perfectly.

My favorite part is that it has SPF 30 in it. Protecting my skin is something I’m finally getting good at, and this product makes it even easier.

RoC® Is A Trailblazer In Using Retinol For Anti-Aging Skincare

To go a little more in-depth, for all my science and research lovers out there, RoC® is the only mass skincare brand to clinically prove the efficacy of every single product in its portfolio. To date, the brand has conducted 100+ clinical trials and has secured 35+ patents. They were not only the first to develop hypoallergenic skincare formulations at the request of dermatologists, but were also the first to stabilize non-prescription Retinol and the #1 most awarded Retinol brand in the US (okay, WOW, now I’m ordering the award-winning retinol capsules).

I Actually Got Visible Results After Using RoC® Skincare For A Week

BEFORE (left) | AFTER (right)

To top it off? My results are actually visible. I could not believe it when I saw my forehead. Those fine lines seen in my “before” image (oh my) are nearly gone in my “after” shot. Not to mention, my under eyes are phenomenally more plump and overall my skin is dewier (so dewy it’s actually bouncing the light off).

BEFORE (top) | AFTER (bottom)

These were taken one week apart, in the exact same spot of my house in front of a window at the same time of day. The “before” was a slightly overcast day, and the “after” was blue skies and sunny, accounting for the differences in warmth and the fact you can see more of my pores in the “after” image, which truly just makes the results even more staggering (my eyebrows were also combed + tinted in the “after”, because yikes). I needed to show you how freaky good the results were after just 7 days.

This stuff just WORKS.


EEK! Thank you, thank you RoC® Skincare for allowing me to try out your fantastic products and share my results. I’m STILL in shock, and I can’t wait to try more!

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I Used RoC Skincare Exclusively for 1 Week, Here Are The Results (2024)


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